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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

Post the USSR withdrawal from Afghanistan, the area became a sanctuary for foreign militants. Norak village, located in the North Waziristan agency, lies along the principal road leading to Miranshah, the agency's headquarters, and stretches to the Ghulam Khan border with Afghanistan's Khost province.
The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) or the Pashtun Protection Movement came about in 2014 as a movement as an initiative to remove land mines in the war torn area of South Waziristan where the militants had been driven out by army operations. But the movement has become a ... Pashtuns

Like their counterparts in Syria and Iraq, insurgents belonging to Afghanistan's Islamic State group are radical Sunni Muslims who revile Shiites as ... mostly from Central Asia's Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, many of whom were driven out of Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region by a military offensive.
Groups such as ETIM, IMU, Daesh, Chechen Rebels - all of them currently hiding in Afghanistan or the Pak-Afghan border regions - are also not ... of the Al-Qaeda network in North Waziristan), Malik Bakhan, who entertained Arab Al-Qaeda militants in Wana as paying guests until the army launched ...
Members of militant organizations including Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are active in Quetta, searching for Hazaras to kill. ... Credit for the attack was claimed by the Islamic State group, but security forces have denied the organized presence of ISIS in Baluchistan, ...
But in recent weeks, Manzoor Pashteen has risen to lead a fast-growing movement of thousands from Pakistan's Pashtun minority, the country's second-biggest ethnic group, who form roughly 15 percent of the country's 207 million people. Where few dare to criticize the army, Pashteen brazenly speaks. Military Militants Pashtuns
Pakistani spy agencies have mounted secret raids to hunt down Chinese militants after reports that members of Islamic State militia from Xingian's Uighur community might be returning from Syria. Hundreds of the members of the ETIM, militant group behind attacks in China Xinjian province, joined ...
Many parts of the country, including Waziristan, on its porous border with Afghanistan, have turned into safe havens for militants and terror groups. The Pakistani ... Waqass Goraya, one of the bloggers, said he was detained by a government organization with ties to the Pakistani military. "More and ... military war
PESHAWAR: A local Afghan militia has killed three commanders of Hizbul Tehreer—a splinter group of Pakistan Taliban— in Nangarhar province of ... South Waziristan and was a close aide of TTP leaders Baitullah Mehsud and Hakeemullah Mehsud, and was also in charge of leading the brutal militant ... military war
The commander's death is a blow to the militant group that has been responsible for deadly suicide bombings and terrorist attacks in Pakistan for over a ... hiding in Khost Province of Afghanistan after the Pakistani Army launched an offensive in 2014 against local and foreign militants in North Waziristan. military war
Initially, Sajna and all other Mehsud militants were based in South Waziristan when Baitullah Mehsud brought together all the militant groups and became the leader of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. All the Mehsud militants then shifted to the adjacent North Waziristan tribal region when the government in ... military war
Two separate US drone strikes struck a militant compound in a northwestern tribal region of Pakistan and a vehicle in Afghanistan, killing 11 militants, ... in the mountainous Barmal district of Paktia province, where fighters from both the Haqqani network and Pakistan's Tehrik-e-Taliban militant group are ... military war
PESHAWAR: Tribesmen from the Ahmadzai Wazir clan, Wana South Waziristan on Tuesday attacked the pro-government Taliban militant's office in Dera Ismael Khan ... Later a group of the militants came to Idrees's father's shop in Nizam Bazar; shot him dead, injured his brother and made a quick escape. military war
The incident happened when some unknown militants fired a rocket at the military vehicle, and fled the scene, Dawn News said. The attack was launched in Mir Ali town of North Waziristan, a semi-autonomous tribal area along Pakistan-Afghanistan border. No group or person has claimed responsibility for ... military war
11, 2001, attacks on the United States, the tribal areas — particularly South Waziristan, where Mr. Mehsud was from, and North Waziristan — became a front line of the war on terrorism, as Al Qaeda and other groups took refuge there. Pashtuns in the tribal areas suffered both from militant attacks and from ... military war

DERA ISMAIL KHAN/WANA: Reacting to the killing of a youth from South Waziristan Agency, enraged mob stormed the offices of an alleged militant group and ... Militant groups in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata have changed their modus operandi to initiate their activities in the name of peace committees. military war
