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updated Tue. January 31, 2023

Chief Minister Raghubar Das alongwith Union Minister Sudarshan Bhagat today inaugurated the grand celebration of the spirit of tribal populace that showcases unique crafts, customs, cuisines of the community through annual fest 'Aadi Mahotsav' here on Friday. Jharkhand that registers sufficient number ...

The myth is that the Goddess was not born but created by the various Gods to slay the evil Asur or demon who had terrorised both the earth and the heavens where the gods ... The Santal tribe across the state and the country celebrate Dasain during the Hundur Pujo (or the Hindu's Puja) of the Durga Puja.
The cave-like entrance to the Johar Janjatiya Sangrahalaya (tribal museum) in Ranchi sets the tone of a journey into the lives of tribes of Chhota Nagpur plateau. Dotted with hills, valleys and forests, Jharkhand forms a large part of this plateau with 32 adivasi tribes. Primitive and marginalised through the ...
There is a reality too, wrapped in that mythology, of a tribe in Jharkhand called the Asur, who claim descent from the “monster” Mahishasur, who was ... The idea of going into the interior of a state discomforts our teacher, for it is not just the rural, but it is the “exotic” and “dangerous” tribal land that our teacher ...
Among the 32 tribes in Jharkhand, nine have been recognised as PVTGs. These tribal groups are Asur, Birhor, Hill Kharia, Birajia, Korwa, Parahiya (Baiga), Sabar, Mal Pahariya and Souriya Pahariya constituting a population of 2.23 lakh out of the total 70.87 lakh tribal population as per the 2001 census.
Out of a total of 32 tribal groups in Jharkhand, at least eight groups: Asur, Birhor, Paharia (Baiga), Sabar, Birajiya, Korwa, Mal Pahariya and Souriya Paharia have been categorised as PVTGs due to their specially low development indices when compared to other local tribes. They have been classified by ...
It was lunch break at the New Amtipani bauxite mine, operated by the Aditya Birla Group subsidiary Hindalco, in the flat-topped plateaus of Jharkhand's Gumla district. Several Asur Adivasi men who worked there waited in a line outside the supervisor's office, instead of heading home to their village in the ...
Bucking the trend, members of the primitive Asur tribe from Jharkhand will showcase their expertise in iron smelting to the public here during the five-day Durga Puja festival, organisers said on Thursday. The Asur tribe claim their descent from the buffalo-headed demon Mahishashur and mourn the slaying ...
Chamru is an Asur, a 'particularly vulnerable tribal group' that dominates Sakhuapani's population of about 2,000 and lives in villages spread over a radius of 10 to 20 km. Besides Jharkhand, members of the tribe live in pockets of Bihar, West Bengal and a few other states. The 2011 Census put the number ...
Much misunderstood as a tribe since the Aryan immigration and emergence of Vedic literature, the Asurs of Jharkhand are now waking up to the threats to their language and identity. In the 1872 census — the first in pre-independent India — Asurs came at the top of 18 tribes that were identified. Over 140 ...


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