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updated Tue. July 16, 2024

Felix Kulov, a former prime minister and security service chief who now leads the Ar Namys party, does not believe that crime links are systemic ...
2002 May - Leading opposition politician Felix Kulov is sentenced to 10 years in prison. He was arrested in March 2000 for alleged abuse of ...

Though he was no friend of the former regime, veteran politician Felix Kulov has also been critical of Kyrgyzstan's interim government since it ...
Of the four Kyrgyz leaders who went to Moscow, two of Russia's favorites, former prime ministers and archrivals Felix Kulov of Ar-Namys and ...
With Kyrgyzstan's political situation still in flux, one of the lions of Kyrgyz politics in the post-Soviet era, Felix Kulov, is reemerging from the ...
Former Vice-President, Security Minister and Bishkek mayor Felix Kulov was released from prison by protesters on the day of the government's ...

Recall, the first Kyrgyz citizen, who requested the restoration of the rights in the UN human rights committee, was the leader of Ar-Namys party Felix Kulov. The UN Committee on Human Rights also concerned the fate of the condemned to life imprisonment ...
"There isn't any law prohibiting the amendment of the Constitution in Kyrgyzstan," Head of the Legal Support Department of the Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic Anarbek Ismailov told 24.
"I support the amendments to the Constitution and the referendum," member of the parliamentary faction of the Social Democratic Party Marat Amankulov said today at a roundtable discussion.
Temporary restrictions were imposed at the checkpoints on Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan state border at the initiative of the Uzbek side due to the preparation and conduction of events on Uzbekistan's Independence Day from August 22.

Kyrgyzstan should be realistic towards income and pragmatic - in planning of costs. The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov announced today at a cabinet meeting.
Felix Kulov has no doubt that Article 41 (on international treaties) is changed due to the case of Azimzhan Askarov. "Even if we change it, but Kyrgyzstan remains a party to international treaties, we will have to implement them.
The leader of Ar-Namys party Felix Kulov today at a briefing of the coalition of political parties in news agency said that they have united not to decide who would run for president.
"In the case of Felix Kulov against the state the UN Committee on Human Rights has found a violation, that during the review of the case he wasn't in the courtroom.
Perhaps he acted like a gray mouse also because he could not acclimatize in the Parliament. Especially, when there were more powerful players who can masterfully play political games: Omurbek Tekebayev, Felix Kulov, Kamchybek Tashiev and Akhmatbek ...
Note, this political organization won the majority of votes in 2012 election. Ar-Namys of Felix Kulov will also not run for seats.
Another veteran politician, Felix Kulov, weighed in on December 9 when he outlined his own reform plan which, like Atambaev's, proposes taking power away from the president.


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