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updated Sat. March 2, 2024

GOYANG, South Korea - GOYANG, South Korea (AP) - Korean leaders repeat past vow to rid Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons but fail to provide ..... by China's moves to build strategic and economic ties with Indian Ocean nations including Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India's longtime rival Pakistan.
While the bulk of Indian Army personnel use a rifle from the 1990s, Pakistan's army uses one which dates back to World War II. New Delhi: Nuclear-armed neighbours India and Pakistan have been scrambling to update their battle rifles for years in the face of changing conflict scenarios. While India uses a ...

A former commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said that if the United States walks away from the nuclear deal, Iran could respond by exiting the international treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Talking to reporters on April 26, Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of Iran's ...
Micallef says it is important to note that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are kept disassembled at separate facilities, which technically prevents a terrorist organisation from obtaining a functional nuclear weapon. “The combination of a multi-branch command authority and the fact that the weapons are kept in a ...
Satellite images analysed by ThePrint show unprecedented security arrangements at the Bholari airbase, inaugurated in December. New Delhi: Pakistan's newest airbase at Bholari in Sindh — inaugurated in December last year — is suspected of storing nuclear weapons and has an F-16 fighter jet ...

Russia maintains 7,000 warheads, the UK 215, France 300, China 270, India 110-120, Pakistan 120-130, Israel 80, and North Korea 10 warheads. The corporations making these weapons lobby for increased spending on nuclear weapons, stimulating the nuclear arms race and increasing the risk of a ...
Even more worrisome is the fact that Pakistan's response to Indian defense spending would be an increased dependence on nuclear weapons. Given the presence of nuclear weapons in South Asia, a conflict between India and Pakistan has the potential to cross the threshold to become a nuclear war.

According to the analysts, such statements by Indian military officials can lead to crisis instability and force the Pakistan to hasten its evolution towards war fighting nuclear doctrine. Another alarming reality is that General Bipin has failed to realize the repercussions of misreading Pakistan's nuclear weapon ...
In the nuclear parleys submarine launched nuclear weapon is viewed the most “survivable” second strike capability in the event of adversary's ... Moreover, Pakistan signed a deal with China to buy eight Chinese Type 039A diesel-electric attack submarines that can be equipped with nuclear weapons.
Sandwiched between Iran, China, India and Afghanistan, Pakistan lives in a complicated neighborhood with a variety of security issues. One of the nine known states known to have nuclear weapons, Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and doctrine are continually evolving to match perceived threats. A nuclear ...
Seeking to gain an advantage over the other, Pakistan and India find themselves on the edge of a new nuclear arms race, as Islamabad prepares to introduce new missiles capable of delivering several independent warheads and New Delhi debates whether to roll out its own tactical nuclear weapons.
But even if Pakistani bases have been hit before, the Zulfiqar strike is particularly alarming. That's because Pakistan is preparing to arm its submarines and possibly some of its surface ships with nuclear weapons — which means terrorists who successfully fight their way into a Pakistani naval base in the ...
Thus, India's 'Cold Start' doctrine becomes untenable. Pakistan perceives that 'Cold Start' will entail 8-9 IABGs capturing either large territory, something that would cross Pakistan's nuclear threshold and invite “one odd” tactical nuclear weapon use. And, that India will not be able to use “massive retaliation” ...
India and Pakistan have been locked in a nuclear arms race since the two countries openly conducted nuclear weapons tests within days of one another in May 1998. Since that time, their respective rocket and missile programs have also proceeded swiftly, frequently raising tensions in the South Asian ...
GENEVA: A top UN official on Monday denounced growing rhetoric claiming that nuclear arms are necessary and warned that the risk of such weapons being used was on the rise. “The threat of the use, intentional or otherwise, of nuclear weapons is growing,” the UN's representative for disarmament ...


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