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updated Mon. March 26, 2018

Dr Chuang, Suo-Hang, Vic Chairman, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) said this cutting-edge green energy solution is increasingly becoming popular across the world, with a growing demand in EU, Japan and South Korea. Another success story is in Switzerland where Taiwan ...
"Indonesia Week 2018" held at the Taipei World Trade Center starting on March 22 was the largest in recent years and the first organized by the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei, Taiwan's National Immigration Agency (NIA) said in a statement Sunday. The rapid surge in bilateral trade ... government

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Lee Ching-yu (李凈瑜), the wife of NGO worker Lee Ming-che (李明哲), was granted a one-time Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents (台灣人民來往大陸通行證) last week and departs for China today. Lee will fly into Changsha, the capital of Hunan province. She will ...
I had no idea these weapons still existed, and was frankly amazed they're still in service. In the video below, Taiwanese troops roll a Black Dragon on rails from its underground lair on Kinmen -- before firing it with a really big bang. It's worth remembering there was a time when the islands were at the ... Gun China
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Ties between the US and Taiwan, the self-governed island that China sees as part of its territory, are getting warmer. But many Taiwanese politicians and scholars are worried that it could become a pawn in the great power game between an increasingly erratic Trump administration ...

Both moves have significantly shifted US policy towards Taiwan in a manner that has deeply riled China. According to state media, the moves challenge Beijing's cherished "one China" policy and thus risk provoking a war across the straits. Beijing demands that any country wanting diplomatic relations ... Donald Trump
"The Church does not have preference among its children and it's clear that the Vatican does not want to do anything to displease Catholics on Taiwan" said Agostino Giovagnoli, a history professor at Milan's Sacred Heart Catholic University and the author of two books on Catholicism in China.
Cutting inbound tourists, increasing military activity around the island and imposing unilateral changes to commercial flight routes in the Taiwan Strait are just some of the measures Beijing has opted for to punish Taiwan for electing a president and a legislative majority from the Democratic ... China
A Hong Kong dragon boat team will row 12 hours in Taiwan waters to reach one of the island's most polluted areas as part of an environmental campaign to raise money and support clean-up efforts. The event, organised by rowing group Dragon Overtime, is aimed at raising NT$20 million (HK$5.3 million) ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – United States President Donald Trump should sell new fighter jets and anti-missile systems to Taiwan, former American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Stephen Young said Saturday. Young, who headed the U.S. representative office in Taipei from 2006 to 2009, was speaking at a ... China
Roy Chun Lee (李淳), an associate research fellow and deputy director of the Taiwan World Trade Organization and Regional Trade Agreements Center of the Chung Hua Institution for Economic Research, a local think tank, predicted that China-based Taiwanese companies will bear the brunt of the plan. China
U.S. President Donald Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act, which allows high-ranking officials to meet with their Taiwanese counterparts and vice versa, into law on March 16. Already having passed Congress, the bill would have automatically gone into effect past that day even if Trump had not signed it. China
China has criticized a comment made by a senior US government official about his country's commitment to strengthening ties with Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying spoke at a regular news conference on Thursday. A day earlier, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of ... China
BEIJING -- President Xi Jinping vowed Tuesday to protect "every inch" of China's territory, improve the lives of its people and promote the resurgence of Chinese culture and creativity as he kicked off his second term, poised to rule indefinitely. Xi, China's most powerful leader in decades, sounded a stark ... China
Over the weekend, Guinness World Records officially crowned an almost 9-hour long rainbow visible in Taiwan late last year as the longest-lasting rainbow ever recorded. As Lydia Lam at The Straits Times reports, the colorful arches stretched near the Chinese Culture University in the Shilin District on the ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Despite having its own constitution, democratically elected government, military, currency, 20 diplomatic allies, population of 23.5 million and territorial boundary encompassing 36,197 square kilometers, Wikipedia editors have decided to demote Taiwan's ranking on the list of ... China

