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updated Wed. June 15, 2022

La Conaice tampoco ha presentado a su candidato. Herrera dice que se va “satisfecho”, aunque con tres juicios planteados por autoridades ...

Food trucks were also present, with the most popular being Cona Ice selling shaved ice for everyone to enjoy on the hot day that the event took ...
Indigenous organizations like Ecuarunari and the Confederation of Nationalities and Indigenous Peoples of the Ecuadorian Coast (Conaice) ...
"The bases were never consulted, we just found out when the official announcement of the support for Paco Moncayo was made," Edison Aguavil, president of Conaice, told Remezcla. "We do not know how the process went, where the support was born, how ...
In contemporanea, presentazione delle opere in mostra a New Marble Generation e il seminario "Focus Africa Sub-sahariana: Il caso Etiopia", organizzato da Veronafiere in collaborazione con AICE e Bonelli Erede. Attendere un istante: stiamo caricando la ...


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