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updated Sat. June 11, 2022

I mean Georgia State Patrol, we need troopers riding the roadways in the state of Georgia, keeping the citizens of our state safe," said Corbin. For trooper cadets like Marshall Moore, serving ... In two weeks, Moore will graduate and become an official trooper. "The process is long, but I promise, I can't even ...

The same week that the EPA announced in Cochran, Ga., it will treat wood pellets as a carbon-neutral fuel, a new report raises concerns about the local pollution emitted by the wood pellet industry, showing Georgia to be stricter than other states in controlling that pollution. Both announcements are ...
Wallace, similar to Gonzalez, is a first-time legislator. He has a background in technology and has lived in Athens for the past 10 years. Wallace said being here for a decade has allowed him to see how the town has grown, which provides him with a perspective he can add to the legislature.
Hoping to spur investment in the area, the federal government is offering tax breaks to people who pour money into parts of Rossville. The U.S. Department of Treasury designated the city as an "opportunity zone" on April 9, as the first wave of designations across the country. Investors will get a discount on ...
More people are actively employed across the state of Georgia than ever before, which has created a labor market that is continuing break records, Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler reported on Wednesday during the Georgia Department of Labor's 2018 Employers in the Know regional business ...
Albers has changed the banner on his Facebook page. A picture of his family is now displayed in place of what was previously an image that included his official title and district. An informational panel that used to describe his profession as “Senator at State of Georgia” now reads “This is my personal page.
“Neither the appearance of the intimidating Attorney General's Office, nor their filing of multiple pleadings and affidavits, nor Coan's attempt to hide behind any official immunity of the great state of Georgia, can convert this personal and private criminal act into the strawman the state has tried so hard and ...
Caught in the furor of election-year politics and a national gun debate, Georgia lawmakers seemed poised for a do-nothing legislative session. With every legislative seat up for election this fall, and several legislators running for higher office, lawmakers could have avoided tough debates over distracted ...
“We carefully followed the rules and regulations as set forth by the state of Georgia,” the spokesperson said. ... Dee Dee Myers, the head of communications for Warner Bros., was adamant that the studio would not risk its relationship with Georgia authorities over a relatively small amount of money.


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