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"It is those who do terrible things under our Nations' flag who drag it through the dirt.

It is the people who want to pick it up and wash it off by correcting injustices who are the true patriots."

   -- Pete Seeger"It is those who do terrible things under our Nations' flag who drag it through the dirt. It is the people who want to pick it up and wash it off by correcting injustices who are the true patriots."

   -- Pete Seeger

Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam
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updated Thu. April 26, 2018

Facebook's chief technology officer is to promise MPs that the social network will act to make political advertising far more transparent for UK users. Mike Schroepfer will say that his firm will be ready to authorise ads in time for England and Northern Ireland's May 2019 local elections. He will make ...
Companies spend millions of dollars for advertisements on every type of media. Regardless of the accuracy of the claims they make, these companies know they work to influence the average citizen and sell their products. Advertisements sell us politicians in the same way. Groups called super ...

That money too involved undelivered military equipment from the shah's era, though some U.S. politicians have criticized the delivery as a ransom payment. Others with ties to the West detained in Iran include Chinese-American graduate student Xiyue Wang, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison ...
KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN TOOK 'kongress' this week to speak lobbying for cosmetic safety reform. Fresh off the release of her Kylie Cosmetics collaboration with her younger sister of the same name, the self-professed green beauty-lover is meeting with several members of congress to lobby for ...

"But one tribe shall remain his--for the sake of My servant David and for the sake of Yerushalayim, the city that I have chosen out of all the tribes of Yisrael." I Kings 11:32 (The Israel Bible™). Newly minted Israeli road signs for the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem are circulating in social media. (Source unknown).
As the United States and China edge closer to an all-out trade war, some American politicians are breaking party ranks over US President Donald Trump's threat to levy punitive tariffs on an additional US$100 billion in Chinese goods. Despite dissent in his own Republican Party, Trump showed no sign ...
Having a job as a U.S. politician. doesn't guarantee that you'll live a squeaky clean and scandal-free life. And we aren't just talking about politicians themselves -- we're talking about their family members. As it turns out, there is a long line of politicians' children getting themselves stealing the spotlight ... Daughters
Anti-abortion rhetoric is intensifying ahead of midterm elections as a rush of officials in Republican-dominant states push legislation that would punish both doctors and patients, even though such laws are likely unconstitutional. In Idaho, Republicans competing in a crowded field for governor have made ... women
I was talking to EU and US politicians to make that point clear. I stopped this activity when that I had the impression that Ukraine was moving in the wrong direction… towards the direction of [Russia's President] Putin and not to the [EU's] European Association Agreement.” “I met him (Mr Manafort) two times ... women
Palestinian demonstrators have pelted a group of US politicians visiting the occupied West Bank with eggs to show their anger at Washington's hostile policies against their nation and in favor of the Israeli regime. On Thursday, dozens of Palestinians gathered outside a research and polling center near ... women
RAMALLAH (AFP) - Palestinians threw eggs at a delegation including New York City Council members visiting the occupied West Bank Thursday, AFP reporters said, amid anger over US President Donald Trump s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel s capital. Several members of the council and New York ... women
Gun control advocacy groups have purchased a two-page advertisement in The New York Times to list 100 US politicians who have accepted donations from the National Rifle Association. The Associated Press reported the US$230,000 ad is set to run on Wednesday under the heading "these members of ... women
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The mass shooting that killed 17 people at a high school in southern Florida prompted US lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to once again demand that Congress act on gun control and the country do something about mental illness. On Thursday, US Bureau of Alcohol, ... women
A number of US politicians have taken to Twitter to express their heartbreak and shock at the news of the Florida high school massacre. But many of them – including US President Donald Trump – have come under fire for sending thoughts and prayers to the 17 victims who were killed, the dozens others ... women
Don't tell us politicians' beliefs and concerns; just tell us what they say and do, full stop. OK, but beyond Republicans being incredible liars and hypocrites, the big jump in the deficit will allow for an important economic experiment. We will get to test how far we can push the economy and how low we can get ... women

