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updated Tue. July 5, 2022

The latest version of the Android malware FakeBank is able to redirect calls that customers are making to their banks, and put them straight through a scammer instead. This creative Trojan's modus operandi consists in luring customers into logging in through fake login screens. The malware used to be ...

The US Government, which saw the same type of attacks during the 2016 election has continued to suffer from fake news and allied malware attacks. Comodo saw a significant spike in use of the Kryptik trojan on Oct 24. It claims nearly 94% of Trojans that were detected that day were focused on the state of ...
Microsoft has blocked a rapidly spreading malware outbreak that could have infected nearly 500,000 Windows PCs within hours on March 6. The trojan, known as Dofoil or Smoke Loader, was designed to deliver a range of payload. However, in this case, it dropped a cryptocurrency miner on infected PCs, ...
On Thursday, March 8, Microsoft said that just before noon on Tuesday, Windows Defender blocked more than 80,000 instances of a massive malware attack that used a trojan called Dofoil, also known as Smoke Loader. Within the following 12 hours, Windows Defender blocked another 400,000 instances.
Hackers are distributing a newly discovered form of trojan malware that offers full access to infected Windows PCs. Dubbed FlawedAmmyy, the malware is built on top of leaked source code for a legitimate app, Version 3 of Ammyy Admin remote desktop software, and enables attackers to secretly snoop on ...
A widely-distributed banking trojan has once again been updated with new attack techniques as cyber criminals look to ensure their malware is as effective - and discreet - as possible in efforts to steal banking credentials from customers of various financial institutions. The Gozi ISFB banking trojan is now ...
A common alternative description of malware is 'computer virus' -- although are big differences between these types malicious programs. What was .... Spyware might arrive as a trojan malware or may be downloaded onto devices in other ways. For example .... Ten computer viruses that changed the wo.
A Mac malware that can silently, remotely control a vulnerable computer and steal passwords from a user's keychain has gone largely unnoticed by antivirus makers for two years -- even though the code is readily available to download.
Last week, Microsoft researchers reported that the company's Windows Defender antivirus blocked more than 400,000 instances by several advanced trojans to infect computers primarily located in Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. The trojans were new variants of the Dofoil malware, which also goes by the ...
Trojans are still the No. 1 malware threat, with Russia accounting for the most Trojan targets and receiving the most malware attacks overall in 2017. Geopolitics, meanwhile, seemed to guide major malware campaigns during the year. That's according to the Comodo Threat Research Lab's Global Malware ...


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