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updated Thu. July 18, 2024

The state Department of Environmental Protection on Thursday announced just under $1 million in partial matching grants were awarded to 155 Pennsylvania companies and health care providers for the 2017 grant year. The Small Business Advantage Grants that help small businesses reduce waste and ...
Unlike the Oregon judge, though, the Pennsylvania court is tipping the scales in favor of the developer of the fracking wastewater well by sanctioning Grant Township's attorneys for using the community rights argument. “A judge in Oregon ruled that a right to a livable climate is a fundamental constitutional ...

This sanction comes at the request of Pennsylvania General Energy Company (PGE) and the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, but is part of a ... Starting in 2012, PGE proposed an injection well which, according to Grant Township's Board of Supervisors, “would receive 30,000 barrels [1.26 ...
U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Paradise Baxter of the Western District of Pennsylvania ruled the attorneys, Thomas Linzey and Elizabeth Dunne, should ... The case is centered on a 2014 ban and a subsequent municipal charter adopted by Grant Township that banned fracking wastewater injection projects.
The two sanctioned attorneys, Thomas Linzey and Elizabeth Dunne, work on behalf of the Pennsylvania-based Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund. The CELDF has worked both with Grant Township, Indiana County, Pennsylvania and Athens city and county, Ohio, to pass laws that assert the ...

The latest case stems from CELDF's work in Grant Township, a rural community with a population of 741 located about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Six years ago, agents from Pennsylvania General Energy, an oil-and-gas exploration company, met privately with local officials to discuss the development ...
A federal judge on Friday sanctioned attorneys representing a small Indiana County community $52,000 for their “continued pursuit of frivolous claims and defenses” in their effort to block an oil and gas wastewater disposal well from operating in Grant Township. U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Paradise ...

GRANT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The natural gas wells in the cornfields and woods here are a fact of the landscape, more numerous than houses. Obvious markers of the business, like tanks and pump jacks, are usually painted green to make them less obtrusive. The Marjorie C. Yanity well is different ...
In 2012, Grant Township became a target for fracking waste. Oil and gas producer Pennsylvania General Energy (PGE) applied for a permit to pump toxic chemicals used in drilling operations into an injection well beneath the community. Residents were alarmed. Injections can induce earthquakes, and ...
Developing an injection well somewhere in Pennsylvania could save the company around $2 million a year, and Grant Township, a swath of woods and ... "They started drilling without having any idea what they are going to do with the waste," says Penn State ecologist William Hamilton, who writes a blog ...
Signs in Grant Township, Pennsylvania, oppose a fracking wastewater injection well and advocate for “home rule,” which gives the township broad power ..... So in 1681, Penn authored a decree that allowed any municipality to establish “home rule” ― to in essence govern itself ― if a majority of residents ...
The provision to legalize non-violent direct action protests — such acts can include sit-ins, strikes, workplace occupations or blockades — would target drilling activity and allow protesters almost unprecedented immunity from arrest or detainment. A similar bill adopted in 2016 in Grant Township, Penn.


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