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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

But we can embrace the happiness and Exult in the joy, so that we never forget what it is that makes us happy. Rona Mann has been a freelance writer for the sun for more than 15 years, including her "In Their Shoes" features.
At the very same time we Exult in the individual, we need to know this world births with a thought, a speck of dust, the first sense of separate, not unlike Eve's taste of that forbidden fruit.
Several friends and family members laughed as they talked about Warmbier: How he was a hugger; a sweater; a guy who would drag you to the dustiest, crustiest old thrift store, then Exult over the Bengals jersey he had scored; how he would routinely ...
The statue will be a multimillion-rand splurge of public money, to Exult and deify Jacob Zuma, taking money from the public and leaving the people poorer.
(ANSA) - Crotone, June 19 - A 29-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was arrested for suspected terrorism Monday in an operation hailed by Interior Minister Marco Minniti.
... could sever the relationship between favorable-seeming off-court personnel moves and the actual on-court basketball success those moves usually are expected to produce, then a broad subset of fourth-brain-panel fans not only would Exult just as ...
(ANSA) - Crotone, June 19 - A 29-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was arrested for suspected terrorism Monday. Hussein Abss Hamyar is suspected of spreading pro-ISIS Propaganda and instigating some inmates of the SPRAR asylum-seeker reception centre ...
But we need to move on, and Exult in the victory of the Indian hockey team over Pakistan on the very same Sunday, when it thrashed the Pakistanis 7-1.
Scarborough senior pitcher Lilly Volk and senior Hannah Ricker Exult after the final out of the Red Storm's 3-0 win over Skowhegan in Saturday's Class A state softball final.
Hmm! aah! Aww! Are shocking sounds that have turned to sadden the citizenry in the first six months reign of NPP-led by Nana Akufo-Addo.
I am blessed. I had a great dad. A man of integrity, he was a hard worker, loved his family and always put us first. He and my mom took us to church and Sunday school.
Whether America survives as the epitome of Western civilization, as I like to Exult it, and as an ideal based on the vision of our founders, depends on the degree of assimilation of the newcomers and the achievement of the American dream.
He will rejoice over you with gladness, he will quiet you by his love, he will Exult over you with loud singing. And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work ...
Sandro Wagner and the Germans hope to have reason to Exult against Australia in their opener. Australia, the Asian Cup winners in 2015, may have the edge in terms of international experience, but this young, vibrant German side looks very strong and ...
Sandro Wagner and the Germans hope to have reason to Exult against Australia in their opener. Australia, the Asian Cup winners in 2015, may have the edge in terms of international experience, but this young, vibrant German side looks very strong and ...
... that Price had no chance to save, but good fortune was on Cape Elizabeth's side and at 8:43 p.m., after 48 grueling and palpitating minutes and a season's worth of who's-better debate, the ball sailed just wide and the Capers got to Exult over a 6 ...
Marabelli, M., Newell, S. "Innovation In healthcare Settings: The Power Of Everyday Practices." In Galliers R. D. and Stein, M. K. (Ed.
Indeed, ignoring Jesus warning that anybody who causes one of his little ones to sin fashioned a millstone necktie for themselves, they put enormous pressure on the poor to abort and then Exult in blaming them for doing it. With conservative Paul Ryan ...
Before we Exult too much in (Theresa) May's humiliation, let us not forget that Labour under (Jeremy) Corbyn also bought into core Brexit ideas.
After intermission, the crowd will Exult in "An American Fanfare," "With Malice Toward None," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic," ending with "The armed forces Salute.
Before we Exult too much in May's humiliation, let us not forget that Labour under Corbyn also bought in to core Brexit ideas.
MPT is engineered for end results but investors Exult and suffer minute by minute all along the trip. A slavish devotion to maximizing return for risk can put an investor into a portfolio she can't tolerate, leading to either selling at the wrong time ...
Even some of the "religious" Exult in Duterte's uncouth style of leadership. He is "courageous and decisive, the best President ever anointed".
Now, so achingly close, they root timidly, deprived of the chance to Exult or vilify. The pressure shows as players snap at each other; only a handful of Red Sox escape the anxiety.
