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updated Tue. October 10, 2023

Avancar also invested BRL 2.2 billion in 5,191 km of transmission lines, including the first ultra-high voltage line of 800 kV in Latin America, the ministry said. By the end of the year, the government expects some BRL 58 billion to be invested under the programme in electricity generation and transmission ...

28, approved the scope of the project and the final route for the high-voltage line. Though the electricity ... 28 deemed EMF exposure levels from the Eversource transmission line as within permissible limits, the municipal attorney believes the council must accept that determination. "[Some members of the ...
He outlines numerous use cases for drones across the power sector, including for utility-scale wind and solar farms, transmission lines, hydropower (using ... For example, in inspecting transmission and distribution lines, he says: “Today people use two methods: [manned] helicopters for high voltage lines ...
TRANSMISSION. Clean Line handed legal defeat in quest to build high-voltage line. Jeffrey Tomich, E&E News reporter. Published: Thursday, March 15, 2018. Two weeks after Missouri's high court breathed new life into a $2.5 billion Grain Belt Express transmission line an order from an Illinois appellate court casts more ...
Action by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to delay its final decision on the Northern Pass transmission line likely will make an alternative proposal from ... Maine would benefit from construction jobs to build the high-voltage lines, and possibly from lower regional wholesale electricity costs.
“My research and information gathered indicates this transmission line could affect the health and well-being of the residents whose homes are near these lines even if the lines are buried in the ground. The World Health Organization has done studies on the health risks of these high voltage lines.
An administrative law judge rejected the utility's planned $111 million, 10-mile high voltage line proposed for Monmouth County. Residents fought against the new transmission line, and the judge sided with them. She ruled JCP&L failed to demonstrate the project was needed, and failed to review other ...
An administrative law judge yesterday rejected a $111 million, 10-mile, high-voltage line by Jersey Central Power & Light in Monmouth County, handing ... failing to demonstrate the project is needed, for not adequately reviewing other routes, and for ignoring alternatives to building a new transmission line.
"I know there's a lot of questions about what a typical construction project looks like for an underground transmission line. ... As the Washington Street resident explained, EMF levels resulting from the high-voltage line, and especially from the 10 "splicing" vaults spaced across the entire 8.5-mile project ...
This electrical substation in the town of Middleton will be the point where the proposed Cardinal-Hickory Creek high-voltage transmission line will start, ... But opponents of the project still say the high-voltage line and its “17-story-tall towers” would damage beautiful and important conservation areas.


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