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updated Sat. December 31, 2022

VIAN (KFSM) -- Many teachers in Oklahoma are headed to the State Capitol Monday (April 2) to protest the lack of funding for their schools. Teachers in Vian took ... I want them to have every opportunity and I don't feel like sometimes the state of Oklahoma worries about that," teacher Cindy Rogers said.

Oklahoma ranks 49th in the country for teacher's pay. Preist defended the group against allegations that they're part of the problem. "I am supporting what the majority of our members are wanting to do and that's the way we move forward," she said. Oklahoma teachers plans to walk out on Monday.
Almost five years ago, history teacher Amy Presley took a 50-percent pay cut to move to Oklahoma from Missouri. Her husband had gotten a job, and she was part of the package deal. Oklahoma lawmakers have long touted the low cost of living, Presley said, but it does not come close to balancing out the ...
“Earlier this week, the Oklahoma legislature took historic action in support of public education,” Superintendent Janet Dunlop said. “However, after meeting with teacher leaders and considering all input, we felt it best to allow our teachers the opportunity to visit the Capitol to continue to push for more ...
COLLINSVILLE, Okla. – With a teacher walkout just days away, one Oklahoma teacher has explained why she still plans to walk out of class after the legislature failed to pass a measure to restore education funding. For several years, the Oklahoma State Department of Education has suffered budget cuts.
Lifelong educator Susan Simmons taught in Bartlesville for 29 years until she was eligible to retire. She now teaches Special Ed and Career Exploration in Coffeyville, Kansas. “There was really no financial incentive for me to stay in Bartlesville, so I started looking around,” Simmons said. Teachers in ...
The Oklahoma Senate on Wednesday passed legislation to increase various taxes to help fund raises for teachers and avert a statewide strike. NBC News in Tulsa ... The Oklahoma House already passed the plan, which is expected to produce roughly $450 million to fund teacher raises. The bill next heads ...


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