However, rumours that funding for the ISS may be scrapped have provoked outrage from some US politicians. Senator Ted Cruz, who chairs the space subcommittee of the Senate Commerce Committee, said: “There are reports that the administration's new budget would suggest that federal funding for the ... women
The growing team at the BitcoinLatina Foundation has grown bigger, gained more legitimacy, and seemingly become more powerful, with a number of politicians from across the US endorsing the project. Most prominent among them is Kelli Ward, Senate candidate from Arizona, who had unsuccessfully ... women
The US Senate approved a budget deal including a stopgap government funding bill early on Friday, but it was too late to prevent a federal shutdown that was already underway in an embarrassing setback for the Republican-controlled Congress. The shutdown, which technically started at midnight local ... women
With a handful of exceptions — Madeleine Albright in 2000, Barack Obama in 2009 and 2015 — most mainstream U.S. politicians have little to say about any of this sordid history. In Washington, D.C., Iranian hostility toward the U.S. has long been treated as inexplicable and irrational, while the CIA's role in ... women
Lam said, “It is regrettable that foreign politicians are using [the Nobel Prize], apparently for political intervention … and to send political messages.” It is not just “regrettable”, it is disgraceful. Primarily, it is an indictment of the US politicians who nominated them. I guess you can't expect better from US ... women
Consider as well the way that US politicians like Vice President Mike Pence are always so keen to exalt those in uniform, to speak of them as above the citizenry. (“You are the best of us.”) Isn't it time to stop praising our troops to the rooftops and thanking them endlessly for what they've done for us–for ... women
Republican and Democratic politicians say memo 'doesn't clear' Donald Trump in Russia probe. DAYS after Donald Trump said a memo on FBI surveillance powers cleared him from any wrongdoing with Russia, US politicians — on both sides — have disagreed. AP. News Corp Australia NetworkFebruary ... women
Campbell to respond to some critics questioning these payments, he told us, “politicians are criticized all the time, I don't respond to it.” Campbell's campaign was one of at least twelve campaigns reporters found to be paying family members with leftover campaign funds. INTERACTIVE DATABASE: "See ... women
For months, the question of Russia's involvement in the 2016 elections has been raging. Did a foreign power attempt to interfere in American elections? And how direct was that influence? The evidence has been piling up to show that, even if Russia didn't directly interfere with the election, it was definitely ... women
US senators are struggling to agree on a bill to fund the government, which is in its second day of shutdown. A Senate session session adjourned late on Sunday and a vote has been postponed to midday (17:00 GMT) on Monday. Democratic and Republican senators have so far traded blame for the ... women
One day before the US government shutdown the US politicians heat up for the decision to extend and increase the debt ceiling in order to keep the government afloat. After Bitcoin fell as low as $9,200 on Wednesday, the price is recovering trading above 11K today. The US Dollar is in the spotlight with the ... women
A new poll — from an anti-marijuana group — shows US politicians lag far behind the public's views on marijuana. By German Updated Jan 18, 2018, 6:20pm EST. Share More. Share. The public really, really, really opposes current federal marijuana law. tweet share Reddit ... women
In a session that appeared to be more about keeping up pressure than making any specific demands, US lawmakers once again pressed major technology companies over efforts to combat terrorism and propaganda. Policy representatives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube appeared in front of the Senate Commerce ... women
It's a sentiment that's been repeated by US politicians as recently as October. (The White House and Department of Justice declined to comment for this story.) Critics point out that legislation doesn't always jibe with logistics: The US would need to work with Mexico at the very least to coordinate asylum ... women
They included Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero (who will likely end up being made a saint), four American nuns, 800 villagers (children, women, noncombatant men) in El Mozote and environs, and tens of thousands of others. U.S. politicians such as Ronald Reagan, Elliott Abrams, and the joint chiefs of ... women
Later, Russia's President Vladimir Putin accused U.S. politicians of — quote — “playing the Russia card” in a bid to bring down President Trump. Back in this — or, rather, meanwhile, Mr. Trump is saying that he probably has a very good relationship with North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. That's despite ... women
"This is not the first time U.S. politicians have stooped to mudslinging to prevent the entry of Chinese high-tech companies into the U.S. market on the pretext they pose national security threats," it said. Washington's criticism of China's tightly controlled economy and restrictions on foreign investment rang ... women
