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updated Tue. July 2, 2024

“Before (a midwife) delivers a baby to an indigenous woman she's supposed to put her hands up and say: 'I need to talk to you about my white privilege', not about my infection control, my qualifications or my training as a midwife?” she asked Mr Haycroft. He said that was correct, but there's no requirement ...

Department store Myer has been accused of racial profiling after staff called security guards to conduct checks on a teenage Aboriginal boy while he was shopping at its flagship store in Perth's central business district. Jaylen Garlett, 16, was shopping with his father, Shem, for a shirt for his school ball on ...
The government offered an Indigenous group $10m in water entitlements as it tried to get its plan to reduce water for environmental flows in the Murray-Darling basin through the Senate, a senior Indigenous leader has said. Fred Hooper, who heads the Northern Murray-Darling Basin Aboriginal Nations ...
“These findings show that Indigenous Australian languages were not the likely languages spoken by the first inhabitants of Australia, raising more questions around how the languages spread and how the linguistic findings connect to the genetic findings,” Associate Professor Mailhammer added.
Here it also hurts the poorest Australians, people in remote and regional Australia and Indigenous people engaging in economic activities on their traditional lands. This was ... Green activists ran a relentless campaign to stop the project in which they falsely claimed Kimberley Aboriginal people opposed it.
Pama-Nyungan is one of 28 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander language families. In contrast, Europe had four such families. What could have happened to allow this group … to spread across 90% of Australia and replace everyone else? Quentin Atkinson. The results traced Pama-Nyungan back to a site ...
This ... generated a major cultural, artistic and intellectual revival in Aboriginal Australia which led to a challenge of all institutions that Indigenous people regarded as ... It is a disturbing fact that so many Indigenous ancestral remains are still kept in cardboard boxes at major Australian collecting institutions.
One of Australia's most successful Aboriginal mentoring projects is bringing its methods to South Africa and Uganda. The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, or AIME, began in 2005, serving just 25 Aboriginal children in Sydney. Since then, the program has grown rapidly, providing opportunities ...


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