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updated Fri. May 24, 2024

From his earliest days in Congress, Rep. Sam Graves has been no fan of federal authorities tinkering with levels on the Missouri River for reasons not centered on the human population along the waterway. In 2001, just a few months into his first term in the U.S. House, Graves supported an appropriation ...

Rain or shine, Missouri River Relief and volunteers from around central Missouri will start the April 7 project with an 8:30 a.m. sign-in at Bonnots Mill River Access, south of Jefferson City. By 9 a.m., volunteers will be shuttled by motorboats operated by Missouri River Relief, the Missouri Department of ...
Rich and Sue Whitnah, of O'Fallon, Mo., take a walk along the Missouri River in St. Charles' Frontier Park on Sunday, May 3, 2015, in moderate temperatures in the 70s. They normally take shorter walks around their house but they wanted a longer walk so the weather brought them to St. Charles. "We've ...
Stasch walked the council through a brief tutorial on the specific factors that contribute to runoff into the Missouri River: mountain snowpack; plains snow pack; and ... "Spring is just around the corner, and South Dakotans are rightfully concerned about the potential for flooding along the Missouri River.
Paddlefish anglers planning to harvest a fish in the Upper Missouri River (from Fort Peck Dam to Fort Benton) must apply for an Upper Missouri River Paddlefish Tag. Applications for the drawing can be made by mail, online at, or by stopping by any regional or area FWP offices. Applications ...
A long-standing dispute over flood control versus wildlife protection along the Missouri River hit a milestone with a court ruling that says the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers caused flood losses for property owners. In a ruling unsealed Tuesday, a Federal Claims Court judge agreed with plaintiffs who sued the ...
Right at the doorstep of Great Falls runs one of the nation's mightiest sources of water and life, the Missouri River. The Missouri River is the United States' longest river and spans 2,400 miles from Three Forks down to its convergence with the Mississippi River near St. Louis. But, the people of Great Falls ...
More snowfall over the past month prompted officials to increase the forecast for runoff in the Missouri River this spring. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now predicting the amount of water that will flow into the river will be about 115 percent of normal this year. But nearly all the space reserved for ...
More than 350 farmers, landowners and businesses joined the case suing the federal government alleging the Army Corps of Engineers mismanaged the Missouri River. The lawsuit, filed in 2014, alleged the Corps of Engineers violated the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment that bars the government ...
Missouri River politics are nasty and often end up in the muck that gives the Big Muddy its name. Farmers are pitted against environmentalists. Upper Basin states such as the Dakotas battle with Lower Basin states such as Missouri. About the only unifying factor is that nearly everybody blames the Army ...


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