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updated Thu. March 29, 2018

"The second factor is mastering technology, which is allowing us to increasingly produce more despite the presence of white spot disease, and the third is ... Aquarium's 120 workers produced 900 metric tons of shrimp in 2017, in addition to 500 metric tons of tilapia in a productive area of saltwater ... farmer

Once the fish are introduced to the saltwater net pens in Tierra del Fuego, they spend up to 18 months swimming in big circles, eating feed pellets made of ... In 2019, the hatchery will move to the Tierra del Fuego farm, minimizing any risk of introducing disease or other creatures in tanks from further north.
What was once a sprawling tomato field near Homestead is being turned over in stages for a new crop: Atlantic salmon. Yes, you read that right. Salmon, fresh from Florida, the land of palm trees and gators. Turns out the cold-water, protein-rich fish are well-suited for an innovative approach to ...
There are no tourist boats here and it's easy to see why - it's a marine desert, lacking the complex coral structures that shelter colorful fish and break waves. .... overlooking waves breaking on the distant reef, technicians carefully tend to corals growing in shallow dining table-sized outdoor saltwater tanks.
Dive Bar's 40-foot-long aquarium, located above the main bar, holds 7,500 gallons of saltwater, 60-some tropical fish and, on occasion, mermaids and mermen. The mythical sea stars, who don glittery, waterproof makeup and 35-pound silicone tails, perform several times a day, waving, smiling and ...

Trufant: We have a large store (14,400 square feet), with a very large freshwater and saltwater fish department--more than 6,000 gallons of tanks and ... technology improving throughout the years, there are many methods of keeping aquariums well maintained, water clean and reducing fish disease risks.
Remember when keeping a saltwater aquarium was just for experts? Now, just about anyone can do it and expect to keep the fish healthy. Stocking captive-bred fish is the key -- healthier both for the fish and the environment. Dante Fenolio, vice president for conservation and research at the San ...
This June 2, 2017 photo shows a Clown fish in a saltwater tank and available for sale at Dallas North Aquarium in Dallas, Texas. ... For one thing, captive-bred fish are likely to start out healthier than wild fish: "They're not exposed to disease and pathogens, and not exposed to as much transportation ...
These pipes will regulate the flow of water from the tanks where land-raised Atlantic salmon-farm fish will be grown in Southern Florida. ... the site daily for construction of the facility that will house a freshwater salmon hatchery, 36 massive recirculating saltwater grow-out tanks chilled to about 59 ... farmer
What you can do: Don't 'liberate" fish and plants from your salt water aquarium by dumping them into the ocean. farmer
It could predate native animals, it could push native animals out of their habitat, introduce disease, said John Moyles, president of the Green Bay Aquarium Society ... Any fresh and saltwater fish surrendered at today's event will be available to ... farmer
On a large scale, aquaculture could lessen the need for finding and catching wild fish for food or ornamental purposes (i.e. farmer
The Schiebers own KC Shrimp Co. in Oak Grove, and their barn is home to 10 14-foot tanks, each containing 3,300 gallons of salt water and approximately 3,500 Pacific White shrimp. When fully grown, the shrimp are sold to local chefs. Hanna uses the ... farmer
It was held at the 1000 Islands Environmental Center and accepted fish, birds and aquarium pets with no questions asked. farmer
pregnant sea lion at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif., jumped to her death into an empty pool four years ago as workers cleaned the exhibit. farmer
Famous for its explorations of neuroscience, genetics and more, the world-famous Institute is dedicated to finding cures for a long list of major diseases, from cancer to diabetes. ... La Jolla's seven sea caves are renown, filled with ocean wildlife ... farmer

