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updated Fri. April 27, 2018

"We support the efforts of the Venezuelan electoral authorities and wish the people of Venezuela success and peace in the upcoming elections," he said. The Russian official also declared that Moscow will be sending a team of international observers for the May 20 presidential elections. The news ...
Venezuela and Panama on Thursday agreed to restore their respective ambassadors and reestablish air links as they sought to patch up a bitter diplomatic row, ... The diplomatic crisis erupted in late March when Panama said it had added a string of senior Venezuelan officials, including Maduro, to a list ...
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Spanish authorities acknowledged on Wednesday that a married couple with links to Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez has been arrested in a case of suspected corruption in their home country. Officials in Madrid said they detained the pair at Venezuela's request. Venezuelan president
WHO said they are working alongside both Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and Venezuelan authorities to remedy the situation. The UN has advocated that authorities provide free screening and treatment to stop the spread further, irrespective of the legal status of the migrant. "What this calls ... Venezuela

Merida, April 23, 2018, ( – Candidates for Venezuela's May 20 elections kicked off their campaigns Sunday as the country's electoral authorities clarified campaigning regulations. Whilst numerous local events were held for council candidates, the six presidential candidates held a ... Venezuela
... Tachira in Venezuela, to understand the dimensions of the Venezuelan refugee crisis. That border is one of the most active crossings between the two countries, and over the past year it has become increasingly transited by Venezuelans. Official figures estimate that about 35,000 Venezuelans cross the ... Venezuela
Two Chevron employees detained in Venezuela last week could be charged with treason for refusing to sign a parts contract for a joint venture with state-owned ... Venezuelan authorities have yet to comment on the arrest of the men, both Venezuelans, and no charges against them have been made public. Venezuela
While the masses of other Venezuelan migrants have dispersed into cities across Colombia, the Yukpa's concentrated presence on the border has irritated local authorities. Members of the group have repeatedly clashed with Colombian border officials, and even threatened them with bows and arrows. Venezuela
To ensure that's true, Smolansky is advocating a tough line that includes strengthening sanctions, removing ambassadors in Caracas, and new restrictions on movements of Venezuelan officials who have properties elsewhere in Latin America. He cautions against a U.S. boycott of Venezuelan oil, warning that it might leave ... Venezuela
The growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has sent nearly one million Venezuelans out of the country in the last two years, according to the International Organization for Migration, including many government officials. Some analysts and Venezuela experts believe this new group of ex-leaders from the ... Venezuela
They reviewed migration flows out of Venezuela to destination countries around the world, including a sharp acceleration in departures as Venezuelans flee the ... Concrete actions are necessary to restrict the ability of corrupt Venezuelan officials and their support networks from abusing the international financial system. Governments
Several shelters (or camps) have now sprung up in Boa Vista, the state capital of Roraima State, on Brazil's extreme northern border with Venezuela. They are not ... Valiant attempts are being made by the authorities, and the few humanitarian actors that have started operations here, to make things better. Governments
The Venezuelan minister said he suggested "sending Venezuelan Su-30 pilots to share their experience in Russia and to invite Russian pilots, who received precious combat experience in Syria, to come and share it with their Venezuelan colleagues." The official added that he accepted Moscow's ... Governments
The letter is meant to encourage Holt and assure him that the politician is continuing to fight for his release from a Venezuelan prison, where he's been ... of sanctions it already has imposed on dozens of top officials, including Maduro himself, for what the U.S. considers Venezuela's slide into a dictatorship. Governments

21, 2018 in Moscow, Kozhin said Simon Zerpa, Venezuela's Minster of Economy and Finance, gave a booklet about the cryptocurrency to the Russian finance minister only to inform the Russians about the project, but none of the parties mentioned reviewed or discussed Russian-Venezuelan activity about ... Governments
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP) — Dozens of prisoners broke out of jail Friday on the Venezuelan tourist island of Margarita, the military said, adding that a major ... Venezuelan authorities often use police detention centers as places of permanent incarceration to cope with overcrowding in the prison service. Governments
