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updated Mon. April 1, 2024

Graham is the first religious leader to be awarded this honor by the government of the United States of America. .... now rightfully lauded, but the fact remains that his decision swelled the crowds at his events while leaving the horrifying racism faced daily by African-Americans untouched and unaddressed.

Now with midterm elections looming once again, African Americans have the power to shift the country's trajectory in the long-term best interests of our people. ... Otherwise, when party leaders encounter future political difficulties, our issues will no longer be a priority and any earnest effort to transform our ...
The National African American Gun Association, known as NAAG, has tripled its chapters from 14 to 42 since President Donald Trump's inauguration, as more people of color join gun clubs and refute the NRA. Some say they are defending themselves against racism and supporting a call to arms amid a ...
You see, I spent 20 years in the television media business trying to find out stuff that city officials and government leaders were trying to hide. I dug up dirt on politicians and shined the spotlight on crooked contractors. That was my THING. When I watched Black Panther, as great as the movie was, I looked ...
This Conservative Millennial Explains Why Trump's Policies Are Better for Black Americans ... In that moment, I understood that racism was being used as a theme and a mechanism to control black Americans, and that the black community needed new leaders to sort of see them through that complete lie.
They frequently said they didn't like the idea of the white establishment headed by Cranley trying to take down another high-profile black leader. ... Many African-Americans and leaders of civil rights groups see Black as the one who can best champion the Collaborate but also resuscitate the principles of ...
Mellish said he came to love the well-known civil rights leader while growing up under very difficult circumstances in war-torn Liberia. As a result, by the time he immigrated to the United States, he had elevated all African-Americans to a near demigod status. But he quickly discovered that is not the way ...
However, touring musicians, like Cole, and other travelers had a secret weapon to bypass racist towns, restaurants, motels, gas stations, and other businesses across the country: The Negro Motorist Green Book, a guide to establishments that were safe for and welcoming to African Americans. Last year ...
One of Israel's most senior religious leaders, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, has stoked controversy after calling black people “monkeys,” seeming to target black Americans specifically during a sermon. Yosef made the remarks in footage aired by the Israeli news site Ynet, reportedly citing a ...


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