The "presstitute" specialises in selling out: Mind, body and soul. They really are media's bottom-feeders even as they Exult in the delusion of being out to lunch with top-feeders. They are what today - much like yesterday - comprise the very worst ...
At the event, Australian human rights Commissioner Edward Santow condemned "those who Exult in wanton death and destruction (as) no religion or other ideology can possibly justify these acts.
Nail it to Christ's cross so the new Adam nature (thanks to divine grace) can step out of its tomb and Exult in the hard-won fruit of self-mastery.
We want the real housewives to fight with each other; we Exult in the horror of a 23-year-old "Bachelor" contestant who still has a full-time nanny.
"Skyline" is the third track from 'Hug of Thunder,' an album which will probably sound like a hug of thunder. Alex Robert Ross.
Even his teammates seldom see him Exult. "We're excited as a group to be here and have an opportunity to win a championship," forward Kevin Durant said Tuesday.
I take them to see Dr. Holder twice a year, where I Exult in the fact that God is the healer; that Doc and his staff wonderfully promote that healing, and that they keep on encouraging me to take an active part in staying well - a part which really ...
Both countries Exult. war is such fun. Even WWF, WWE, or whatever it's called now, is nowhere near as entertaining. TRPs of Channel A go sky-high.
Psychopaths are at least self-serving and wish to extend their lives and comfort. We aren't dealing with psychopaths who seek out self-preservation.
I'll try to be nicer this year, not such a grouch, more democratic, as O'en is. I'll try to look at the big picture. And besides, it's Mary's birthday, more than enough reason to Exult in the season and to look with equanimity - if not with giddy ...
Members of Fontbonne Academy's Class of 2017 Exult at the end of their graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Carolyn Bick/For The Patriot Ledger.
As Christ ascended from the Mount of Olives and into the Father's arms, the Apostles could Exult, recalling the promise the Lord had made even before his crucifixion: "I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy ...
And to know that other human beings can go with remarkable ease from being sons, brothers, workmates, friendly neighbours to being the implacably cruel creatures who will push us into the abyss and Exult in the depth of the suffering they have wrought.
The opening Lullaby and Prelude to Scene 2, performed here on harp and violin, Exult in Harrisonian lyricism, while the concluding "Whirling Dance" lived up to its title with still another sizzling solo by vibrant violinist Vijayan.
They slither out of dark holes while our faces are turned to the light, soul-dead ghouls who Exult in butchery and worship death, and no word for them in the realm of fact can encompass their depravity, so we invent new words for them in fiction: Demon ...
The Flyers were at last able to Exult and exhale. "That (winning goal) made me feel amazing," Akers said. "Laura is a wonderful attack player.
I Exult in this. "I can't believe how stupid he is!" I think to myself, and a feeling of relief sweeps over me. That's my queue.
The waves will wipe them out, we know, but for a while it is something to Exult over. Isn't that the great unsuccess that most of us live with?
In our relentless quest to Exult and even exonerate motherhood from ever causing us any negative feelings, we can end up feeling defeated, collapsing into a heap of self-doubt at the end of a bad day, week, month, or even year.
"Untitled," a 1982 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, sold for $110.5 million at Sotheby's on Thursday night. Credit 2017 The Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat/ADAGP, Paris / ARS, via Sotheby's.
Paul had elaborated on this in Romans 5:3-5; "And not only this, but we also Exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, ...
Chris Cornell in 2015. As a frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave, he used his formidable vocal talents to question rather than Exult. Credit Casey Curry/Invision, via Associated Press. Chris Cornell sang as if he were bearing the weight of the world.
France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, did not Exult in his overwhelming victory, diminish his opponent or lament the poor economic and political national turmoil he inherited.
A free society means being free of those who rule over you - to do the things you care about, your passions, your pastimes, your loves - to Exult in that blessed space where politics doesn't intervene." The ominous message of George Orwell's "1984 ...
... one that caused Buster to toss his bat aside in disgust, as if to say this world is not strong enough for his mighty blasts; the one that caused him to gaze skyward in a thankful pose for ending 17 innings in the crouch; the one that caused Duane ...
Tuesday's draft lottery (8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) promises to be one of the most high-stakes determinations of the picking order in recent memory, with numerous teams hanging on the unpredictable results.





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