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updated Thu. April 12, 2018

IT can now be said with absolute certainty that the current trade war that the United States has started has had absolutely no impact on the Philippines. Of course, considering that the only products on which US tariffs have been raised is steel and aluminum, that conclusion is a no-brainer since ...
THE PHILIPPINES and China are a united front in the fight against illegal drugs, terror and corruption, President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday at the opening of a global economic forum in Beijing. "The Philippines is showing how complex relations are not a bar to a positive and mutually ...

The war on drugs in the Philippines is relatively unspoken about in the mainstream Western media, despite the persistent violence and killings that have been occurring since Rodrigo Duterte was elected as president in 2016. Setting out to explore the effect that Duterte's war on drugs is having ... rebel
Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 10) -- President Rodrigo Duterte said China stands with the Philippines in its flagship campaign against illegal drugs and terrorism. "With China, we stand together in the war on criminality and illegal drug trade. We are shoulder to shoulder in the fight against ...
The first ever Philippine production on the global streaming giant Netflix will debut on 9 April, in a gritty portrayal of the controversial and bloody war on drugs being waged by President Rodrigo Duterte. The divisive crackdown against drugs, which has killed thousands of Filipinos since 2016, will be ...

Some of the most vulnerable in the Philippines have turned to religion in the uncertainty of Duterte's drug war and there are signs that the Catholic church is starting to voice its opposition to the crackdown. by Jamela Alindogan. 31 Mar ...
Mendoza is The Philippines' best-known film director, with credits that include “Service,” “Kinatay” and “Thy Womb.” The most recent of his three Cannes competition titles “Ma Rosa” similarly probes the milieu of small time drug dealers and the endemic violence and corruption of the police. A timely ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
The killings are the latest in a long and bloody war on drugs waged by President Rodrigo Duterte since he came to power in 2016. Duterte has authorised police to crack down on illegal drug use, urging them to kill suspects and promising to protect them from prosecution. He has also endorsed murderous ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
SANDUSKY, Ohio - The last thing Jim Cundari had on his mind while fighting Japanese in the Philippine mountains during World War II was gathering a few battlefield souvenirs. Combat, for soldiers of the 161 Infantry Regiment in 1945 was costly and fierce, and as Cundari, 99, recently recalled, "I would ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
Recently Sumulong traveled to the Philippines last year to try to capture the trauma of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drug users and drug dealers. Since Duterte took office, that war has claimed the lives of at least 12,000 people, many of them urban poor who have been killed by uniformed police or ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has said he plans to withdraw his country from the International Criminal Court (ICC) after it began examining the country's drugs war. "It is apparent that the ICC is being utilised as a political tool against the Philippines," Mr Duterte said. He also condemned "baseless" ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
MANILA: More than 100 drug suspects have been killed since Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the police to rejoin his "war on drugs", an official said Saturday (Mar 3). Duterte was elected in 2016 on a promise to eradicate drugs, and launched an unprecedented campaign in which - rights ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
Why it matters: The most controversial aspect of Duterte's presidency has been the drug war that has seen thousands summarily killed with, at a minimum, his tacit support. Police say about 4,000 people have been killed, but most observers think that's far too low. Filipino senator Antonio Trillanes says the death toll has ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war
Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Manila to protest Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war, which has left thousands of people dead, and to express their opposition to plans to change the Constitution. Catholic groups held a predawn "walk for life" on Saturday against the drug killings, ... Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte war