The vibrant pink, orange and yellow fish will be named to honor Obama's commitment to protecting nature in Hawaii and around the U.S. farmer
According to the book Marine Mammals of B.C., by federal whale researcher John Ford, a total of 63 killer whales were captured over a 13-year period in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington state. farmer
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Their structures offer shelter, and for about 114 species of fish and 51 species of invertebrates, those coral skyscrapers are lunch. farmer
Stephen Beaman, an aquarist at the South Carolina Aquarium, said that the most essential aspect to owning exotic fish is find the right the type of tank for the particular fish to swim in and be happy. "Do research on the fish you want ... "Saltwater ... farmer
Stephen Beaman, an aquarist at the South Carolina Aquarium, said that the most essential aspect to owning exotic fish is find the right the type of tank for the particular fish to swim in and be happy. "Do research on the fish you want ... "Saltwater ... farmer
In those days, Vaughan was a fish farmer, raising saltwater fish species in captivity. He began growing corals for tropical aquarium tanks. At the time, all the corals in the aquarium trade were taken from the wild, Vaughan says. He started growing ... farmer
Farming fish and other aquatic organisms - whether in fresh or salt water - is known as aquaculture. Aquaculture is not a new concept; it's been ... For example, fish raised in underwater nets placed in the open ocean can spread disease and parasites ... farmer
Of these pet owners, there are roughly 170 million freshwater fish and 12 million saltwater fish swimming in hobbyists' aquariums across the country. The goal of some fish tank owners is to create a stunning display that's a beautiful ... According to ... farmer
Researchers believe the fish started populating the Atlantic - specifically the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and southeastern coast of the United States - sometime in the 1980s, when people began discarding lionfish from their personal aquariums. The ... farmer
... diseases in wildlife from spilling over into the human population. Even Sea World has gotten into the act, promoting captive breeding through its Rising Tide nonprofit as a way to reduce the devastating harvest of fish from coral reefs for the ... farmer
HARI SREENIVASAN: Lionfish have voracious appetites that are upsetting coral reef ecosystems from Rhode Island to Venezuela. farmer
Up to 90 percent of tropical fish who end up in public and home aquariums are caught illegally with cyanide, which stuns some target fish and kills others and can destroy entire ecosystems. Former aquarium operators have also been convicted of ... farmer
"The mangroves themselves actually created an environment that wasn't healthy to the shrimp," says Matt Thompson, Aquaculture Project Lead at the New England Aquarium's Sustainable Seafood Program. The waste-filled waters ... Those farms can still ... farmer
Staff members at the Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium were shocked to find this little guy earlier in the week, known as a double header in exactly none of the scientific community. farmer
Saltwater salmon farming is a global disaster. Nothing ... But no one celebrates the galaxies of sea lice that swirl around salmon net pens feasting on the blood, mucus and fins of smolts, killing many along with wild inshore fish like sea trout. In ... farmer
... starting with Microbe-Lift/Artemiss, an herbal, immune-enhancing stimulant that reduces bacterial and fungal infections. They have since added Herbtana, made of multiple herbal extracts that help prevent parasitic diseases and which comes in both a ... farmer
Saltwater fish are challenging to care for because they are highly sensitive to their environment, said Andy Allison, director of living collections at Dubuque's National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. The aquarium does not have an Indo- Pacific ... farmer
The site interviewed University of Queensland school of biological sciences PhD candidate Carmen da Silva who also said, "There's nothing wrong with owning a marine fish in an aquarium but I think a lot of people didn't realize 90 percent of clown fish ... farmer
"For them to be caught... you squirt cyanide onto a fish or it goes into this cloud of cyanide and it is stunned," Downs told AFP by telephone. farmer
"In the movie, you're really comparing Dory to the size of a clownfish, so most people are thinking 3 to 6 inches," explained Brandon Hepperly, the owner of Corals Galore, a fish store in Beavercreek. ... "Ballpark for a 180-gallon aquarium set up is ... farmer
The Best Alternatives Campaign estimates that in the Philippines, about 9 out of 10 wild-caught marine aquarium fish die within a year of capture. farmer
The Vietnam Trade Promotion Centre for Agriculture (VTPCA) will open a safe food market at No.489 Hoang Quoc Viet st., in Cau Giay district, Hanoi twice every month. farmer
Tropical and subtropical regions of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Sri Lanka are projected to be vulnerable to increasing temperature and CO2 level, with a decline in rice yield of as much as 23% by 2080, notes the report. farmer
Make sure you wear water shoes. Some people cut their feet to pieces." Saltwater isn't a clean solution for those cuts, he added. farmer
These four Health Clusters are focused on the implementation of 20 health priorities that includes universal health coverage, prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases, combating antimicrobial resistance, disaster health ... farmer
The proposal was tucked into a $602 billion defence bill that the House passed last week, the latest twist in a longstanding struggle over how to handle water that ships carry in huge tanks during overseas voyages. Ballast provides stability in rough ... farmer
Fish aren't the only thing to die. The entire food chain that depends on oxygen dies, wiping the system of life. Our current water systems have starved the Everglades of water and created a cycle of destruction. farmer
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is hosting Lionfish Challenge, a state-wide hunting competition intended to encourage divers to capture, kill and eat the beguiling beauties, which have been invading Atlantic waters and gobbling up ... farmer
Aquaco Farms, a saltwater fish grow-out facilities in Florida that will provide a sustainable, highly sought-after commodity in the seafood industry. farmer
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is hosting the Lionfish Challenge, a statewide hunting competition intended to encourage divers to capture, kill and eat the beguiling beauties, which have been invading western Atlantic waters and ... farmer
If you study important diseases, really big or uber-cuddly animals, or have pictures of fieldwork in the canopy of some remote jungle you have a leg up. farmer
The unique six-pack rings are made from barley and wheat, both of which are by-products of beer production. Not only are these rings designed to eliminate the waste of the brewing process, they can also be safely consumed by marine life including fish ... farmer


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