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updated Sun. May 29, 2022

It's called social network analysis. At the core of the idea is the assumption that violence isn't random. Relationships can help predict where violence will spread. (The U.K. government even has a "how-to" guide for law enforcement officials.) Of course, as anyone who's seen Minority Report can tell you, that ...

Using neural network analysis of drone images they took of the colony, the scientists were able to determine the size of the population, as well as how changing temperatures and sea ice are impacting the island ecosystem. Their results, published this month in the journal Scientific Reports, show that there ...
Since last year, at least 40 lawmakers – nearly all men – in 20 states have been publicly accused by more than 100 people of some form of sexual misconduct or harassment, a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis found. Video by Michael Schwab/USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee. NAS-Senate 2 ...
Leveraging years of development and testing, NetView 360 is a network analysis and design solution that integrates business analytics with high-resolution RF design. This approach results in an unprecedented ability to identify and understand exactly where wireless networks are deficient, and how ...
The 2018 summer season is fast approaching and with that in mind took an early look at airline networks for a peak week in July. The results show that Ryanair will offer the most routes with more than 1,600 on offer, Turkish Airlines will serve the most countries, and American Airlines will operate ...
Our network analysis shows that Donald Trump has repeated the early error of the Clinton administration. He has been too much engaged with his inner circle, including family members, and allowed their responsibilities to overlap confusingly with those of other advisers and himself. In sum, in the Trump ...
Network analysis gets beyond the marketing hype to see what's really happening. A detailed look at your network and how each segment and carrier performs helps you identify opportunities for improvement today, and also predict performance and outcomes so you can mitigate potential problems, ...
Now, a new study in the journal Royal Society Open uses social network analysis to weigh in on the debate and see if the battle, remembered across generations as a fight between the Vikings and the Irish, might not have been about that at all. According to a press release, lead author Ralph Kenna, ...


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