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updated Tue. March 12, 2024

Highline School District Operations Officer Scott Logan (pictured above) told the Des Moines Council that he lives in the city “and I have kids in the city,” and ... plan not only helps keep elementary school students together … but 80 percent of the middle schools will feed into their dedicated high schools.”.

Des Moines Independent Community School District recognized that public high school students have First Amendment speech rights on campus, but not if such actions might reasonably lead “school authorities to forecast substantial disruption of or material interference with school activities.” Also ironic is ...
DES MOINES, Iowa – The Des Moines Public School District is using a survey to see why students are skipping school. According to the district, 40 percent of its high school students are reporting absences. That is up five percent compared to last year, while the middle schools are seeing a two percent ...
Certainly, student protests and objections at public high schools aren't a new Constitutional issue. One of the ... Mary Beth Tinker, a 13-year-old student at Warren Harding Junior High School in Des Moines, Iowa, wore a black armband to school to protest the Vietnam War and was suspended. A few other ...


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