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updated Mon. November 25, 2019

LIMA, Peru, February 22, 2018 (ENS) – Peru and Ecuador each marked the start of the year 2018 by creating national parks to protect undeveloped parts of the Amazon rainforest ... Franklin Puente, Governor of the province of Morona Santiago, said, “We must reinforce the protection of natural resources.”.
In Puyo, the capital of Pastaza –Ecuador's biggest Amazonian province–, Indigenous women from all over the Amazon region started off their own efforts ... Led by female Indigenous leaders from the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENAIE), the main Indigenous ...

In Ecuador, petro-socialism drove a wedge between the left ... Front and the oil workers' union (Federation of Ecuadorian Petroleum Workers, .... a state of emergency in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago — the site ...
Referencial. En Ecuador, Morona Santiago es la provincia con mayor tasa global de fecundidad con 4,4 hijos en el 2012, mientras que ...
Attending were communities in the Morona-Santiago, Azuay and ... Vice President of the Indigenous Confederation of the Ecuadorian ... and Salvador Quishpe, governor of Zamora Chinchipe province, who gave concluding remarks ... Shuar indigenous territory in the Ecuadoran Amazon headwaters region ...
... protest a contract between the Ecuadorian government and a Chinese oil corporation. ... Shuar in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago in Ecuador. ... had the full support of the Ecuadorean military, police and private security forces.

Morona-Santiago, Ecuador - The death of a police officer during a ... imposed across the entire Amazonian province of Morona Santiago, the ...
Gabriela Garces is 17, and over the past four years she has watched as the land of her ancestors transformed into an oil drilling battleground between her people and the state.
Last December, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency in the province of Morona Santiago. Used in cases of foreign aggression, armed conflict, domestic ... According to the Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America ...
From attempts to close Ecuador's leading environmental rights NGO to megaprojects on indigenous lands, Rafael Correa's government continues to criminalize and threaten environmental activists and indigenous people.
25 de enero de 2017, 16:48Quito, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) The Government of Ecuador strongly requested today the immediate release of two sub-lieutenants kidnapped by an illegal armed group, which is identified as member of the Shuar Community.
Last December, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency in the province of Morona Santiago. Used in cases of foreign aggression, armed conflict, ... also the mistrust, conflicts, and deaths generated by the delay. According to ...
This was not a simple process; there were hundreds of meetings and discussions that allowed six associations to unite their 48 centers (communities) and establish a continuous territory of 230,000 hectares in the Province of Morona Santiago on the ...
On Aug. 11, 2016, the name Nankintz became a trend in the mass media. Before then, only a few people in Ecuador had heard anything about this Shuar community located in Panantza parish, in the Amazonian province of Morona Santiago, in the south of ...
The Sarayacu community has reportedly told the government that the soldiers are being held in response to the state of emergency declared in the province of Morona Santiago, where there had been strong disturbances by the opposition of indigenous ...
03 de enero de 2017, 21:42Quito, 3 ene (PL) Las Fuerzas Armadas de Ecuador garantizan hoy seguridad y mantienen control en localidades de la provincia Morona Santiago, cercanas a un campamento minero atacado recientemente por un grupo de ...
Morona-Santiago, Ecuador - The death of a police officer during a standoff between military and indigenous Shuar people in a takeover attempt of a mining camp in Ecuador's southern Amazon on December 14, catalysed a government mobilisation of armed ...

Pedimos encarecidamente que, como ecuatorianos, miembros de una misma familia, depongamos toda violencia y nos sentemos a dialogar frente a los hechos lamentables ocurridos en la Provincia de Morona Santiago. Expresamos nuestra solidaridad con ...
Ashley spent some of her childhood in Ecuador, but has been at Truman School since starting fifth grade, she said. Now, as a sixth-grader, she likes going back to visit her grandparents in their small town in Morona-Santiago, an Ecuadorean province.
In prima istanza lei fa riferimento ad un sgombro effettuato nella provincia di Morona Santiago, lo scorso 11 agosto 2016, Al fine, secondo le sue parole, di "dar paso a la empresa china Explorcobres" (far posto all'impresa mineraria cinese Explorcobres).
... according to data from Baker Hughes Inc. Ecuador will propose a cut to output at a meeting next month of producers from within and outside OPEC to help boost prices, President Rafael Correa told reporters in southern Andean province of Morona ...
Imagen activa 18 de marzo de 2016, 16:06Quito, Mar 18 (Prensa Latina) The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, said today that the current offensive against progressive Latin American governments respond to a new Condor Plan launched by the right ...
Ecuadorean government officials sharply rebuked the prefect of the province of Morona Santiago for failing to obtain the necessary permissions for the construction of a highway in the area in light of the fact the national government has repeatedly ...
Marcelino Chumpi, prefect of the Ecuadorean province of Morona Santiago representing the Indigenous Pachakutik party, has been holding regular meetings with Carrasco's group in an effort to bring his party into a coalition with them.


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