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updated Wed. March 21, 2018

Former Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd and former coalition trade minister Andrew Robb have featured among the prominent critics of the federal ... after ASIO's Director General Duncan Lewis told an Australian parliamentary committee that foreign intelligence services were targeting Australia on a ...
Cast your mind back to the glory days of Australian politics: 2010-2013, when Julia Gillard knifed Kevin Rudd, Kevin Rudd knifed Julia Gillard, and the whole Labor government got spectacularly turfed out of office, ushering in the joyous reign of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In June 2013, then-Prime ...

The daughter of former prime minister Kevin Rudd said few Australians would have expected the dramatic growth in infant formula sales from Australia to China ... Ms Rudd said this was a market that was strongly driven by Australia-based Chinese shoppers who could see a demand in China for ...
John Howard has defended his decision to commit Australia to the 2003 invasion of Iraq after Kevin Rudd accused him of lying about Saddam Hussein's weapons ... The former Liberal prime minister said the "available evidence" from Australian intelligence agencies prior to the invasion was that Iraq was ... Iraq War
Abbott claimed about $73,200 in domestic flights that coincided with "former prime minister - official business" travel. This is as much as the flight expenses for all other former prime ministers combined - John Howard, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating - in the same period. ...
In the case of Iraq, despite the heroic efforts of US, British and Australian troops, we have witnessed: the outbreak of sectarian violence between the ... its WMD capabilities would make it possible for terrorist groups like al-Qaeda to obtain WMDs, threatening the security of other states including Australia.

Chinese President Xi Jinping could be more vulnerable than ever, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently told US cadets. Xi, who can rule China indefinitely after presidential term limits were recently scrapped, has slowly become the "Chairman of Everything," overseeing numerous ... China's President Xi Jinping
Beijing: Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has told the Westpoint military academy in the United States that China sees its maritime ... Former PM Kevin Rudd has urged the US Army to understand China. ... China's response was to seek to fracture the ring of US allies, which includes Australia.
SYDNEY (BLOOMBERG) - Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said America's allies are likely to suffer fallout from the Trump administration's move to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports as it tries to target China's vast trade surplus with the United States. "Remember on steel, it's not ... Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd greets the first chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, Lowitja O'Donoghue, at Parliament House in 2008. ... In recent years, Australian politics has degenerated from comedy (Tony Abbott grovelling to the Duke of Edinburgh) to tragedy (Malcolm Turnbull grovelling to ... reconciliation Indigenous
This April, it will be exactly one decade since a fresh-faced prime minister Kevin Rudd called to Canberra a collection of celebrities, corporate titans and policy thinkers to his "Australia 2020 ... In the Great Hall of Parliament House, a session was held to ponder "Future directions for the Australian economy". reconciliation Indigenous
What we have witnessed has ultimately been the failure of Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull to both clearly articulate their vision ... The result was a first term prime minister cut down, Australia's first female PM handed a minority parliament and no mandate for big reforms, and a green ... reconciliation Indigenous
The Australian business community's current hero is no fiscal conservative. On the contrary, not only is Trump an old-fashioned Keynesian, his budgetary policy is on track to be far more stimulatory than the deficits that Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan delivered in Australia after the global financial crisis. reconciliation Indigenous
“They are of a more sober nature than shrill statements from Turnbull calling on the Australian masses to rise up against the Chinese hordes.” His claims were echoed by former Turnbull trade minister Andrew Robb, who called on the Prime Minister to tone down anti-China rhetoric. In his article, Mr Rudd ... reconciliation Indigenous
China studies at the Australian National University are in disarray and face an overhaul after a damning external review revealed Kevin Rudd's $53 million ... In 2010, Mr Rudd, then prime minister, handed his alma mater $35m as a foundation grant and $18m for a new building to establish the Australian ... reconciliation Indigenous
... and former federal environment minister Peter Garrett says he was not prepared to serve under Kevin Rudd after the former prime minister won the Labor ... that we have as a nation is hampered by our unwillingness to set right the first wrong that was created when the modern Australian nation emerged. reconciliation Indigenous
But Doctor Adam Lockyer, a senior lecturer in Security Studies at Macquarie University, said Mr Rudd is quite right to be critical of Australia's approach to China. “Many of his points are accurate,” he told “Though at the same time, it's not just the Turnbull government. We can trace this ... reconciliation Indigenous

