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updated Thu. April 18, 2024

It listed 22 illegal activities to be reported to the PSB; three of them mention the 'Dalai's clique': “The Dalai Lama has been in exile for decades but still holds the ambition to split China's Tibet from the Chinese territory.” Dai, a professor at Public Security University of China told The Global Times: “Collusion ...

... efforts to protect Tibetan culture and languages. "Ethnic extremism is an ideology that has unfathomable consequences." The public security departments will protect tipsters' identity and safety, the circular reads. Newspaper headline: Police asks Tibetans to inform on Dalai clique. Posted in: POLITICS ...
Whilst China technically remains a communist country, it has over the last two or three decades relaxed draconian Mao-era rules, for example by opening the door to private sector capitalism and by allowing individuals to practice a religion of their choice, so long as it is not to be perceived as a potential ...
“At that time, the authorities were more explicit about his relative Ngawang Jampa who, according to them, is an active collaborator in the 'Dalai clique,'” he said, referring to Tibet's spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, who has lived in India since escaping Tibet during a failed national uprising in 1959.
In a document titled “Some Opinions on Dealing Correctly with the Gyalchen Shugden Problem” dated February 20, 2015, the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee described the Shugden problem as “an important front in [the CPC's] struggle with the Dalai clique,” a clear indication that the CPC sees ...
“The Dalai Lama attacked the Chinese government on Tibet-related issues, advertised his political views on splitting China. It showed the Dalai clique has already viewed itself as foreign,” he said. China was opposed to the Nobel laureate's visit to Arunachal Pradesh, particularly to Tawang, which happens ...
The Dalai Lama has come face to face with an Indian soldier who guarded him almost 60 years ago as he fled from Tibet to exile in India. The Tibetan spiritual leader, 81, met Naren Chandra Das, 79, as he paid a visit to northeast India. "Looking at your face, I now realise I must be very old too," he said.
The Dalai clique has long been engaging in anti-China separatist activities and its record on the border question is not that good,” he had said. China views the Nobel Peace laureate, who fled into exile in India after a failed uprising against Chinese rule in 1959, as a dangerous separatist. China in the past ...
He told journalists: "The Dalai clique has for a long time carried out anti-China separatist activities and on the issue of the China-India border has a history of disgraceful performances." The area of Arunachal Pradesh is controlled by India but claimed by China, who regard the eastern Himalayas as "South ...
Yu Zhengsheng, China's top political advisor for religious groups and ethnic minorities, said (link in Chinese) that “the Dalai clique,” along with “foreign hostile forces,” have been constantly conducting separatist activities—but Chinese people of all ethnic groups have always thwarted them. “[We] will, in ...


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