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updated Wed. April 4, 2018

Scientists have discovered that the seafloor from the Mississippi River Delta to the Gulf of Mexico is eroding like the land loss that is occurring on the Louisiana coast. During the 20th century, thousands of dams were built on Mississippi River tributaries stopping the flow of fine silt, clay and other ...
The US Department of Interior is set to allow oil and gas firms to explore and develop 77.3 million acres offshore Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Anticipated to be conducted on 15 August this year, Lease Sale 251 will include all available unleased areas in federal waters of the Gulf ...

"The Appomattox will be Shell's largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico," said Anthony Pizza, BSEE New Orleans District Production Operations Section Chief. "The purpose of our inspection is to ensure the topsides are constructed as planned, meet industry and BSEE standards and comply ...
The federal government will offer 77.3 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration and development on Aug. 15. An Interior Department statement Friday said the lease sale will include all 14,474 unleased tracts. They're in water 3 to 231 miles (5 to 370 kilometers) offshore, and in ...
GULF OF MEXICO — Dressed in work boots, blue overalls and a hard hat, Rep. Steve Scalise, the U.S. House majority whip, took in the view from the drill shack of Shell's Olympus, the Gulf of Mexico's largest floating deepwater platform, 77 miles south of Venice. At 406 feet tall and weighing more than ...
NEW ORLEANS — The federal government will offer 77.3 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas exploration and development on Aug. 15. An Interior Department statement Friday said the lease sale will include all 14,474 unleased tracts. They're in water 3 to 231 miles (5 to 370 kilometers) ...

The rise in global temperature is also expected to continue to increase sea surface temperatures, potentially leading to more coral bleaching events. Losing the Flower Garden Banks corals would have a big toll on the Gulf of Mexico fisheries, Schmahl said. "Coral reefs are extremely important as nursery ...
Unless you've got your head in a soundproof box, you've heard about the massive dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. It's nothing new, this dead zone—it's been happening for decades, in fact—but in recent years, it's gotten much larger. In August of 2017, it was found to be the “largest ever measured.
Oxygen is disappearing from our seas. Although climate change is the primary antagonist in the open ocean, coastal regions are suffocating too as agricultural runoff is triggering biochemical cycles that draw away vast reserves of oxygen. One so-called “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico, already worrying ...
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Gulf of Mexico's “dead zone” will be an unwanted summer visitor for decades, Canadian scientists say. They say the oxygen-starved patch would persist even if farmers could immediately end all fertilizer runoff. An area with too little oxygen to support marine life forms every ...
WASHINGTON -- In support of President Donald J. Trump's America-First Offshore Energy Strategy, Interior Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management Joe Balash has announced that region-wide Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 250 generated $124,763,581 in high bids for 148 tracts covering ...
The largest lease sale in American history in the offshore Gulf of Mexico has yielded $124.76m in winning bids on Wednesday. The Department of the Interior had offered up more than 77 million acres (31.2 million hectares), an area twice the size of Florida, as part of a broader effort by President Donald ...
The Dead Zone is an area of extremely low oxygen roughly the size of the state of New Jersey which lies in the Gulf of Mexico around the Mississippi River Delta on the banks of Louisiana. This Dead Zone is caused by increased amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous that accumulate at ...
Oil companies have drilled more than 52,000 wells in the Gulf of Mexico and installed more than 7,000 platforms, many of which are inactive and still littering the Gulf. A recent New York Times investigation found dangerous conditions on Gulf platforms and taxpayers being left to cover the costs of cleanups ...
The Gulf of Mexico's "dead zone" will be an unwanted summer visitor for decades, Canadian scientists say. They say the oxygen-starved patch would persist even if farmers could immediately end all fertilizer runoff. An area with too little oxygen to support marine life forms every summer off the ... nitrogen
LAKELAND — The earliest inhabitants of Florida's western coast thrived by subsisting largely on the marine bounty of what is now called the Gulf of Mexico. When European explorers began arriving, they failed to recognize the teeming food supply beneath the water's surface. Instead, they struggled to ... nitrogen
"Industry's views on the tracts available tomorrow do not necessarily say much, if anything, about industry's interest in [the eastern Gulf of Mexico] or Atlantic one to six years from now," said Christopher Guith, a senior vice president for policy at the US Chamber of Commerce's Global Energy Institute. nitrogen

