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updated Sun. November 24, 2019

Met dit virus probeerden makers ervoor te zorgen dat computergebruikers zich ook aansloten op een botnet, genaamd Torpig. Mebroot kwam op de computer via een drive-by-download, waarbij computergebruikers een kwaadaardige webpagina bezochten en het programma downloadden zonder dat ze ...

In 2011 there were also cases of “Mebroot using Twitter's trending topics data to generate the domain names it would use for exploiting its victims”. And just last year, Hammertoss used Twitter to good effect. “A weapon of the APT 29 threat actor group,” Chris Pace, technology advocate at Recorded Future ...
Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is a free program that can be used to search for and remove rootkits from your computer. When started, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit will scan your computer and allow you to remove any rootkits that it finds. A rootkit is a malware program that is designed to hide itself or other ...
Mebroot was capable of taking control of computers deep inside their operating system, and as a result it was very hard to kill. Basically, it could spy on pretty much anything you did in your browser, and security experts say it only took a year to steal information related to about 500,000 bank accounts.
Computer security has become big business, namely because the number of cybersecurity threats plaguing consumers and organisations have increased dramatically in the last few years. Cybercriminals are exceptionally creative and are constantly developing new malware to wreak havoc on computer ...
Security researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara have broken into the nerve center of the Torpig botnet (also called Sinowal or Mebroot) to find a 10-day stash of 10,000 bank accounts and credit card numbers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. During the botnet hijack, the researchers ...
Mr Brady said the worrying aspect about Sinowal, which is also known as Torpig and Mebroot, is that it has been operating for so long. "One of the key points of interest about this particular trojan is that it has existed for two and a half years quietly collecting information," he said. "Any IT professional will tell ...
Mebroot hailed from 2007 too, and it also recruited computers to a botnet. But in this case, the virus used drive-by-downloads to infect machines - downloads that are automatically triggered as soon as a malicious website is opened.
The Torpig family is used to steal passwords and other credentials, such as for online banking, via 'man-in-the-browser' attacks.


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