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updated Tue. January 2, 2024

... are legal hurdles in transferring the animal to another country and the zoo is the only facility we have,” said Gopal Prasad Bhattarai, deputy director of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. ... Sloth bears, a critically endangered species, are found in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.
One of Nepal's last known dancing bears that was recently rescued has died after being transferred to a zoo, an animal rights activist said Wednesday, blaming the death on "negligence". The two sloth bears were rescued in southern Nepal in December last year from a pair of itinerant street performers who ...

The Bo tree planted at Botale was the direct descendant of the tree at Mahaiyangana -- traditionally one of the places in Sri Lanka visited by the Gauthama Buddha. Botale is .... Also he set up the Ruhuna and Wilpattu National Parks by legislation introduced in 1938 prohibiting the game of killing animals.
The first International Forest Day celebrations were held in Sri Lanka in the year 2014. In the Island, the Sinharaja forest has been named as a national heritage. The Knuckles forest reserve, the Samanala Adaviya reserve, and the Horton place National park in the central highlands of Sri Lanka are a few ...
... and you can go further afield for guaranteed sun. Sri Lanka is a good bet – Easter falls at the end of the dry season and temperatures are likely to be in the high 20s. Sri Lanka of course has everything – beaches, lush green fields, national parks and colonial towns – so there's plenty to get your teeth into.
We were in Sri Lanka's Yala National Park, on the peripheries of its newest and most dazzling resort, Wild Coast Tented Lodge. “This might be the leopard that growled at me the other night” — Jayaratne had mentioned this encounter to me the previous day. And the resort manager had also cautioned of ...

Many are the Sri Lankans who go to such places as the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, the Yosemite National Park in California, the Niagara Falls in New York or the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, all in the United States of America, when right here in Sri Lanka, we have a wide variety of ...
Sri Lanka has long been nicknamed as India's little sister and while throngs of tourists flock to India each year, Sri Lanka is still relatively undiscovered and all the better for it. During your visit you feel you get a lot more of the authentic experience and it is yet to be spoilt by catering for tourists on every street ...
The Yala National Park today confirmed that the majestic tusker known as Gemunu in the sanctuary had lost one of its tusks following an attack by two other single tuskers a few days ago. According to Yala National Park officials, Gemunu had been attacked at the Sandun Oruwa area near Menik River.
Led by Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando, Sri Lanka's leading elephant scientist, and assisted by Dr. Jennifer Pastroni and the Cinnamon Nature Trails Team in ... studies of the seasonal movments and dispersion patterns of smaller herds of elephants that form the larger congregations in Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks during ...

The Yala National Park has earned Rs.700.58 million in 2017, the highest income earned by a national park in Sri Lanka, the Sustainable Development and Wildlife Ministry has said. ... Last year, a total of 1,635,467 tourists visited Sri Lanka's national parks generating an income of 2.04 billion rupees.
With a taste of crab soup, Sri Lankan coffee and a plate of milk rice and prawn curry, we started our journey towards Habarana, looking forward to a forest safari scheduled at the Kaudulla National Park and a 1,200-step climb up to the famous Sigiriya Rock, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At Habarana, we ...
Feb 15, Colombo: Among the national parks in Sri Lanka, the Yala National Park in the South has earned the highest income in 2017, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Wildlife said. According to the Ministry, the income from Yala National Park in 2017 reached 700.58 million rupees.
Launching with a heavy weight media campaign across the London Underground, the aim is to showcase Sri Lanka using compelling photography, including shots of Yala National Park (where Sri Lanka has the highest density of leopards in the world) and the amazing whale formations seen in Kalpitiya.
National Park in northwest Sri Lanka. One of the country's ... That can be the experience in Yala, Sri Lanka's southern and most popular park, where a 2km queue of safari jeeps forms outside the entrance by 6.30am. ... Wildlife officers are compulsory for accessing all Sri Lankan national parks. It doesn't ...
The beginning of Mahayana Buddhism in Sri Lanka was probably in about the year 100 BC. ... from Tissamaharama, and is one of the major ancient monasteries in Magam Pattuwa (Southern Province, Ruhunu Rata), in the Yala National Park where two such Bodhisattva statues are found, one is headless.


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