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updated Sun. June 16, 2024

He was not and is not in Atlanta,” Beckham Jr.'s lawyer told the News. “He has not even been in the state of Georgia recently. The people who falsely posted and reported information will be hearing from his legal team. We intend to take legal action against anyone who perpetuates these false statements ...

Darren Penn, the lawyer for the men suing the Boy Scouts and Boland's estate, said the men will file suit again, but just when, and on what grounds, depends on ... the bill is “extraordinarily unfair” and could “drastically damage our ability to carry out the mission of our Catholic Church in the state of Georgia.
His attorneys wrote that Eggers “would rather die than be represented by lawyers who do not support his delusional view of the case.” ... Later Thursday evening, the state of Georgia executed Carlton Gary despite significant exonerating evidence that has emerged over the decades since his conviction.
Jon Pope is an attorney with Gainesville law firm Hasty Pope, which is assisting with a Hall County lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. “When you're talking about the epidemic in Georgia, ... “This is a crisis with a profound impact in the state of Georgia.” In Judge Polster's view, the entire nation shares in ...
CounselLink also found that average billable rate growth for partners in the state of Georgia as a whole, at 5.6 percent, was higher than the national ... ALM Legal Intelligence, a Daily Report affiliate, collected 2017 hourly billing rates for partners, associates and other lawyers and support staff from the ...
Olivia Pearson was found not guilty in an unusual elections case that she and her attorneys believe was motivated by race and politics. ... But Ian Sansot, the assistant district attorney for the Waycross Judicial Circuit, was definitive when asked by the AJC whether the charges were, in any way, an attempt to ...
Gary also filed a surprise legal appeal Thursday morning in U.S. District Court in Columbus, saying he wanted a new lawyer. Gary said his attorney, Jack Martin, has cancer, so he questioned whether Martin could adequately represent him. +. Atlanta lawyer Jack Martin is representing Carlton Gary (BILL ...
737, 740 (791 SE2d 776) (2016) (disbarment where attorney filed false affidavit in court and then engaged in pattern of bizarre, disrespectful and outrageous conduct throughout the disciplinary process”); In the Matter of Koehler, 297 SE2d 794 (778 Ga. 218) (2015) (disbarment where lawyer repeatedly ...
A lawyer for a Georgia inmate known as the "stocking strangler" says newly discovered evidence proves his client's innocence, and his planned execution this week would be a "stain on the State of Georgia." Carlton Gary, 67, is scheduled to be put to death Thursday evening at the state prison in Jackson in ...


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