Washington has long pressured Pakistan to crack down on militant groups, with the Haqqanis a top priority. US President Donald Trump turned up the heat last summer when he accused Pakistan of playing a double game in Afghanistan and upbraided Islamabad for sheltering "agents of chaos". Islamabad ... military war
SHABQADAR: Despite allegations from Washington that Islamabad has not acted against militants in the tribal belt, a report on the situation in the tribal belt ... the military had launched a massive operation, codenamed Zarb-e-Azb, in June 2014 to evict terrorist from their entrenchments in North Waziristan. military war
The sections about Karachi describe how the Mehsud chapter started its subversive activities in the metropolis after the crackdown on Taliban groups intensified in 2007, and also ... Dozens of militants from both sides were killed in the following four months, driving out the Mehsud group from the city. military war
'Inqilab Mehsood South Waziristan: From British Raj to American Imperialism,' by Abu Mansoor Asim Mufti Noor Wali, a senior Taliban leader. ... ISLAMABAD: A recent book by a senior Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader claims that his group was behind the 2007 assassination of Pakistan's first woman ... military war
The intensity of the animosity prompted President Donald Trump to put Pakistan on notice to take decisive action against militant groups operating from ... the Af-Pak region and militants threatening the US-led Nato and Afghan forces were tackled and weakened as a result of its sustained military operations ... military war
For instance, in 2004, the administration of North Waziristan agency sentenced four women and 20 children of a kidnapper's family to three years in jail ... for militant groups such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Jaish-e-Muhammad during and after the US-sponsored “war on terror. military war
Describing the U.S.'s expectation from Pakistan as “straightforward”, Manning said the leadership of terror groups such as the Taliban and the .... years after the Pakistan army launched a full-scale onslaught on North Waziristan --a former stronghold of Pakistani Taliban-- forcing militants to flee toward ... military war
When the Trump administration announced this week it was suspending military aid to Pakistan until the country takes more aggressive action against terrorist organizations that have targeted Americans, one of the groups it named was the Haqqani network. Compared to other extremist groups, it is ... military war
The hardline group predominantly made up of ethnic Pashtuns - the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan - governed Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001, when it was toppled by a US-led invasion for harbouring the Al-Qaeda militant group and its leader Osama bin Laden. The BBC reported that the group ... military war
Boyle felt he could deal with the Afghan Taliban, a group he continues to refer to as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” the official name the Taliban ... In the middle of the month, the Pakistani army launched an offensive targeting militant groups in North Waziristan, the tribal region of which Miranshah is ... military war
There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Taliban militants have carried out many similar attacks in the past. Violence in Pakistan has declined in recent years following a series of military offensives against insurgents along the northwestern border with Afghanistan, but militant groups are still able ... military war
No group claimed the attack. Officials here usually blame militant groups for attacks on security forces. Pakistani forces have cleared most of North Waziristan of all the militant groups following major operation launched in June 2014. Officials said most of the militants have either fled to Afghanistan and ... military war
In the year 2007, TTP was formally created as an umbrella organisation, led by Baitullah Mehsud, incorporating 13 militant groups. ... from these operations is that adjacent Afghan provinces could now become a 'new North Waziristan' as Islamist militants pushed out by Zarb-e-Azb have taken refuge there, ... military war
No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Violence in Pakistan has declined in recent years following a series of military offensives against militants along the country's northwestern border, but militant groups have continued to carry out deadly attacks. On December 5, at least six people ... military war
A 21-year-old second lieutenant and a Sepoy martyred in a gun attack in North Waziristan , Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) stated. According to a press release by ISPR, Lieutenant Abdul Moid and Sepoy Basharat embraced martyrdom when terrorists fired on a military vehicle from surrounding ... military war
Moreover, Pakistan's efforts in the region cannot be designated an unqualified success, given its lack of decisive action against certain terror groups, particularly the Haqqani Network. I also was struck by how easily the progress made could be squandered, thanks to the enduring presence and appeal of ... military war
