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updated Sat. May 18, 2024

As it stands now, the likely nominee for United States Senate is three-time Senator Debbie Stabenow. Gretchen ... He is an African American and… a man. ... A third candidate running for the Democratic party's nomination for attorney general is Pat Miles, former U.S. Attorney in Michigan's western district.
But Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk told USA Today Network the state party is "a strong supporter of the Second Amendment" that protects Americans' rights to bear arms. When asked if the tweet was reflective of the party's position or Peterson's, Handwerk said, "Of course ...

Breaking with all other party leaders, Democratic state Sen. Mae Flexer of Danielson is calling for U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty to resign over her ... Her failure to do the right thing here hurt us all, especially as more and more women are courageously coming forward. It's time for Rep. Esty to step aside.”.
Thanks to California's Top Two primary system, there are no longer party primaries at the state level from which registered voters of other parties can be barred. It matters only in presidential primaries, which still maintain their exclusivity (“No Party Preference” voters can vote in Democratic presidential ...
The Democratic contest is shaping up as an increasingly pitched battle between Miles, a former U.S. attorney for western Michigan, and Nessel, a former assistant prosecutor in ... "We anticipate a heavy turnout primarily because of that race," said Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon.
Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles), President Pro Tempore of the California Senator and U.S Senate candidate, came to Stan State to speak to the community as well as encourage students to participate in the Nov. 2018 elections and vote. Stan State's Democratic Party Club hosted the event as part of their ...

Finding something anywhere in the document that defines and differentiates us as Democrats is very hard to do. Why are we so afraid to say what we mean? Why do children in Florida speak more directly and with more passion than we do? Why can't we clearly say that all students over 18 have the right to ...
President Trump, seen with border wall prototypes in San Diego, seeks military spending that will create budgets akin to those at the height of U.S. ... The United States has embarked — with hardly a pause after 16 years of costly and counterproductive wars — on another binge of military spending.
(CNN) Primaries in deep blue New York State don't typically tell us much about where the Democratic Party, as a national operation, is headed. ... pledging on her website to deliver government "for the many, not just the few" -- a nod to leftist political language gaining traction with American progressives.
Fifty years later, the 1968 presidential election and the Vietnam War still shadow American politics. But the war actually had little effect on the vote that November — even though surveys showed that Vietnam was by far the most important issue on voters' minds, they saw little difference between the ...

Someone automated dozens of accounts to amplify anti-Trump, anti-Sanders and pro-Democratic Party content. ... Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics, they created false online personas and fake political groups to amplify divisive messages that already had a homegrown American audience. It's not ...
The Clintons are “a virus in the Democratic party” and should “move on,” Meghan McCain has said. The daughter of John McCain was discussing Hillary Clinton's recent speech in India, where she told an audience the United States did not “deserve” Donald Trump's presidency. Ms Clinton said the US ...
But if you are familiar with the Democratic Party's peculiar talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, you've probably begun to wonder: How, exactly, will Democrats blow a sure thing this time? One possible answer lies in the U.S. Senate, where zealous outriders of the Democratic minority's liberal ...
WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand's foreign ministry censured its second-ranking envoy to the United States on Wednesday after she tweeted that the Democratic Party in America should get its act together “or we will all die.” Caroline Beresford, New Zealand's deputy high commissioner to the ...
He cited suggestions that Democrats tried to take votes from Republicans by having Becky Shaw, a former aide to Democratic U.S. Sen Max Baucus, run as a Reform Party candidate against Republican Denny Rehberg in 1996. “There was some suggestion she was … put on the ballot to bleed votes from ...
"The contributions the DNC and DCCC made to the state party helped us put together a pretty robust canvass and mailing program that we were able to use to get out the vote," Pennsylvania Democratic Party Press Secretary Brandon Cwalina said. "With those contributions to state party, we could do a paid ...
“I have to tell you some hard truths ... the Clintons are a virus in the Democratic Party. You have ... "She's saying that Trump is talking about making — his campaign promise was making America great again. That was ... You don't want, you know, to see that Indian-American succeeding more than you are.
The embattled chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico has resigned amid pressure over his handling of sexual misconduct claims. ... Former U.S. Attorney Damon Martinez, who is one of many candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in an open congressional seat in central New Mexico, ...


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