This is not the first time US politicians have stooped to mudslinging to prevent the entry of Chinese high-tech companies into the US market on the pretext they pose national security threats. As early as 2012, the US government conducted a probe into Huawei and another Chinese telecom company, ZTE, ... women
That doesn't mean U.S. politicians can't sympathize with the concerns of young, disaffected people in Iran or that the U.S. can't penalize Iran when it believes that country has misbehaved. The U.S. already has imposed sanctions on Iran for its support for militant groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and ... women
WASHINGTON — American lawmakers heard behind closed doors a gripping tale of international espionage, murder, organized crime, Russian blackmail and presidential politics by a political-research firm paid to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. They heard allegations of someone being killed in connection ... women
This isn't the first time US politicians have suspected Huawei of being a security threat, though they have never offered proof in public. Back in 2012, when Huawei was better known for making broadband equipment, the US warned that the Chinese government may be using the firm's kit to spy on foreign countries. At the ... women
There are certainly short-term political benefits to beating up on the U.N., and defending Israel, but as the George W. Bush administration discovered, promoting instability in the Middle East can do U.S. politicians considerably greater political damage. There is another political pathway available to Haley: ... women
The researchers concluded that U.S. politicians need to fully fund the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides health insurance to millions of disadvantaged children, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides food stamps. In addition, public health ... women
While experts agree that a North Korean nuclear weapon would serve as a defensive deterrent against a U.S.-backed toppling of the Kim regime, that hasn't stopped U.S. politicians and pundits from commencing with the genocidal commentary. A particularly outlandish September op-ed in the New York ... women
If there's one area of bipartisan agreement today, it's politicians' professed love of the U.S. military. Consider George W. Bush. He said the US military is the greatest force for human liberation the world has ever known. Consider Barack Obama. He said that same military is the finest fighting force the world ... women
... than 30 percent of global arms exports — particularly by focusing on Yemen, where the U.N. says the ongoing conflict could result in the worst famine in many years and which national security experts see as a gift to al Qaeda and the self-described Islamic State. Can U.S. politicians seize their moment? women
US politicians chip in for Ghadar plaque. Sarika Sharma. Tribune News Service. Chandigarh, December 15. American politicians and businessmen have come forward to donate for the Ghadar Party plaque that mysteriously disappeared on October 23 from Astoria, Oregon. This plaque was dedicated to ... women
The recent school massacre in Florida, that left 17 dead and scores injured, provoked the usual empty expressions of concerns from U.S. politicians, most of whom receive millions of dollars in donations from the National Rifle Association. Emma Gonzalez, a surviving student, expressed the feeling of ... women
The World Health Organization's (WHO) cancer agency is firmly defending its finding that a widely used herbicide is "probably carcinogenic" despite reports cited by key House lawmakers. The International Agency for Research on Cancer's (IARC's) unwavering stance was publicly revealed yesterday by ... women
Charlottesville crash: Train carrying GOP lawmakers hits garbage truck. Charlottesville crash: Train carrying GOP lawmakers hits garbage truck. Train crash Republicans GREG WALDEN. A train carrying US politicians has hit a rubbish lorry. "Laina and I are ok, I am helping those that are injured, I will have ... women
The ad comes after a flurry of high-profile sexual harassment accusations, including ones aimed at US politicians Sen. Al Franken, Senate candidate Roy Moore, and Rep. John Conyers, who represents Michigan. Nessel is running to be nominated in a race that could result in an "all-female ticket," a concept that has faced ... women
... who met Trump in Manila this month, said in a televised interview that relations between the two countries were terrible, but that there was still a chance to improve them. He also accused U.S. politicians of playing the "Russia card" to achieve their own aims and influence Trump's attitude towards Russia. women
A spate of sexual misconduct accusations against U.S. politicians and other powerful men will force candidates for the November 2018 congressional elections to weigh more carefully than ever whether their past behavior could doom their chances. Following allegations against Republican U.S. Senate ... women


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