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updated Wed. February 21, 2024

The Country Preparedness Package (CPP) is a joint initiative of the Government of the Cook Islands and the Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT). The CPP is intended to strengthen preparedness and collaboration between national and international actors in disaster response. The CPP is developed and ...

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's Pacific Mission has created an opportunity for FOMA and Cook Islands representatives to discuss furthering business opportunities. Despite strong cultural links between Māori and the Cook Islands only one iwi has signed a covenant with our Pacific neighbours there.
People from the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau no longer have to return to New Zealand to get their superannuation. Currently they need to have lived a total of ten years in New Zealand - five of those after the age of 50. Speaking in Rarotonga, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said people can now ...
The government is looking at its pension rules to see if it can improve access for New Zealanders living in Niue and the Cook Islands. Jacinda Ardern inspects a police Guard of Honour during her visit to Niue. Photo: Pool photo / Michael Craig / New Zealand Herald. Niue Premier Toke Talagi raised ...
Elections authorities in the Cook Islands said a call to update the electoral roll does not indicate an early general election. The Cook Islands News reports the Electoral Office has been advising it is updating the roll in each constituency amid suggestions of a snap election in May. Chief electoral officer ...
Old garden hoses are in high demand by the Cook Islands Red Cross for its disaster risk reduction programme. The charity is recycling hoses for a 'roof tie down' programme to show how to secure roofs during a cyclone. Disaster management co-ordinator Mata Hetland told Sela Jane Hopgood how the ...
The Koutu Nui's president, Paul Allsworth, said there was significant local concern about the erosion of the indigenous culture in the Cook Islands. He said he wanted the government to review the current laws. "One of the recommendations coming from our conference was that permanent residents should ...
Subchiefs in the Cook Islands are calling for the government to tighten immigration and permanent residency rules. The Koutu Nui organisation has expressed alarm at the increasing number of foreigners and migrant workers who decide to stay in the Cook Islands permanently. Its president, Paul Allsworth, ...
"It was the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in their culture and there was also the benefit of being in the same city that has a strong Cook Islands presence," she said. She laughed as she remembered the process of tracking down the Māmās. "Typical New Zealand story of everybody knows somebody ...


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