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updated Mon. April 16, 2018

The project establishes continuous data collection for McMurdo Station - the flagship research outpost for U.S. Antarctic Program-supported research. For the first time, station staff can access live temperature, salinity and tide data for the seawater at their doorstep. Doing so, Cziko said, is important for station operations ...
It is outfitted with skis over its landing gear for the flight to the McMurdo Antarctic station, and lands on an ice runway. McMurdo is the main U.S. base in Antarctica, and there the team draws the rest of the supplies for the expedition, including tents, stoves, food, snowmobiles, and meteorite collection kits.

While these aren't the first vegetables grown in Antarctica -- McMurdo Station has been growing fresh vegetables for a while -- they were still a welcome sight to the 10 researchers working at Neumayer Station III. Their supply of fresh veggies from late February had long-since been consumed. Now ...
The following year, Meg spent a season on the "Ice," as a helicopter specialist for Antarctica Support Associates at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. In 1998, as a warranted contracting officer, she became the aviation resource specialist for the Department of the Interior Office of Aircraft Services (OAS), ...
Blue-green algae covering the floor of a meltwater pond on the McMurdo ice shelf in Antarctica. The ponds have liquid water in summer and freeze in winter. The environmental conditions are extreme and only microbial life can thrive in these unique Antarctic ecosystems. Image credit: Taylor & ...
It is outfitted with skis over its landing gear for the flight to the McMurdo Antarctic station, and lands on an ice runway. McMurdo is the main U.S. base in Antarctica, and there the team draws the rest of the supplies for the expedition, including tents, stoves, food, snowmobiles, and meteorite collection kits. scientist solar

"We were 900 miles away from McMurdo Sound, the main Navy base in Antarctica, 900 miles away from the South Pole base and 400 miles from the Antarctic Ocean. So we were out in no-man's land." Making matters even more desolate, cargo planes and other aircraft stopped delivering supplies ...
More than a hundred structures perched next to a frozen sea, near a volcano, McMurdo Station was originally built to support human life in one of the planet's most hostile climates for an operational lifespan of two years. It just turned 62. This aging complex is the primary logistical facility for the pursuit ...
It's like something out of a dream: a minke whale gliding by under loose sea ice near McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. ... in a channel of water cleared by the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Star to allow both the U.S. research facility, McMurdo Station, and the New Zeland station, Scott Base, to resupply.
She was trying out a new underwater-camera prototype designed by Anthony Powell, an Antarctic filmmaker at production company Antzworks, only ... "The plan was to film continuously across the icebreaker channel that is prepared for the re-supply vessel to cross McMurdo Sound," Eisert said in ... Whale
Members of the Coast Guard cutter Polar Star's engineering department make repairs in the ship's motor room while in the Ross Sea near Antarctica, January 16, 2018. US Coast Guard/Chief Petty Officer Nick Ameen. McMurdo Station, opened in 1955, is one of three stations operated year-round by the National Science ... Whale
Buckley's work often takes him to Antarctica, where he studies varieties of cod icefish at the McMurdo Station research center. As part of Lake Oswego Reads, he'll talk about his experiences Monday at the Lake Oswego Public Library (706 Fourth St.). Buckley, whose free presentation is scheduled for 7 p.m. ... Whale
A Seattle-based U.S. Coast Guard ship is on its way home after a busting a path through thick ice to Antarctica's McMurdo Station. Video of the Polar Star's work was recently posted online and shows the 399-foot, 14,000-ton ship breaking a path through ice that was 10-feet thick in places, according to a ... Whale
The day kicks off with Ice Radio at McMurdo Station in Antarctica playing Clash special programing with 97 other radio stations in tow. “We couldn't be more inspired and blown away by the response of other stations around the world,” Richards said. “KEXP is always trying to bring music lovers together ... Whale
Then we're flown to McMurdo Station in the Antarctic, where we make our way out into the deep field like spokes on a wheel. We are flown to smaller and smaller glacier camps, and we eventually end up on our own, far from anyone, in Scott tents. These are 8-by-8 foot tents that we live in for five weeks. Whale
The U.S. Coast Guard's Polar Star cutter is heading back to Seattle after completing a mission that started back in November. The Polar Star was tasked with breaking up thick ice chunks so other research supply vessels could reach McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The ship carved a navigable path through ... Whale
At the culmination of the service, the dean hands over the chalice to a U.S. military chaplain, whose mission is to fly with the treasured artifact aboard an Air National Guard C-17 to the Antarctic research center, McMurdo Station. Upon arrival, the chaplain installs the silver cup in a lighted display case ... Whale

