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updated Wed. March 21, 2018

"Both the major political parties have turned a deaf ear to our problems in the state as minimal work in education, health and other basic amenities have been carried out in Jhabua, Dhar, Alirajpur, Barwani, Khargone, Khandwa and other tribal-dominated areas," national patron of JAYS, Dr Hiralal ...
One day after federal courts declined to block the new congressional map from taking effect, a Republican state representative introduced resolutions to impeach the four Democrats on Pennsylvania's Supreme Court who ruled to impose the map in time for the May 15 primary. Rep. Cris Dush, of ...

A spokesman for the Illinois Republican Party said those dollars would be used to support an independent candidate in the November general election. ... The main political battle in the district this year has been a Democratic primary between Representative Lipinski and a progressive challenger, ... Illinois
Florida's governor has ordered a statue of a Confederate general at the U.S. Capitol to be removed and replaced with one of an African-American woman. Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill (SB 472) making that step official Monday. View Full Story From the Associated ...
Marichuy was elected as spokeswoman for the indigenous communities of Mexico, embarking on a campaign to run as an independent candidate in the July 2018 general elections, on the 16th of October 2016. This is the first time independent candidates have been allowed to run for office in the ... rights indigenous peoples women
National organization will target Colorado Senate District 15 for independent candidate recruitment ... a division of the nationwide nonprofit Unite America, announced Thursday it plans to put special effort into recruiting independent candidates to run this year for the District 15 seat in the Colorado Senate. rights indigenous peoples women

The fact is, America's political system is constantly evolving and changing. And change — big change — is coming again. The American people are sick and tired of the gridlock, special interests, big money, extremists, dysfunction and destructive partisan warfare that dominate our politics today. America is ... rights indigenous peoples women
According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, the U.S. political system is based on a plurality system, meaning winner-takes-all. Therefore, it is in the best interest of a political party to have the widest base as possible, and since our politics are based on a left-right spectrum, our two major political parties are ... rights indigenous peoples women
Yet, as the most powerful rocket known to man soared into space, our political leaders back here on Earth could barely reach agreement to keep the lights ... and innovation, and a new startup — Unite America — is ready to bring it by recruiting and electing common-sense, independent candidates to office. rights indigenous peoples women
Benjamin Krueske, an independent candidate, said he is running a low-budget, community-run campaign and is hoping to address issues with local tax policy, school funding and a mental ... "We have progressed out of the days when you have to be a millionaire to get into politics," said Krueske, 24. rights indigenous peoples women
Within that generally Republican atmosphere, though, are some indications that Missouri's voters are less partisan than its political leaders. Though Trump won big here, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., in the same election, was narrowly re-elected against Democratic challenger Jason Kander, by a less-than 3 ... rights indigenous peoples women
“It doesn't automatically mean we're going to become a multiparty state,” said Michael G. Hagen, a political science professor at Temple University. That's because getting on the ballot is just one problem for third parties and independent candidates. “The status quo is hard to change, even if the rules ... rights indigenous peoples women
Some independent political candidates are uniting to give themselves something party candidates get from their national organization: support and structure ... Weingart, associate director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, noted "it's rarely a rational decision to vote for an independent candidate. rights indigenous peoples women
On Friday, we reached out to both candidates, Democratic nominee Paul Fehler and Independent candidate Annie Rice, to ask them the same questions. We requested their answers by Monday morning. Rice responded in detail (as reported in this week's Political EYE); Fehler ignored us. rights indigenous peoples women
Looking at the current political developments in the country, one would agree that Zimbabwe is ripe for economic development. The 2018 ... It was a historic event for us who were born after the country attained independence in 1980. We have seen many ... He won as an independent candidate. Everyone ... rights indigenous peoples women
According to's political director, Dan Krassner, more than 2 million voters have signed petitions to get ballot access for reform initiatives in Utah, ... who showed how the “political-industrial business” delivers dysfunction and division to its ostensible consumers, the citizenry of the United States. rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidate Neal Simon announces his bid for the U.S. Senate, challenging incumbent Sen. ... has recently formed a political action committee and is in the process of identifying independent candidates throughout the country who are either running for U.S. Senate or in gubernatorial races. rights indigenous peoples women