Capital punishment for drug dealers is arguably most associated with the brutal campaign of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte whose “drug war” has, according to Human Rights Watch, resulted in more than 12,000 deaths to date. And Trump's reported endorsement of the tactic is his latest nod to the ... Philippine
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Thousands took to the streets of Manila to mark the 32nd anniversary of People Power revolution of 1986 and protested Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's push to amend the 1987 Constitution and the ongoing deadly drug war. The protesters commemorated the revolution of ... Philippine
Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Manila to protest Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war, which has left thousands of people dead, and to express their opposition to plans to change the constitution. Catholic groups held a pre-dawn "walk for life" on Saturday against the drug killings, ... Philippine
President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained a firm grip on the Philippines since being elected in July 2016. Although public support is slipping, due partly to the brutality unleashed by his “war on drugs”, which has seen up to 20,000 people killed in 18 months, the general population still backs the leader. Philippine
MANILA (AFP) - The Philippine government summoned the US ambassador over an American intelligence report that listed President Rodrigo Duterte and his deadly war on drugs as a "regional threat", officials said on Friday (Feb 23). US envoy Sung Kim met Duterte's chief aide on Thursday to discuss the ... Philippine
The exports to the Philippines appear to be a violation of UK law, which states that the government must not “issue an export licence if there is a clear risk that the proposed export might be used for internal repression”. The UK government has also sold spyware to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain and Egypt. Philippine
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is to open a preliminary inquiry into alleged crimes committed during the Philippines government's war on drugs, its chief prosecutor says. Fatou Bensouda said it would look at reports of extrajudicial killings. President Rodridgo Duterte's policy of endorsing such ... Philippine
The Philippines has declared that war is not an option in resolving its dispute with China, which was found to have continued its military build-up in disputed South China Sea areas, declared by a UN arbitration court to belong to Manila. President Rodrigo Duterte's office said on Monday that Filipino ... Philippine
17, the Philippine National Police has conducted a total of 81,919 anti-drug operations, resulting in 119,361 arrests and the deaths of 3,987 drug suspects, according to the organization's website. It also claimed that in the same time period, the government-backed police recovered a total of 2,577 kilos of ... Philippine
MANILA — Nearly 50 people suspected of using and selling drugs were killed by officers in the past two months, the Philippine National Police said on Friday, contradicting earlier pronouncements that the government's war on drugs would become less deadly. The figure was the first released since ... Philippine
MANILA (Reuters) - The U.S. government is "cautiously optimistic" on Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs after it saw a decline in "extrajudicial killings," a U.S. senior narcotics official said. Washington has shifted away millions of dollars in funding for law enforcement from a drug control ... Philippine
(New York) – The Philippine government should urgently support the creation of a United Nations-led investigation into the thousands of killings linked to its “war on drugs,” Human Rights Watch said today. A UN-led probe would both help clarify the disparity in official and independent estimates of killings ... Philippine
MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday he would extend the tour of duty of the country's police chief "a little bit longer" to carry out reforms in a law enforcement agency at the forefront of his war on drugs. Ronald dela Rosa, director-general of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ... Philippine
A southern Philippine ethnic group's unique clan structure, historic dependence on local trade, and chilling family feuds are setting back efforts toward quick recovery for a city demolished this year by war. The war between government troops and the Islamic State-inspired Maute Group insurgency in ... Philippine
Seagal said it was the strategy that he “believed is the way” for Filipinos to step forward. He also offered his help in tackling the problems that confronted the country. “I hope I can be involved with all of you in this war, against all of these evil things,” he added. - Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network. Philippine
The Philippines has witnessed an increase in clashes between the government's armed forces and communist fighters while human rights monitors, progressive groups and labor organizers have faced a sharp increase in deadly attacks. The onslaught of repression marks a new stage in President Rodrigo ... Philippine
iPhone games glorifying Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and police killing drug users have disappeared from iTunes after more than 100 organizations demanded the games be removed. The group of 131 organizations signed an open letter last month to Apple CEO Tim Cook asking the tech ... Philippine
Police carried out the Oct. 11 raid the same day Duterte ordered them to leave anti-drug operations to the state-run Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. The October memo marked the second time that Duterte has publicly told police officers to stop waging his drug war. He announced a halt to their ... Philippine
MANILA, Philippines — United Nations human rights experts, including special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings Agnes Callamard, renewed their calls to the Philippine government to put an end to the killings brought by President Rodrigo Duterte's fierce war on drugs. In a joint statement released ... Philippine
MANILA: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday (Nov 18) that the police would reassume their lead role in implementing his war on drugs if the narcotics problem worsens and that nobody could stop his campaign, not even US President Donald Trump. The firebrand leader ordered the ... Philippine
Inside the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained support for his bloody war on drugs, despite the thousands of lives lost and criticism by human rights groups. Duterte has remained popular because most people in the country aren't directly affected by deadly drug war, which is mostly being ... Philippine
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shake hands after a joint statement at the presidential ... Philippine
The end of a five-month war against Islamic State-backed Muslim rebels in the Philippines is now challenging the government to stop any ... Philippine
The crackdown on drugs is a hallmark of President Rodrigo Duterte's administration. But as the death tolls mounts, many Filipinos are speaking ... Philippine
MARAWI, Philippines: At first glance, the endless rows of devastated buildings could be the aftermath of a great earthquake. But the punctured ... Philippine
MANILA (Reuters) - Nearly nine out of 10 Filipinos support Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, and almost three quarters ... Philippine
More than 80 percent of the Philippine population is Catholic, and the ... had come forward with misgivings about their role in the war on drugs. Philippine
Damaged buildings in war-torn Marawi City after government troops cleared the last area of pro-ISIS militants yesterday. More than 1,000 ... Philippine
A hearing today in the Philippines Senate has exposed the abysmal ... to protect children from the deadly consequences of the “war on drugs”, ... Philippine
The Islamic State terrorist group has released a new video calling on Muslim extremists in Southeast Asia to wage holy war in the besieged ... Philippine
Churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cubao, Manila, have begun ringing their bells every night for a week in a protest against President ... Philippine
President admits 'abuses' in war on drugs as demonstrators say death ... to the streets of the Philippine capital of Manila to denounce President ... Philippine
At least 58 people were killed by police in the Philippines this week in two ... Duterte's war on drugs was already deadly: Thousands of people ... Philippine


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