Rudd said that his government took the role of Chinese organisations in Australian society seriously and was sometimes “in conflict with the interests of Beijing” over Tibet, the South China Sea and Chinese investment in Australian resource firms. “But we did not see that as, therefore, the basis upon which ... reconciliation Indigenous
“Let's do something, you know, there's a lot of people hurting because of the evidence they've given to the royal commission.” The apology will come a decade after an apology by former prime minister Kevin Rudd to the so-called Stolen Generations, the Aboriginal children who were forcibly removed from ... reconciliation Indigenous
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says he'll fight any attempt to water down the Closing the Gap strategy for indigenous Australians. ... "It is deeply concerning that Australia still has policies in place that result in the breaking up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at an alarming rate". reconciliation Indigenous
KEVIN Rudd says he will “come after” Malcolm Turnbull and state premiers if they soften the Closing the Gap targets in a major “refresh” strategy ten years on from his landmark apology to the Stolen Generations. The former prime minister has warned Australia will become increasingly like South Africa or ... reconciliation Indigenous
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd is due to deliver a speech marking the 10th anniversary of his formal apology to the stolen generations in Sydney. ... Former prime minister Kevin Rudd is expected to weigh into the debate over the lack of progress toward improving the lives of indigenous Australians ... reconciliation Indigenous
The public apology has become one of the more compelling events in Australian parliamentary ritual, one with the power to stamp significance upon a prime ministership. Kevin Rudd ensured his leadership would be remembered when he chose as his first major act to apologise to the Indigenous Stolen ... reconciliation Indigenous
The ABC has unreservedly apologised to the former prime minister Kevin Rudd for a news report that said he ignored warnings of “critical risks” in the home insulation scheme. As part of its Cabinet Files series the ABC reported that Rudd and senior Labor MPs were warned in 2009 that their national rollout ... reconciliation Indigenous
“This argument reappeared every year throughout our time in government as I argued for the prime minister's Closing the Gap address to the parliament to be on the anniversary of the apology. “I didn't always win this debate. This was a regular reminder that it was not inevitable that the apology would take ... reconciliation Indigenous
“Therefore, this is not a new document. Abbott gave all my government's cabinet documents to the royal commission on the home insulation program, against the advice of the prime minister's department and the Australian government solicitor. And having seen this document, and all other relevant cabinet ... reconciliation Indigenous
Photo: Kevin Rudd gave evidence to the home insulation royal commission in 2014. (AAP: Dan Peled) · Related Story: 'No evidence' Rudd ignored insulation safety warnings · Related Story: Rudd accepts 'ultimate responsibility' for insulation scheme · Map: Australia. Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and two ... reconciliation Indigenous
Organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams said the “change the date” campaign to switch Australia Day from January 26 had overshadowed ongoing issues relating to Aborigines and risked becoming a token gesture akin to Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations. “People think just change the date and it's ... reconciliation Indigenous
But if Cox's Bazar brought to mind the gates of hell, then Manus was a purgatory – made in Australia. ... that landed him on Christmas Island on 23 July 2013 – his 30th birthday and just four days after Kevin Rudd announced that refugees arriving by boat would have “no chance” of being settled in Australia. reconciliation Indigenous
More than a century old and one of Australia's most iconic brands, Akubra has made so-called bush hats, the Australian military slouch hats and even the fedora worn by Harrison Ford's ... The opposition Labor Party's last prime minister, Kevin Rudd, tweeted, “Any form of bullying is an assault on our values. reconciliation Indigenous
More than a century old and one of Australia's most iconic brands, Akubra has made so-called bush hats, the Australian military slouch hats and even the fedora worn by Harrison Ford's ... The opposition Labor Party's last prime minister, Kevin Rudd, tweeted, “Any form of bullying is an assault on our values. reconciliation Indigenous
The Australian has criticised that anomaly for at least a decade, especially in the Northern Territory, where hundreds of millions of dollars in federal money ... As a result, just one of the seven Closing the Gap benchmarks set by Kevin Rudd in 2008 — halving the gap for Year 12 or equivalent attainment by ... reconciliation Indigenous
Suicide Prevention Australia chief executive Sue Murray said social media had both negative and positive uses. “We know that connecting with others is a very important protective factor in regard to suicide,” Ms Murray said. “It's (also) incredibly important for people to understand the tragic consequences of ... reconciliation Indigenous
Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has written of using messaging apps to communicate with Mr Turnbull about his potential candidacy for the position of UN secretary-general. However, when The Australian used FOI laws to obtain all correspondence between Mr Rudd and Mr Turnbull on the issue, the ... reconciliation Indigenous
There is no better illustration of this reality than the discovery by The Australian last week that during 2016-17 Queensland Labor government minister Mark ... Moreover, Mr Shorten has ignored the warnings of former Labor prime ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd to dilute the influence of ... reconciliation Indigenous
Cr Brunker said the last time miners united was when then Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd tried to introduce a “Resource Super Profit Tax” in 2010. The industry spent $22 million on a marketing campaign that not only foiled the tax but is credited as central in Labor's removal of Mr Rudd. “When you want ... reconciliation Indigenous
A president chosen by the people of Australia would be immune from the party coups which saw prime ministers Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard ... understand the ceremonial presidency option: they wrongly assume that the Prime Minister's role would be somehow merged with that of a president. reconciliation Indigenous
It is profoundly disappointing, however, that 10 years after Kevin Rudd delivered the first prime minister's Closing the Gap report to parliament, the Year 12 ... The number of indigenous doctors in Australia, for example, reached 261 in 2014, with another 2300 required to achieve parity with non-indigenous ... reconciliation Indigenous
Beazley has accused the former PM of being obsessed with the media, calling him “impossible” and saying he was unable to properly govern because he was too ... “He was impossible again when he became prime minister, because of his inability to operate other than on the basis of one story a day.”. reconciliation Indigenous
Ten years after Kevin Rudd delivered the first prime minister's Closing the Gap report to parliament, only one of seven targets is on track to be met, four more are ... was a sophisticated roadmap to closing the gap,” Referendum Council member and constitutional law expert Megan Davis told The Australian. reconciliation Indigenous
Ultimately, the policies of an administration committed to putting America first are likely, in Asia at least, to result in America being put last. Project Syndicate. Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, is president of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York and chair of the Independent Commission ... reconciliation Indigenous
Australian middle class the victims of workplace reforms. But in a surprisingly frank attack on another Labor prime minister, Mr Beazley said Kevin Rudd's government "atrophied" because he was obsessed with getting media coverage. Mr Beazley, who was his predecessor as federal Labor leader, accused ... reconciliation Indigenous
Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard decided that if they didn't join forces and challenge the Labor leader the Coalition would be returned to power in 2007, followed by a leadership transition to ... The political career of Australia's first female prime minister came to an end as the result of another “what if” moment. reconciliation Indigenous
The former Labor leader and prime minister responded angrily yesterday to the awarding of a Labor “outstanding service award” to the West Australian Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union delegate who has convictions for assault, threats, trespass, contempt of court and industrial breaches. reconciliation Indigenous
Review: Kevin Rudd and his road to be PM ... Kevin Rudd remains a polarising figure in Australian politics. The subject of ... He sets out an intellectually coherent rationale for his political worldview, his spiritual views, his decision to embrace a political vocation, and his foreign policy for Australia. But there ... reconciliation Indigenous
US President Donald Trump “is the greatest source of instability” in Asia, Australia's former prime minister Kevin Rudd said in a panel discussion that mostly excoriated Trump's administration for policy missteps that have damaged US relations with China and its allies in the region. “The President of the ... reconciliation Indigenous
This week it will be ten years since he became prime minister of Australia, a little over ten years since he called climate change “the great moral challenge of our generation”. It remains foremost in his thoughts and tweets. One of the “great global megatrends”, climate change will define our future as a ... reconciliation Indigenous
Prime minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Brendan Nelson deliver the official apology to the stolen generations to the House of Representatives speaker in 2008. Photo: RAMAGE GARY. The ACT continues to have one of Australia's the highest rates of removal of Aboriginal children from their ... reconciliation Indigenous
Former Prime Minister Rudd launches his book "Kevin Rudd, Not for the faint hearted, A personal reflection of life, politics and purpose." Mr Rudd ... Mr Marles backed Julia Gillard in the 2012 ballot between Australia's first female PM and Mr Rudd, who was forced to stand down as foreign minister. However ... reconciliation Indigenous


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