The Illinois Board of Elections requires independent candidates to file for candidacy by June, and requires write-in candidates to register with the state 61 ... candidate once the primary is over, including declaring a write-in candidate or registering an independent candidate on the general election ballot. rights indigenous peoples women
“I look around and see a bunch of other ships in the water, rowing in the same direction,” said Charlie Wheelan, a Dartmouth College political scientist who ... The anti-partisan groups acknowledge they're fighting powerful trends but say the alternative is accepting that U.S. politics will just get worse. rights indigenous peoples women
DENVER (AP) — In a Denver co-working space between a brewpub and a shop serving the Hawaiian raw fish salad called poke, independent candidates and possible contenders for U.S. Senate and governorships recently plotted how to pry loose Republicans' and Democrats' grip on U.S. politics. rights indigenous peoples women
In state House District 67, John Wesley Dawson has picked up papers for a possible run as an independent candidate on Aug. 2. In state House ... The coming year marks the first time in Montgomery County history that the two leading political parties will hold primaries for local county races simultaneously. rights indigenous peoples women
His words: “As it stands today, 80 more groups are seeking registration as political parties. We will continue to register them until the time scheduled by the Electoral Act for us to stop.” It is true the law allows people to form political associations and if they meet INEC's condition are registered as political ... rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidate Nick Thomas is optimistic about his chances in Colorado's 2nd Congressional District, and the timing of his candidacy may be just right. ... “He is an Eagle Scout, a member of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a Rotarian, a Freemason, a Semester at Sea alumni, a 2015 Shafik Gabr ... rights indigenous peoples women
At a time when many voters are turned off by the highly partisan nature of the current political scene, Griebel and Frank could provide an attractive alternative. Griebel knows business and politics. He recently retired as director of the MetroHartford (business) Alliance. In 2010, he sought the Republican ... rights indigenous peoples women
New England is home to the country's two independent U.S. senators, and in independent-minded Maine unenrolled voters make up the largest electoral ... But Higgins said he hoped his fellow independents can help lawmakers avoid the political battles that led to this year's three-day state government ... rights indigenous peoples women
Krist, a former Republican, changed his political affiliation last year to nonpartisan to mount an independent challenge to Gov. Pete Ricketts, the Republican incumbent. Because of the high signature threshold for independents, Krist said he likely will create his own party, which would require about 5,700 ... rights indigenous peoples women
The group, which just this month launched a Northeast Florida chapter, aims to elect into office independent candidates “who can break through political gridlock and serve as a voice for all those in the sensible center,” according to the group's website. St. Johns County resident Perry Waag is the leader of ... rights indigenous peoples women
They each got on the ballot as independent candidates in the November general election—Perot twice for president, and Friedman and Strayhorn as candidates for governor. None won, but they were on the ballot and votes for them got counted. This year, “Will Rap 4 Weed” and sixty-nine other people ... rights indigenous peoples women
It's hard to say yes when observing the "My party is better than your party" back and forth that some people go through online when talking about politics. Just a marathon of violent verbiage trickling from bloodlusted fingertips seeking to win by sending the souls of those who disagree with them into internet ... rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidate pair Ichsan-Andi ready to contest in South Sulawesi election ... “We chose to run as an independent candidate pair in anticipation of the uncertain political climate and to make it easier for us to do what is right for the people,” said Ichsan, who served Gowa regency for two terms. rights indigenous peoples women
He pointed to the re-election of Nancy Pelosi as leader of the U.S. House Democrats despite a record of political failure. ... But that assumes independent candidates can overcome historical headwinds and get elected. ... Bill Walker, and said they expect a field of new independent candidates in 2018. rights indigenous peoples women
I've spoken with many of our neighbors who, like us, are looking for a break from the kind of political tribalism you experienced on the campaign trail. That's what we – the moderate ... Nick Thomas is the Independent candidate running to represent Colorado's 2nd Congressional District. As a traditional and ... rights indigenous peoples women
