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updated Sun. June 9, 2024

Led by Aung San Suu Kyi, the Central Executive Committee of the party has 15 members with two vice chairmen being U Win Myint and Dr. Zaw Myint Man and two secretaries being U Nyan Win and U Han Thar Myint. The party's Board of Patrons is formed with six members with U Tin Oo as the chairman ...
President Htin Kyaw and First Lady Su Su Lwin made an informal visit to Yangon General Hospital on June 6 and asked for updates on the current health status of Tin Oo, patron of the ruling National League for Democracy party, who is receiving medial treatment at the cardiac ward of Yangon General ...

The superintendent of Rangoon General Hospital, Dr. Aye Ko Ko, has said the health of National League for Democracy patron Tin Oo, who was hospitalised after he fell at his home last week, is improving and his condition is no longer “life-threatening.” The 90-year-old party stalwart had been under ...
A medical team comprising 15 specialists is administering necessary treatment, said Dr. Aye KoKo, superintendent of the hospital, adding that the patient's heart beat and respiration are normal. Blood clots were found with blood vessel to the brain of the patient causing paralytic stroke. U Tin Oo, 91, was ...
The condition of NLD patron Tin Oo is reportedly improving though he cannot yet speak and he is being treated in intensive care. Tin Oo, 91, reportedly slipped in the bathroom of his house on May 17 at 11 p.m. and fell unconscious. He was then sent to hospital. Doctors believe Tin Oo suffered a stroke.

RANGOON — National League for Democracy (NLD) patron U Tin Oo is receiving medical treatment at the intensive care unit in Rangoon General Hospital after falling in his bathroom and suffering a stroke, although his condition is improving, according to doctors at the hospital. “His right side is paralyzed ...
Patron of Myanmar's ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) U Tin Oo, who was hospitalized due to a fall Wednesday mid-night, had not yet regained full consciousness by Thursday noon, the hospital told Xinhua. Great care and strict treatment are being given to U Tin Oo as the blood vessels in his ...

YANGON — National League for Democracy patron U Tin Oo remained in critical condition in hospital on Thursday afternoon, according to medical staff. The NLD cofounder and former military commander-in-chief, who turned 90 in March, fell in the bathroom of his Bahan home around 11pm on ...
He came and greeted participants,” U Tin Oo said. Political commentator U Yan Myo Thein said the Tatmadaw leadership had to be persuaded to give up its opposition to the NLD leader assuming the presidency. “Considering section 59(f), the military leaders should see that allowing Daw Suu to become ...
Thingyan Moe (Rain During the Water Festival) by Maung Tin Oo, Gadiba Hpanat Si, Shwe Hti Saung (Wearing Velvet Slippers under a Golden Umbrella) by Maung Wunna, Wah Wah Win Shwe's Chithu Wine Wine Le (Encircled by Lovers) were all good in their own way. Comedies like Phoe Par Gyi (Old ...
I like Saya Maung Tin Oo's movie Dandayi (Fable). As for foreign directors, I like movies created by Christopher Nolan. All his movies have the style which I want to create. I like his creation of twists in the plot,” he said. The present day cameras are technologically advanced but there are still many ...
U Tin Oo, the nonagenarian co-founder of the NLD, has been gravely ill since last year. His colleague and former party chairman U Aung Shwe passed away last year. Aung San Suu Kyi has been stricken by illness repeatedly – the Lowy Institute event in March was only one of many scheduled addresses ...


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