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 pebble bed nuclear reactors

The Pebble Bed Reactor is an advanced nuclear

design. This technology claims a dramatically higher level of safety and efficiency. Instead of water, it uses

helium as the coolant, at very high temperature, to drive a
target=_blank title="Wikipedia: Turbine">turbine
directly. This eliminates the complex steam management system from the design, and increases the

transfer efficiency (ratio of electrical output to thermal output) to about 50%.

The technology in various forms is under development by MIT, the
"" target=_blank title="Wikipedia: South Africa">South African
power utility Eskom, General

Atomic (U.S.), the Dutch company Romaha B.V., Adams Atomic Engines, a U.S. Company,

and the Chinese company Chinergy, working

with Tsinghua University.

pebble bed reactor schematic
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