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updated Sun. July 7, 2024

... came under fire for suddenly shutting down the Moreland Commission ― a panel he created that was put in place to probe into corruption inside the state government. The New York Times reported at the time that Cuomo disbanded the commission just as it had begun probing inside his executive branch ...

That's an organization that is in the executive branch but must always be, in a way, apart from the executive branch, because we have to investigate executive branch officials. We often have to investigate a White House, and so the distance is at the core of the FBI's credibility, and here's the president asking ...
===blissfully unaware of the inherent challenges of real jobs with serious responsibilities in the executive branch=== Large govt agencies ... The Iowa poll had Kim Reynolds at 47 this is 42 so it foes not seem way off especialky since the Iowa poll had here at 44 against her opponents. So even if you give ...
It was recently revealed that many of Donald Trump's top advisers were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), forcing them to keep quiet about what happens in the White House -- even after his presidency ends. Ruth Marcus, deputy editorial editor of The Washington Post labeled these ...
Last summer, a jury sided with a fired employee of Senate Republicans who said she had been sexually harassed in the senate and Reynolds said she had “zero tolerance” for sexual harassment in the executive branch of state government. Jamison, the fired Iowa Finance Authority director, had served as ...
... state constitutional crisis could begin to emerge that results in the executive branch of the state agreeing via signature to infringe upon the authority of the independent judicial branch of the state's government. University of Iowa Professor Timothy Hagle, who has research expertise in judicial politics and ...
The executive branch of Student Government, which is headed by the president and vice president, is a representative of the student body to the university, as well as local and state government bodies. Students should want someone they trust to represent them and their interests to important institutions in ...
Hundreds Take Advantage of Executive Branch Parental Leave. Hundreds of Missouri state government employees have taken advantage of paid parental leave since Republican Gov. Eric Greitens signed an order that provides the benefit to some executive branch employees. Aug. 28, 2017, at 3:05 p.m.. Hundreds Take ...


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