As things fall apart, to bastardize W.B. Yeats, two veteran lawmakers hope to rekindle the vital center in American politics. Chris Vance, a former Republican state party chair and King County Council member, and former U.S. Rep. Brian Baird, a Democrat, announced on Thursday the launch of Washington ... rights indigenous peoples women
Speaking of his work on the Ethics Commission, Suggs said, “It taught me that I had no desire to run for political office, which is kind of ironic.” While living in Los Angeles, Suggs met his future wife, Sharon, at a community organizing event, but she lived in New York City, and one of them would have to ... rights indigenous peoples women
While the original lawsuit came about when Independent U.S. Senate candidate Margaret Stock wanted to run on the Democratic primary ticket, Parmley says the issue goes beyond one race. “It's really not about a particular race," he said. "We feel it's good for us and good for the state up and down the ... rights indigenous peoples women
For the first time in the country's recent history, independent candidates without a party affiliation are allowed to participate. It's an innovation some observers say is badly needed, as Mexico's traditional political parties have been deeply discredited by corruption scandals and cronyism. Others, however ... rights indigenous peoples women
Yet some of the most prominent independent candidates who will compete to succeed President Enrique Pena Nieto have strong links to mainstream Mexican politics, so their success will depend on their ability to distance themselves from the existing political machinery and directly engage with a diverse ... rights indigenous peoples women
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) campaigns for local political candidates at an 'Our Revolution Somerville' rally in Somerville, ... rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidates for governor who have mentioned guns on their ... Former U.S. Marine Matthew Riccardi, the Constitution Party's ... rights indigenous peoples women
Bill seeks to ban union, corporate political donations in civic ... of B.C. politics with a bill to ban union and corporate donations from ... contributions to independent candidates in one or more jurisdictions. ... Robinson said support for the Oak Bay resolution “lit a fire” and “got us to work harder on their behalf. rights indigenous peoples women
By David Catanese, Senior Politics Writer |Oct. 30, 2017, at 12:43 p.m. ... to explore the possibility, a source familiar with his thinking tells U.S. News. ... a group created to recruit independent candidates, approached Flake about running ... A collection of moments subtle and grand of the 44th president of the United States. rights indigenous peoples women
Can Sarah Silverman use comedy to bridge America's political divide? ... in Massachusetts and an independent candidate in Vermont, right the way ... of the leftwing Liberty Union party, offers a counter to traditional politics. rights indigenous peoples women
Both political parties are the one and the same. ... We have a trial of another US Senator currently underway, Robert Mendenez for bribery… rights indigenous peoples women
By JOHN HANNA, AP Political Writer ... Independent candidates must gather the signatures. ... "There's a high level interest in politics, of getting involved, on both ... And Olathe businessman Greg Orman, an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2014, is considering an independent run for governor. rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidate can see party politics in Tonga ... and then form the basis of political party system that is appropriate for us," he said. rights indigenous peoples women
The murder of a former ANC councillor in the northern reaches of KwaZulu-Natal has not yet been designated as a political killing. 52-year-old ... rights indigenous peoples women
Opinion; Politics · Queensland · That Thinking Feeling ... Independent candidates clandestinely working as groups, candidates - including ... of council decisions on development applications should make us all shudder. ... be members of political parties, received campaign donations from political parties or ... rights indigenous peoples women
TRENTON -- Earlier this week, Republican nominee for New Jersey governor Kim Guadagno declined to discuss her position on gun control in ... rights indigenous peoples women
Independent candidate Nathan Larson also is on the ballot. ... While Clinton won it in the presidential race, Republican Ed Gillespie easily topped U.S. Sen. ... Kolla immigrated to the United States from India, earned an MBA and started his own real estate ... Schapiro: Remedy to a taxing political problem ... rights indigenous peoples women
Saeed's entry into the political mainstream presents larger ... convict Saeed in any of the alleged cases taken up by India or the United States. rights indigenous peoples women


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