Two Vietnamese drowned while attempting to enter Taiwan illegally along with three others, the island's coastguard said on Monday. The Coast Guard Administration said its radar system picked up a small object moving quickly off the coast of Taitung County, eastern Taiwan, at 2.17am and dispatched a ... China
China can now approach from the country's east via Beijing's carrier-based fighters. Long-range bomber patrols around the island, which are still something of a new concept, have increased substantially as well, turning Taipei's strategic gaze in multiple directions. Currently the Republic of China Air Force ... China
The democratic island of Taiwan (officially the Republic of China) is separated from mainland China (the People's Republic) by a thin stretch of water and has been self-governed since a bloody civil war ended in 1949. Though both Taipei and Beijing view the island as part of China, neither government ... China
According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China, the modified regulations will apply to one of the designated zones as per the Japan-Taiwan fisheries agreement, which covers waters around the disputed islets. The zone in question is the so-called inverted triangle region ... China
“We urge the US side to correct its mistake, stop pursuing any official ties with Taiwan or improving its current relations with Taiwan in any substantive way,” he said. In a separate statement, the Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said the act “interferes in China's internal affairs”. China urges the ... China
*Update on 14 Mar 9.15pm: Mediacorp has contacted Mothership and shared the following statement – “This was a mistake that occurred during the production of graphics used in the trailer. We have sincerely apologised to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and the Taipei Representative ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MOND) confirmed Thursday, March 15 that a new round of arms purchases from the U.S. was underway and could include items such as the combat aircraft F-35 Lightning II. Yen Teh-fa (嚴德發), the country's new national defense minister ... China
He added that the most important of these goals is the last one which seeks “to promote and safeguard universal values, namely, justice, peace, solidarity, friendship, freedom, and religious harmony.” Mr Wu-jyh concluded his remarks with an invitation to the Holy Father to Taiwan “to see and understand ... China
British Airways has been hit with a wave of criticism from China's fiery, nationalistic Internet users for listing Taiwan and Hong Kong as countries on its website. BA has become the latest overseas brand to come under attack in China, where any perceived misinterpretation of the country's national borders ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A television travel show and media company in Singapore has fallen under the harsh gaze of the Chinese authorities with an apparent mistake of displaying Taiwan's flag over Chinese territory. In a promotional ad for a travel program on Singaporean television's Channel 8, ... China
Just Creative Studio, the parent company of Distribution Workshop, will continue its production and local distribution activities in both Hong Kong and Taiwan through two different banners – A Really Good Film Co for production and A Really Happy Film Co for local distribution. The group also has Beijing ... China
The new governor of Taiwan's central bank has said he has doubts about cryptocurrency's role as a payments tool. Earlier this year, while still in his role as deputy chief of Taiwan's central bank, Yang Chin-long indicated that the central bank has started the evaluation of the benefits and challenges of a ... China
Beijing is mapping out specific tactics to lure Taiwan into its orbit and possibly pave the way for forcible seizure of the self-ruled island, although there is no timetable for such a drastic move, according to a senior mainland Taiwan affairs adviser. Li Yihu, dean of Peking University's Taiwan Studies Institute, ... China
Japan's relations with Taiwan are exceptional, but they exist alongside Japan's complex relationship with the People's Republic of China (PRC). Because of Japan's “One China” policy, its bilateral ties with Taiwan effectively are a function of its bilateral ties with the PRC. Despite a trend of strengthening ties ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The highest post office above sea level in Taiwan will keep its doors open even though it does so at a loss. Not only is the post office the only one on a mountain in Taiwan's mountainous region, it also provides foreign currency exchange services, according to Yahoo. The post ... China
Some believe Xi views Taiwan and Hong Kong as equally important to cementing his authority. ... Self-governing Taiwan, meanwhile, poses a direct challenge to the Communist Party's claim as the representative of all Chinese and guardian of Chinese sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The world' most valuable tech giant joins Microsoft and AWS to tap into Taiwan's talent pool to pursue promising developments of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Google Taiwan announced a plan on Monday to launch a project that is set to establish a new research and ... China