In 2017, the US produced a total of 9.3 million barrels of crude oil per day (mmbd) from state and federal offshore operations. Texas produced the most petroleum by far at 3.5 mmbd followed by federal offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico with 1.6 mmbd, according to figures from the US Department of ... nitrogen
(Reuters) - Exxon Mobil Corp said on Tuesday it was planning to build a plastics plant on the U.S. Gulf Coast to meet the rising demand from Asia. The plant, which is expected to open by 2021, will help increase its manufacturing capacity by up to 450,000 tons a year. The expansion is part of Chief ... nitrogen
In his lecture, Davis places the Gulf of Mexico within the American mythos in a sweeping history that extends from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Davis is the author or co-author of several books, including ''The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea.'' The event is free. For more information, call ... nitrogen
“We streamlined how inspectors do their job offshore, while achieving a significant cost-savings,” said Michael Saucier, Regional Supervisor for District Field Operations, Gulf of Mexico region. “This new process will allow BSEE inspectors to increase physical inspection time on offshore oil and gas facilities. nitrogen
Faced with questions about its commitment to safety, the Interior Department sent teams to the Gulf of Mexico last week to inspect giant cranes used in offshore oil and gas operations that are a significant source of accidents. More than 50 inspectors, traveling on helicopters, conducted surprise inspections ... nitrogen
LAKELAND — The Florida Lecture Series at Florida Southern College welcomes Environmental historian Jack Davis, professor of history at the University of Florida, is the next speaker in the Florida Lecture Series at Florida Southern College. Davis will speak at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Hollis Room of the ... nitrogen
Flying above the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico and staring at the world below doesn't sound too terrible, until it's all you do for hours instead of flying to San Francisco. A group of United Airways passengers leaving Tampa didn't get a chance to leave their hearts in San Francisco after their flight ... nitrogen
The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended the search for a fisherman who vanished in the Gulf of Mexico early Thursday morning. Dennis Grim, 63, went missing after a boat that left from Seminole sank 70 miles southwest of Fort Myers Beach. Around 4 a.m. Thursday morning, the Coast Guard received a ... nitrogen
“Although the oilfield services market suffered a sustained downturn following the 2014 collapse in oil prices, the Debtors continued to outperform other offshore supply boat and service market participants in the Gulf of Mexico by obtaining important contracts with key customers and pursuing aggressive ... nitrogen
W&T Offshore, a Houston-based oil and gas E&P company, has announced a deal with a group of investors to form a joint venture (JV) for drilling up to 14 projects in the Gulf of Mexico in the next three years. The parties have agreed to an initial capital commitment of $230 million (adjustable up to $275.9 ... nitrogen
W&T Offshore, Inc. WTI has recently signed a deal with a group of investors for upstream operations across the Gulf of Mexico. Accordingly, next three years, both W&T Offshore and the investor group will likely drill several well locations of roughly 14 developments in the Gulf of Mexico. In the preliminary ... nitrogen
It's no secret that E&P activities in the US Gulf of Mexico have been in the doldrums in recent years. Exploration and development work in the US deepwater Gulf has lagged since crude oil prices dropped in late 2014. However, as costs finally settle at a bottom and operators set a new standard for ... nitrogen
I decided to explore the market dynamics of the floater segment of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Let's start with a global chart of ultra-deepwater marketed utilization from the most recent Rowan (RDC) presentation, which shows that utilization dropped from 75% to 74%, while the marketed supply decreased from ... nitrogen
AMES, Iowa – Nancy Rabalais has dedicated more than three decades to researching and bringing national attention to growing ecosystem concerns in the Gulf of Mexico. Nancy Rabalais. Her lecture at Iowa State University, “The Dead Zone: Will Shrimp and Corn Chowder Survive?,” will take place at 8 ... nitrogen
Mexico's latest deepwater auction in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of January was a success. It was a success for Shell, too: the Anglo-Dutch oil major snapped up 9 out of the 19 awarded blocks and bid aggressively on the deepwater blocks closest to the U.S. maritime border. Shell's aggressive bidding ... nitrogen
MANASOTA KEY, Fla - State officials say a Native American ancestral burial site has been discovered off the southwest coast of Florida near the city of Venice. "Never did I imagine in a million years would we find human remains down there," said FGCU graduate student Dayanira Lopez. Lopez, her ... nitrogen
