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(Democrats Byron L. Dorgan and Kent Conrad, who recently held both North Dakota Senate seats, did the same thing.) The two final states, ... Democrats didn't take away a single Republican seat in 1994 or 2010, and the GOP didn't swipe a single Democratic Senate seat in 2006. But none of those years ...

Asked by Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) whether the sale was “in the public interest,” Cason replied: “I think it is in the public interest to assure that we ... Dutch Shell after leaving office in 2006, now runs her own consulting firm—Norton Regulatory Strategies—and works closely with the oil and gas industry.
He's a former senior adviser to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and also worked on the 2006 campaign of Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) ... Kent Conrad's office. ... Ballard, of course, was a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump during the campaign and opened a Washington office after the election.
By the time lawmakers sat down to hammer out the details in 2006, the PBGC was reeling after absorbing nine of the 10 largest pension plan claims in the five-year period preceding the act's passage. The size of those claims sparked concerns about the agency's solvency as well as about how to protect ...
... Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan, who both spent a night at home at the request of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid's office, said it felt odd missing the president's speech. “Sitting in that chamber is quite extraordinary,” said Dorgan, who served as a designated survivor in 2006.
A separate letter deeming the extension of the ethanol subsidies “fiscally irresponsible and environmentally unwise” was also recently produced by a different bipartisan group of senators. Major ethanol-supporting interests, however, doled out only scant amounts of campaign money in the last six years to ...
In 2001 the staff of the senate rules Committee called Kent Conrad's office with a complaint—and a solution. The North Dakota Democrat was using more charts than all the other Senators combined, so to free printing time for others, they gave him his own equipment. Last month during his 37-minute ...
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Judge Samuel Alito stands just one step away from a lifetime appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court after a spirited ninth-inning campaign by some Democratic senators to block his nomination fizzled Monday evening. The final vote on Alito's nomination is now scheduled for ...
Klobuchar was supposed to join Peterson for a flight during the 2006 campaign season, but she was advised not to because of bad weather that day. Not all of Klobuchar's time was spent working on legislative issues as she began her term. A former Hennepin County attorney, Klobuchar rubbed elbows ...


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