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updated Fri. July 12, 2024

A woman votes in a referendum on December 12. Voters in Kyrgyzstan backed amendments to the constitution that will see the prime minister given greater powers, and introduce language defining marriage as being specifically between a man and a woman ...

... the Central Election Commission, the following parties: the Social Democratic Party - 24.89 percent (32, 295 votes), Respublika - Ata Jurt - 23 percent (30,969 votes), Onuguu-Progress - 15.2 percent (19,000 votes), Mekenim Kyrgyzstan - 13.03 ...
Election of deputies to local councils took place the day before. According to preliminary data, five parties got seats in Bishkek City Council.
So, among the participants are Bir Bol, Kuch Birimdikte, Onuguu-Progress, Democrat, Respublika - Ata Jurt, Kyrgyzstan, Ata Meken, Ata-Jurt, Mekenim Kyrgyzstan, the Party of Communists of Kyrgyzstan, Emgek, Aalam and the Social Democratic Party of ...


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