TAIPEI, March 12 (Reuters) - Taiwan's government has ordered state-run refiner CPC Corp to partially suspend operations at a refinery in the southern city of Kaohsiung, a government official told Reuters on Monday, after a fire injured three workers. CPC's Talin refinery in Kaohsiung was hit by an ... China
An Iranian refugee who has been waiting 18 months on Nauru for critical heart surgery has been flown to Taiwan for the life-saving operation after the Australian Border Force acquiesced and allowed her teenage son to travel with her. Fatemeh, 55, has been living in Nauru's regional processing centre at ... China
No, California isn't an island. But it shares a problem with Taiwan: the predicament of the halfway country. Taiwan is an independent nation—in its ambitions, its economy, its democracy. But many of the world's countries refuse to recognize it as a separate nation, deferring to mainland China, which claims ... China
As a junior, she decided she had to have a regular place to play, so she auditioned to qualify for a membership in the Taipei Golf Club, a 36-hole course with a nine-hole par three and one of the two best public courses on Taiwan. Even without extensive on-course experience, she qualified. And that meant ... China
China's move to scrap term limits and allow Xi Jinping to serve as president indefinitely puts him on track to deal with some of the country's weightiest long-term sovereignty challenges, especially the fates of Hong Kong and Taiwan. The question is, will Xi bet big on bold moves that could result in potentially ... China
I spent last week in Taiwan, learning about being a smaller country in the shadow of a larger power. The challenges resemble those of California, and of younger siblings everywhere. How do you defend yourself against a bullying big brother while also developing yourself into a success, much less a ... China
Taiwan is an independent nation – in its ambitions, its economy, its democracy. But many countries refuse to recognize it as a separate country, deferring to mainland China, which claims Taiwan as a possession and responds with threats when Taiwan goes its own way. California shares aspects of this ... China
However, due to the heavy demand and the traditional curing process the meat must undergo, from 24 to 36 months, the first batch of the highest quality Iberian ham was just imported into Taiwan in late February. Now the finest selection of the prized ham, a renowned treat from Southern Spain, has been ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- According to a report by the Central News Agency, an Indonesian woman was killed in an accident that took place on a highway in Chiayi on Wednesday. The accident took place on Highway 145 between a truck and two cars, the victim, a new Indonesian immigrant who was ... China
Just over 200 years later, it was given to Japan as part of the Treaty of Shimonoseki and remained part of Japanese territory until being handed over to the Republic of China government in 1945. It has therefore only ever been part of China for 216 years and has never been part of what is officially referred ... China
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – At a media luncheon held Wednesday noon, Catherine Nettleton, representative of British Office Taipei (BOT), said Taiwan's import of Scotch Whisky surpassed US$2 million in 2016, making it the world's fourth-largest importer for the industry. According to BOT, the U.K. is Taiwan's ... China
The show's host, Kaibigan Jay, born in the southern port city of Kaohsiung to a Filipino mother, fronts the program which invites listeners to voice their concerns about life in Taiwan. Kaibigan Jay, who has hosted the program in Filipino since February 2016, says she does her best to help listeners and when ... China
"Upholding the 'one China' principle and not having official contacts with Taiwan has already become one of the international norms for countries to follow," he said on the sidelines of the annual meeting of parliament in Beijing. "Establishing diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China, the only ... China
I write from Taipei, in Taiwan. I am speaking at and chairing a portion of the East Asia Peace Forum, the purpose of which is discussing and exploring peace in East Asia and the possible neutrality of Taiwan. Three hundred people are participating, fifty of them from overseas and neighbouring countries, ... China
Six Asian cities are displaying their creations at this year's sky lantern festival in the district of Pingxi, near Taipei, in Taiwan. The event attracts millions of visitors from around the world. This year's celebrations are a mix of traditions and technology. Al Jazeera's Scheherazade Gaffoor reports. Taiwan · Arts & ... China
“The other side must correctly see that [positive exchanges] are Taiwan people's expectation for peace, stability and development of relations between the two sides,” said Chiu Chui-cheng, spokesman for the Taiwan government's Mainland Affairs Council. “It's the responsibility of both sides, not one that ... China


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