“They're setting up a stand on the front porch of Venezuela to sell snake oil that's essentially backed by nothing,” said Russ Dallen, a managing partner at the investment bank Caracas Capital Markets, which tracks Venezuelan oil shipments and advises U.S. officials on Venezuelan matters. “People believe ... Governments
Venezuelan citizens arrive to La Parada neighborhood of Cucuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela. Aside from providing health care, border cities are also coping with an array of public safety issues, like a rise in prostitution and groups of men, women and children sleeping on the streets. Governments
The opposition in Venezuela has called Maduro's regime a dictatorship for creating a parallel Constituent Assembly that sidelined the National Assembly that is controlled by anti-Maduro forces. The Venezuelan authorities are also accused of the wrongful imprisonment of hundreds of opposition leaders. Governments
Venezuela, which has similar arrangements with Turkey, China, and Russia, proposed the same to India in the light of recent U.S.-imposed sanctions. Currently, nearly 44 Venezuelan officials have been sanctioned by the U.S., including the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, who was branded as ... Governments
Venezuela is planning to launch a new digital currency called the “petro,” which officials in the South American country have billed as a way to ameliorate a dire economic situation. But experts say the petro could be used for more sinister purposes, including corruption and money laundering. Venezuelan ... Governments
In this Feb. 23, 2018 photo, Venezuelan citizens arrive to La Parada neighborhood of Cucuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela. Aside from providing health care, border cities are also coping with an array of public safety issues, like a rise in prostitution and groups of men, women and children ... Governments
Trump Jr. partnered with GOP donor who met with top national security officials to push for curbing sanctions in Venezuela ... their plan for lightening U.S. sanctions in Venezuela in exchange for opening business opportunities for U.S. companies, according to a former U.S. official with direct knowledge of ... Governments
In a meeting with Suresh Prabhu, India's minister of Commerce and Industry, the Venezuelan delegation presented the contents of the nation's new Law for Foreign Productive Investment, drafted by President Nicolas Maduro. The law, approved in December 2017 by Venezuela's National Constituent ... Governments
Officials loyal to Maduro recently approved an early presidential election for April 22, drawing broad condemnation from the United States and several of ... electoral authorities, would reschedule the election for the second half of May to give candidates more time to campaign, allow millions of Venezuelan ... Governments
Venezuelan officials also asserted that the new digital currency — the first to be issued by a nation — would allow investors to do an end run around sanctions imposed against their country by the Trump administration. These sanctions ban the purchase in American markets of new securities issued by the ... Governments
Exclusive: Mexico Foreign Minister Heads to Caribbean to Win Over Venezuelan Allies - Official ... (Reuters) - Mexico's foreign minister will travel to Jamaica, Grenada and Saint Lucia in March, a Mexican official said on Thursday, as part of efforts to erode Venezuela's oil-based influence in the Caribbean. Governments
PDVSA, Venezuela's state-run oil giant, allegedly engaged in a multi-million dollar corruption scheme (Photo: CC-BY-SA-3.0)Four of the defendants were ... And last month, according to Reuters, Venezuelan authorities said they were seeking an Interpol red alert for Rafael Ramirez on corruption charges. Governments
December 18, 2014 - The US Congress passes the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act, a measure that directs the United States to impose sanctions against Venezuelan officials who engage in human rights abuses. February 20, 2015 - The mayor of Caracas is arrested and accused ... Governments
Summing up, Mr. President, you deserve credit for expanding the Obama administration's individual sanctions against top Venezuelan officials. But, for all your tough talk about Venezuela, you should turn words into diplomatic actions, or you will be perceived as a charlatan. Oppenheimer is a Latin America ... Governments
Venezuela's former oil czar Rafael Ramirez was sued Friday by a Houston company that alleges he was behind demands for at least $10 million in bribes to sign off on deals to sell its energy assets in the South American country. The civil complaint filed in Houston came just four days after a U.S. official ... Governments
Ramirez has called a separate criminal Venezuelan probe retaliation for his decision to break with Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, who he has ... Two of the officials, Leon and Villalobos, explained to the businessmen that the bribe proceeds would be shared with Official B and another unnamed ... Governments