With 24 hours of daily sunlight in their favor, a team of seismic technicians traveled to Antarctica at the southernmost point on Earth to conduct annual ... Hannah and his fellow seismic maintainers flew from the United States to New Zealand, then on to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, a 14-plus hour trek from ... Whale
Antarctica. It's an ice desert full of wonder, mystique and beauty. Its harsh conditions are home to a select few animal species and a few hundred researchers and support personnel, and occasionally, the 150 crewmembers of the Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star. The Seattle-based Polar Star left home in ... Whale
It outfitted scientists of Antarctica's McMurdo Station and Laurie Skresl, the first Canadian to summit Mount Everest. It was, in a word, warm. Canada Goose started to be heavily adopted by Hollywood film crews on location. It was featured in “The Day After Tomorrow” and “National Treasure.” The company ... Whale
That was about on par with McMurdo Station on the outer rim of the Antarctic Shelf, which reported a temperature of 32 degrees Friday morning. (Yes, it's not quite at the South Pole; yes, it's summer there and yes, they have 24 hour daylight. But still, it's Antarctica!) Even colder air is moving in for Saturday and this map ... Whale
“We got Icefin flying great, exercised all of our instruments, and got great data from three different target sites," Schmidt says, "including traversing over two kilometers out under the McMurdo Ice Shelf, reaching the sea floor below the shelf at two areas locations and depths [530 meters and around 800 ... Whale
There was also a documentary about science researchers who live at the South Pole, at McMurdo station, in Antarctica. In a whole year, the sun comes up once and goes down once. That's it. That song from Annie, “The sun'll come out, tomorrow?” Don't bet your bottom dollar on that at McMurdo; you will ... Whale
This interview was conducted in November as Mueller waited at the McMurdo Base Camp headed toward the Shackleton Glacier. The United States Antarctic Program hosts 3,000 Americans every year who work in concert with the international community supporting the Arctic Treaty. The treaty seeks to ... Whale
... be able to do the run down to McMurdo. "We've never actually done that kind of operation before so we need to know how we would operate with an icebreaker." Baker, who until earlier this year was posted to the frigate Te Mana, said he was looking forward to exploring the freezing regions of Antarctica. Whale
The United States' only heavy icebreaker departed Honolulu Friday bound for Antarctica as part of the U.S. military operation to resupply the U.S. Antarctic Program. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star will establish a channel through 15 miles of ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, sometimes up to ... Whale
Brunt is making her tenth trip to Antarctica since 2000. She's celebrated Christmas and New Year's five times there, as well as five Thanksgivings and eight birthdays. As a glaciologist, she's worked at the US main base at McMurdo Station, camped on massive floating icebergs in the Ross Sea, and in 2009, ... Whale
Each year, the “residents” of McMurdo Station, Antarctica, celebrate Christmas by singing and sharing Christmas Carols via HF — using a non-Amateur Radio frequency just above 40 meters — for those at remote Antarctic field camps. They'll be doing it again in 2017, on Saturday, December 23, at 2300 ... Whale
Six members of the Air Force Technical Applications Center made the trek from their home base at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, to Antarctica to ... He and his fellow seismic maintainers flew from the U.S. to New Zealand, then on to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, a more than 14-hour trek from one ... Whale
McMurdo Station, Ross Island, Antarctica, as seen from the radar dome at the top of the hill behind the station on January 22, 2017. This view is to the south, with ... Whale
The first delay came before half the team even arrived in Antarctica. Bad conditions at McMurdo Station prevented professor Lars Tomanek, ... Whale
A team of scientists from Finland and New Zealand have arrived at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica to begin a six-week expedition diving beneath ... Whale
[In Photos: Diving Beneath Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf] ... territory, a short distance from the large U.S. Antarctic base, McMurdo Station. Whale
The top post on the subreddit r/Antarctica on July 12 was an ... "Trying to get in contact with someone at McMurdo Station for a project," a user, ... Whale
Notable UW Engineering Graduate Set for Antarctica Research Trip ... He then will take a U.S. Air Force C-17 bound for McMurdo Station on the ... Whale
The first flights from Stratton Air National Guard base in Glenville to McMurdo Station in Antarctica left Oct. 17, 2017. (Marc Schultz/Daily ... Whale
On a quest to map the magma source of Mount Erebus in Antarctica, one of the most ... McMurdo Station in Antarctica is a U.S. research center. Whale
Colorado-based Oz Architecture has announced its plan to completely redesign McMurdo Station, the US' Antarctic research centre and the ... Whale
McMurdo Station, the American Antarctic base, was never meant to be a permanent settlement when it was built in 1956, yet today it is home to ... Whale
At the bottom of the earth, a young woman comes back to the place she (and she alone) was born: the legendary McMurdo Station. Whale
When scientists at McMurdo Station in Antarctica have time off from their field work, they often pay a visit to three nearby wooden huts built in ... Whale
Century-old seal pelts from a hut once used by two of Antarctica's ... Huckstadt and Costa, based at McMurdo Station, were familiar with the hut, ... Whale
Professor Ross Virginia stands in Antarctica's Virginia Valley, named ... just minutes from the relative safety of McMurdo Station on Ross Island, ... Whale
Their travels have been far and wide, including contract work at McMurdo Station in Antarctica for six months. They left Estes Park in 2013 and ... Whale
Moorhead native going back to Antarctica sets goal of visiting 50 ... for exploration led him to apply for a job at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Whale
An iceberg lies in the Ross Sea with Mount Erebus in the background near McMurdo Station, Antarctica, on Nov. 11, 2016. Whale
The McMurdo Dry Valleys are the largest ice-free region of Antarctica and are considered a polar desert environment due to their low humidity ... Whale
Multi-decade study reveals changes in Antarctica's Dry Valleys and ... and biological characteristics of Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys. Whale
At McMurdo Station, black volcanic dust boils off unpaved roads, sticking to ... The cost of keeping the American lead in Antarctica may be high. Whale
This unique comedy takes the audience to McMurdo Station in Antarctica and explores one girl's desire to find her identity. Seven of the cast ... Whale


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