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updated Thu. June 27, 2024

The flagman brings his wife, Carol, when she can join him from their home in Casselton, N.D. To him, it doesn't matter how much gas or how much time it takes. UND sports is his mission. Today is the second day at UND for new Athletic Director Bill Chaves. He says he always will ask (nag) student athletes ...

North Dakota's "cooperating partner" ethanol plants at Underwood, Spiritwood and Casselton. They mix in the Enogen corn at a 15 percent level with 85 percent regular No. 2 yellow corn. The Enogen corn uses genetic modification to deliver an enzyme that the ethanol plants would otherwise need to ...
BISMARCK, N.D. — Three ethanol refineries in North Dakota are working to source large volumes of Enogen corn for 2018. ... Three ethanol refiners — Tharaldson Ethanol of Casselton, Blue Flint Ethanol of Underwood, N.D., and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy, Spiritwood, N.D. — are offering an extra 40 cents a ...
One of the biggest lessons we learned from the Casselton derailment is that having more than one crewmember on board significantly reduced the ... My Safe Freight Act is a commonsense way to keep our communities strong and safe while supporting an industry that is vital to North Dakota jobs and ...
Dave Wallis / Forum News Service. BISMARCK—The North Dakota Public Service Commission's two rail safety inspectors issued 49 violations last year, the agency said Thursday, Feb. 8. The program was approved by state lawmakers in 2015 after an oil train derailment near Casselton, N.D., sparked an ...
... oil train that derailed near Casselton, N.D., in 2013 had a two-person crew, Heitkamp said, allowing them to act quickly to prevent the fire from escalating further, but trains still can operate with one-person crews. "When a disaster like the Casselton derailment sends shockwaves through our communities, ...
Dr. Brad Bartholomay says the new CT scanner at the Casselton Veterinary Service clinic will greatly aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of animal medical ... CASSELTON, N.D.—The Casselton Veterinary Service clinic here has a new hi-definition X-ray machine that helps care providers zero in on what's ...
CASSELTON, N.D.—A veterinary clinic in Casselton is now the only one in the Valley with a CT scanner. ... "We can actually take this and turn it around," said Dr. Brad Bartholomay, Casselton veterinary Service, Inc, "will help us to diagnose and more importantly, treat the animals better than what we were ...


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