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updated Sun. August 29, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Teachers across the country are staging protests, looking for better pay and pensions. In Kentucky, schools were closed Friday after hundreds of teachers refused to show up. In Arizona, thousands marched this week on the State Capitol. In Oklahoma, they're threatening to walk off the ...
Jefferson County Public Schools are closed Friday due to significant teacher absences. In a statement released early Friday morning, the district said the volume of absences left JCPS unable to "safely cover a large number of classes with substitute teachers." The announcement came hours after Kentucky ...

The district says it will not have enough substitutes to conduct classes Friday. It is unknown at this time if teachers are planning a long-term work stoppage. The Kentucky Education Association is planning a 3:30 p.m. news conference. Fayette County Public Schools have already set dates for the last day of ...
She noted that Kentucky law does not allow teachers to strike. Concerning the teacher shortage across the state Friday, Winkler said she cannot control individual teachers. “I support their right to call in sick if they are ill, and they are sick,” she said. Winkler said teachers are upset with “the blatant disrespect ...
As this wave of unrest among teachers spreads nationally, it's clear it has been inspired by the nine-day strike that won West Virginia teachers (and other state ... In Kentucky, teacher grievances are mostly focused on the pursuit by Republican governor Matt Bevin and the GOP legislature of another big ...

A teacher strike in Oklahoma looks like it could still happen, after their union rejected a recent pay raise as an inadequate concession. ... tried to defend the bill by arguing that it "is good news for teachers, current, retired and future, because it puts Kentucky's pension systems on a path to sustainability.".
LEWIS COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Teachers in Vanceburg, along with many other counties, are making their voices heard outside of the classroom today about their concerns on the state's public ... Thousands of teachers have protested in recent weeks, threatening lawsuits and a strike if the bill passes.

Schools in eight Kentucky school districts were closed Friday as teachers across the state protested Republican changes to their pension system, CBS ... "I have a 19-year-old granddaughter who wants to become an educator, and I cannot in good faith encourage her to become a teacher now," retired ...
After West Virginia teachers went on strike, similar actions have been sweeping red states, from Oklahoma, to Arizona, to Kentucky. ... On Thursday night, Kentucky's Republican-controlled state legislature passed a controversial teacher pension reform bill that lawmakers had only revealed to the public ...
The provision inserted in House Bill 200 — added by Republican state Sen. Chris McDaniel — allows state university boards the power to fire tenured professors if the schools change or eliminate certain academic programs. The proposal has rattled many faculty members across the state who say those ...
After the successful 10-day teachers strike in West Virginia, educators in Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky saw hope for their own struggle. Average teacher salaries in these states are consistently ranked among the lowest in the country. “We saw that a stoppage can work,” said Victor Gonzalez, an ESL ...


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