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updated Tue. November 7, 2023

Israel's Shin Bet security service and police announced on Monday that three Israeli-Arab residents of Um al-Fahm were arrested earlier in the year, after their plans to carry out a terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem were uncovered. The three suspects, thought to be supporters of ISIS, intended to ...

Three residents of the Israeli-Arab city of Umm al-Fahm were arrested over the past several months by the Israel Police and the Shin Bet security service on suspicion that they planned to carry out a terrorist attack at Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The suspects, Mohammed Masoud Jabarin and Amad Lutfi ...
One of the places in Jerusalem I was particularly excited to see was the Temple Mount, located in the Old City. And it didn't disappoint! Today, the Dome of the Rock shrine (and the El Aqsa mosque) belonging to Islam overshadows much of the original location of the Second Temple, built by Herod the ...
The clay seal, or bulla, was one of 34 found during Mazar's 2009 Ophel excavations at the base of the southern wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount, or Haram al-Sharif. The seals, or bullae, were recovered from small Iron Age (1200-586 B.C.) garbage pits, outside the wall of what Mazar describes as a royal ...


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