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updated Tue. August 10, 2021

"It's all non-content information," he said of the metadata. "If you get into content, then you've got a problem." But some, like local Internet service provider Pete Ashdown, were skeptical. Ashdown was the recipient of a FISA warrant, which he was compelled to comply with. "Congratulations!" Benson quipped ...

For what it is worth, Guy said, many things in Wolf Hall were wrong, particularly the depiction of More as a misogynistic, torturing villain.
He says of the children he met on a visit just before Christmas: “They are fleeing torture and have seen some terrible things.” It is precisely ...
“Their video footage actually contains children that have been recycled in different reports. So you can find a girl named Aya who turns up in a ...
By Nick Ashdown ... and soon images of them, showing signs of serious torture, are paraded not just on Fox News, but on CNN and all the other ...
Two talks by author Peter Hore (2.30pm) and Mark Seaman (3.30pm) will ... An Evening with Paddy Ashdown ... The Gestapo were on the lookout for agents and if caught she would be tortured for information and likely killed.
Imaginative use of photography was an early achievement of The Independent, and an enduring trademark. A combination of talented ...
Andrew Ashdown, an Anglican priest. ... to friends, family members, neighbors, how they were tortured and killed (by terrorists),” Mesler said.
Paddy Ashdown: General election could be held in May next year ... hard Brexiteers such as Peter Bone and Bernard Jenkin into revolt.


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