Giving details for the year in retrospect, an official said 109 hardcore militants had been killed in operations conducted by the security forces across the ... 'mother of all bombs,' weighs over 21,000 pounds and was used in April by the United States in Afghanistan against the militant group Islamic State). military war
“Pakistan must redouble its efforts to confront militants and terrorists operating within the country,” he said, according to a Pentagon statement. ... military has staged counter-terrorism operations in the North Waziristan tribal area that have badly degraded the Pakistani Taliban — the group responsible for ... military war
Pakistani authorities inspect the site of a roadside bomb that killed at least six people in North Waziristan on December 5. ... declined in recent years following a series of military offensives against militants along the country's northwestern border, but militant groups has continued to carry out deadly attacks. military war
The Pakistani military finally declared their South Waziristan homeland free of insurgents following a series of large-scale military operations involving ... insurgent violence and military sweeps after a host of Islamist militant groups retreated into FATA following the demise of the hard-line Taliban regime in ... military war
Now, North Waziristan is central to Pakistan's effort to show the world it has turned a page — that it is taking action against jihadist groups that it long ... than 300 times in North Waziristan, killing thousands of Al Qaeda and Taliban militants and hundreds of civilians, according to monitoring organizations. military war
He said the nuclear-armed Islamic Republic continues to harbor militant groups, such as the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network, which have attacked ... by militants and drug traffickers, of which 18 can be accessed by vehicles, according to a report by the Afghanistan Analysts Network research group last ... military war
DERA ISMAIL KHAN: At least five people, including the head of a peace committee, were killed and two others were injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in South Waziristan Agency on Thursday. According to officials, peace committee commander Wali Jan Mehsud was on his way to attend ... military war
They said the group's leader, Wali Jan, had earlier survived a suicide attack but continued to play a role in fighting Taliban militants. They said the two wounded men were moved to a military hospital. Umar Arshad, an assistant administrator in South Waziristan, confirmed the intelligence officials' account. military war
A roadside bomb killed five pro-government fighters and wounded two others in South Waziristan on Thursday evening, hours after a suspected United States drone struck a militant compound near Pak-Afghan border area, killing three suspected militants, officials said. The evening incident took place in ... military war
A roadside bomb killed five anti-Taliban fighters and wounded two others in the northwest on Thursday evening, hours after a suspected US drone struck a militant compound near Pakistan's border with Afghanistan, killing three militants, officials said. The evening incident took place in South Waziristan's ... military war
The evening incident took place in South Waziristan's Spinkai area near the Afghan border when a group of anti-Taliban fighters were returning from a ... Early on Thursday, an unmanned drone fired two missiles at the Ghaznavi compound of the militant Haqqani network's commander Abdur Rasheed, ... military war
ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Tuesday offered “joint patrols" and "joint posts" with Afghanistan as a means of ... military war
A new al-Qaida-inspired militant group, which has recently emerged in ... for militants who have grown disaffected with the Islamic State militant group (IS) in the country. The group, Ansar al-Sharia Pakistan, was reportedly formed by two ... members who had severed ties with the organization in early 2017. military war
We must not forget that Islamist groups also pose a threat to China, which ... Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) is another militant group based in Pakistan which ... a Taliban ally based in Pakistan's northwestern Waziristan region near Afghanistan. ... on the militants' hideouts in the country could further destabilize the ... military war
The incident took place in the tribal border area called Waziristan, on the Pakistani side – a haven for Salafist Jihadist militant groups. ... stated that while militants in the border areas are a significant threat to the stability of the ... military war
... to stop the flow of militants into Afghanistan and appealed to its arch-rival, ... senior US military official Gen Joseph L Votel, visited North Waziristan. ... “It is also making Pakistan concerned because Pakistani militant groups, ... military war


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