Archaeologists have discovered a 7,000-year-old burial site in the Gulf of Mexico after a tip from a recreational diver who found human remains at the site in 2016. Called Manasota Key Offshore, the site is off of Sarasota County and appears to have been preserved in what was at the time a freshwater peat ... nitrogen
The federal government said Tuesday it's investigating the death of an offshore oil and gas worker on a Gulf of Mexico platform operated by Houston's Talos Energy. The employee, who's identity wasn't immediately revealed, died Saturday after an accident while he was removing out-of-service fire ... nitrogen
W&T Offshore (NYSE:WTI) +5.8% after-hours as it enters into joint exploration and development agreements with an investor group to drill as many as 14 specified projects in the Gulf of Mexico over the next three years or more, with an initial capital commitment of $230M. WTI says the total anticipated ... nitrogen
I am a seasonal resident of Lido Key and am wondering who is the dolt who scheduled line painting maintenance of Gulf of Mexico Drive on March 6 (the beginning of the tourist season). For those who did not experience this situation, Gulf of Mexico Drive (Route 789) just north of the intersection with Route ... nitrogen
Water quality has become increasingly impaired in the northern Gulf of Mexico since the 1950s, largely due to both intensive livestock production and the widespread use of commercial fertilizers across the Mississippi River Basin. Manure and fertilizer are rich in nitrogen, a nutrient that boosts crop ... nitrogen
Houston-based Fieldwood Energy LLC has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and part of its restructuring plan includes a multimillion-dollar deal to acquire Noble Energy Inc.'s (NYSE: NBL) Gulf of Mexico assets. Fourteen related entities filed voluntary Chapter 11 petitions on Feb. 15. The main ... nitrogen
Noble Energy (NYSE:NBL) +2.3% premarket after announcing a $750M share repurchase plan and an agreement to sell its deepwater Gulf of Mexico assets to Fieldwood Energy for $710M. NBL says the sale of the Gulf of Mexico business is the last major step in its portfolio transformation, and the ... nitrogen
LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - While many of us were enjoying the Mardi Gras festivities, one crew sailing home after a week offshore found themselves in a critical situation, and they rose to the occasion. Imagine being 20 miles from dry land and your boat capsizes with no help in sight. That was the case for ... nitrogen
The sale of our Gulf of Mexico business represents the last major step in our portfolio transformation. This has been done to focus our go-forward efforts on those assets that will rapidly grow our cash flows and margins, primarily the U.S. onshore business and the Eastern Mediterranean. I appreciate the ... nitrogen
For nearly 40 years, a 350-foot-tall metal frame in the Gulf of Mexico supported a platform that pumped oil and gas from the seafloor. The 3,000-ton structure was recently converted into an artificial reef off the coast of Louisiana, where it will serve as habitat for fish and other marine life. Shell's Cougar ... nitrogen
In October, the Trump administration announced plans to auction off over 76 million acres of Gulf of Mexico waters to the oil companies. The lease sale which would include federal waters off the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida could vastly expand drilling and fracking in the Gulf ... nitrogen
When you dip your toes into the warm water on a picture-perfect Gulf Coast beach, chances are you're not thinking of the tons of aquatic curiosities lurking far beneath its surface. These photos might change your mind. The images were taken during an NOAA expedition aboard the Okeanos Explorer—the only federally ... nitrogen
About 10 miles off the Alabama coast, Ben Raines gently falls backward from a boat into the Gulf of Mexico, a scuba tank strapped to his back and handsaw on his belt. He's on a mission to collect cypress samples from 60 feet below. "We're going to cut some pieces as if we were in a forest on land," says ... nitrogen
The research team exploited a two-dimensional, 175-kilometer-long seismic reflection profile from the northern Gulf of Mexico that was acquired by ION Geophysical. It was captured by a ship equipped with an air gun to generate sound waves. Water depth along the length of the profile varied from 200 to ... nitrogen
CNOOC announced the start of production at the Stampede field, located in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico. Under the current development scope, production facilities will consist of six subsea production wells and four water injection wells tied back to a tension-leg platform (TLP) that was installed in ... nitrogen
UK-based M2 Subsea has secured a contract with TransCanada for pipeline-span support on the pipeline installation at the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan gas project in the Gulf of Mexico. Working with local partner Frontera Resources, M2 Subsea will install grout supports along the southern leg of the pipeline to ... nitrogen
Not much has changed over the past 12 months to lessen the misery in the US Gulf of Mexico (GoM), where low commodity prices pushed E&P activity to historic lows. As we predicted a year ago, the string of deep-water oil projects coming to completion raised the Gulf's share of US oil production from 17% ... nitrogen


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