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updated Thu. March 28, 2024

Jacques Baute, head of the International Atomic Agency's Iraq Inspection unit, reached the same conclusion: the Niger documents were fraudulent. But the Bush administration ignored the findings of its own envoy, corroborated by other American officials, and continued to use the false claim. Ambassador ...

As Jacques Baute, the head of the IAEA effort in Iraq wrote recently, such inspection “benefits the international community, which receives the level of assurance it seeks, and also the inspected party, which is given the opportunity to demonstrate the reality of its compliance.”[1] Over the years, these tools ...
He reported to the CIA and to the State Department that the documents on which the allegation was based were forgeries. Jacques Baute, head ...
As on-site inspection (OSI) has gradually gained acceptance around the world, thousands of inspections have been successfully implemented ...


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