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updated Tue. February 13, 2024

For more than a decade, the Texas Legislature has allowed these fake women's health centers to operate with no accountability and little oversight and continues to tout them as actual health care providers. This is especially disturbing, as our state grapples with addressing the rising maternal mortality rate.

After Tuesday's primary elections, the only Hispanic Republican incumbent who will return to the Texas Legislature in January is state Rep. J.M. Lozano of Kingsville. That's after three Hispanic GOP lawmakers served during the 2017 legislative session. On Tuesday, Dallas Republican state Rep.
Rep. Jason Villalba of Dallas, left, high-fives fellow moderate GOP Rep. Sarah Davis of West University Place on the Texas House floor. Both faced challenges from candidates from far-right groups in Tuesday's primary. Davis survived, while Villalba was defeated by Lisa Ruby Ryan. RALPH ...
For the first time in history, the Texas Legislature will have three openly LGBTQ members. Attorney Jessica Gonzalez, 37, defeated incumbent Rep. Roberto Alonzo, D-Dallas, in Tuesday's Democratic primary. There is no Republican in the race, so Gonzalez will take over the District 104 seat in January.
The only pro-choice Republican in the Texas legislature secured her party's nomination in Tuesday night's primary, despite fierce opposition from the state's arch-conservative governor, Greg Abbott. Sarah Davis, the moderate GOP incumbent for Houston-area District 134 defeated Abbott's favored ...
The only pro-choice Republican in the Texas legislature is fighting for her political life—and Democrats might not be her biggest threat. That's because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican known nationwide for his efforts to restrict immigration, abortion and transgender rights, is actively campaigning for ...
A panel of Texas lawmakers meets Wednesday to take a look at how the state funds higher education each year. Legislatures across the country — who all face rising costs of higher ed and are trying to contain tuition hikes — will be watching for portable solutions that might work in other states. Click the ...
Representative Senfronia Thompson, a Houston Democrat and the longest-serving woman in the Texas Legislature, told the Observer about her experience speaking out about sexual harassment during her first term in 1973. One explanation for the lack of records is that complaints are sometimes handled ...
Marianne Arnold: “A lot of people I know are struggling — people you would think would be established in life, but they're working two or three jobs.” Staff photo — Rod Aydelotte. Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. Marianne Arnold, 68, a retired accountant and plant-tissue researcher at Texas A&M ...
When the Texas Legislature reduces appropriations to school districts, each dollar we pay in higher local school property taxes counts for less. ... When the Texas Legislature doesn't maintain state aid, we pay higher local property taxes to yield the same amount of money to school districts, even as student ...



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