A Reddit post from roughly two weeks ago claimed to include a link to the petro's white paper, and the document itself – unconfirmed by the Venezuelan government as of yet – appears to be hosted on the government's official website. Whether this document is an early version of the expected official ... Governments
Relatives an friends of Abraham Agostini and Jose Diaz Pimentel shout "Heroes, Heroes" as a barricade of Venezuelan Bolivarian national Guards block their way at the main entrance of cemetery in Caracas Venezuela, Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018. Jose Diaz Pimentel and Abraham Agostini, members of the ... Governments
The US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioned more than a dozen current and former Venezuelan officials in February and July 2017. Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami was perhaps the most high profile official included on the OFAC list. The US Treasury ... Governments
Several regions of Venezuela are suffering a wave of looting that has seen hungry mobs ransack businesses and, in one case in the state of Merida, slaughter cattle grazing in a field. At least seven people have been killed in the latest unrest, sparked by meat shortages at Christmas, which businesspeople ... Governments
It's not every day that we can boast about an awards announcement that solely celebrates Latinos. That's because there are few organizations quite like Cinema Tropical handing out such accolades. The New York City-based nonprofit media arts organization handed out its annual awards (now in their 8th ... Governments
“The Rastrojos have started recruiting Venezuelan nationals and have increased their presence in Venezuela,” we reported in July. “The ongoing instability and ... The government has allowed these colectivos to use force and some have participated in official security operations. The colectivos are also ... Governments
Venezuelan authorities say four people are confirmed dead and 28 are missing after a boat filled with people leaving the troubled South American nation sunk in Caribbean waters. Regional Civil Protection director Jose Montano says the boat departed Tuesday en route to the Dutch island of Curacao near ... Governments
The idea comes against a backdrop of increasing pressure from US sanctions on individual Venezuelan officials, including Maduro, and US financial sanctions ... in relations between the Maduro government and the authorities of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, three tiny islands with oil ties to Venezuela. Governments
Last Friday, the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions against four more former or current Venezuelan officials. Opposition representatives – led by the National Assembly's outgoing president, Julio Borges – want the administration to respect that legislature, permit foreign humanitarian aid, release political ... Governments
Venezuela is pressing for high-level talks with leaders of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire before trading can resume, officials said of the move, which drew ... Venezuelan authorities allege the smuggling of products out of Venezuela to neighboring countries is one of the causes of the severe shortage of food ... Governments
CARACAS, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- The Venezuelan government on Monday submitted a series of proposals to the country's central bank (BCV) in a bid to implement a "new" and "credible" currency exchange system. At the bank's headquarters, Minister of Agriculture Wilmar Castro Soteldo said the new floating ... Governments
On Friday, the U.S. Treasury announced sanctions targeting four more current or former Venezuelan officials for alleged "corruption and repression." ... But other observers say wage hikes fuel the hyperinflation that has put goods and services beyond the reach of many of Venezuela's 30 million people. Governments
Friday's sanctions add to dozens of current and former Venezuelan officials the U.S. has already targeted. They include Vice President Tareck El Aissami for alleged involvement in international drug trafficking. Washington also has imposed economic sanctions on the South American nation at a time it is ... Governments
WASHINGTON - 5 January 2018: The US Department of the Treasury imposed Friday sanctions on four Venezuelan government officials over links to corruption and repression in Venezuela. "The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated four current or former Venezuelan government officials ... Governments
The Treasury statement said, "Corruption and repression continue to flourish under the Maduro regime, both by those in current government positions and former officials who continue to benefit from a corrupt system, even as Venezuela's citizens, economy, and constitutionally enshrined democratic ... Governments


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