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updated Thu. April 12, 2018

People who work might still be at serious risk of losing their health insurance under new Medicaid work requirements being pushed by the Trump administration, according to a new analysis. The left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities examined state proposals to require Medicaid to prove ...
Medicaid has historically filled critical gaps in responding to public health crises, such as the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, the Flint water crisis, and numerous natural disasters since the program originated. As with these other public health crises, Medicaid helps to address the opioid epidemic by ... opioid

An estimated 20,000 poor parents in Mississippi will lose health coverage over five years under a proposal requiring Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits, according to a report from Georgetown University. The Sun Herald reported Tuesday that Mississippi asked President Donald ...
Amerigroup Iowa once again is actively accepting Medicaid members as part of the state's managed-care system. ... AmeriHealth Caritas, one of the managing-care organizations that handled Medicaid coverage in Iowa, announced in October it would exit Iowa's market at the beginning of this year.
But if you look at the steps the Trump administration is taking to dramatically shrink Medicaid -- the nation's largest insurer, which covers more than 75 million Americans -- it's clear that Ryan's dreams are alive and well. Through work requirements and other restrictions, President Donald Trump ... war
Parents and caretakers of Medicaid recipients are among the few able-bodied adults on Mississippi Medicaid. They currently qualify for Medicaid if their family income is below 27 percent of the poverty level, $5,600 annually for a family of three. If they worked for 20 hours a week as the waiver ...
The debate at the Minnesota Capitol over a proposed work requirement for some on Medicaid has drawn renewed focus on 2014 -- the year that more than 47,000 Minnesotans lost food stamp benefits after work requirements were reintroduced for that program. That number has now grown to ...
Just as the vessel is held together by the hands of the artisan, I was held together by Medicaid. My doctors and I worked together fill the cracks in my life with things far more valuable and precious than gold. Love for myself, my family, and the rest of humanity. Coping skills for the times when I am not well.
Colorado, it seems, has some figuring to do when it comes to management and oversight of Medicaid. The Denver Post's Christopher N. Osher reported over the weekend that a federal audit of the state's Medicaid program found substantial waste, fraud and abuse. The Centers for Medicare and ... money
Medicaid and CHIP children with special needs have access to care comparable to those on private insurance. Their care is more affordable, though their families experience other hardships. Children covered by Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) have greater healthcare needs ... money
Since then, the number of seniors covered by KanCare for in-home nursing help has decreased, as well as the number being covered for nursing home beds. "Some seniors are really having a tough time getting onto Medicaid," said Dan Goodman, director of the Johnson County Area Agency on Aging. money
The revenue measures are tied to two Medicaid-related bills, cleared Sunday in the House Health and Welfare Committee. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Frank Hoffmann (R-West Monroe) and supported by the Edwards administration, proposes work requirements for Medicaid recipients. The measure ... money
With federal spending on Medicaid experiments soaring in recent years, a congressional watchdog said state and federal governments fail to adequately evaluate if the efforts improve care and save money. A study by the Government Accountability Office released Thursday found some states don't ... money
In Tennessee, a Medicaid work requirement proposal in the legislature would cost the state an estimated $18.7 million each year and the federal government more than $15 million annually, according to a state fiscal analysis. And in Virginia, a recent government analysis showed adding a work mandate ... money
Topeka — Advocates for seniors in Kansas say that several changes made to streamline the Medicaid application and renewal process have actually made it difficult for the state's elderly population. Kansas moved to a new computer system in 2015 for applying for Kansas Medicaid, otherwise known as ... money
At least some Virginians with incomes too low to get Medicaid — for instance, people with disabilities whose income exceeds $9,650 a year — might get coverage even if the state Senate and House of Delegates are billions of dollars apart on expanding Medicaid. So far, nobody in Capitol Square is ... money

The co-chairs of the committees say the Medicaid expansion law requires that the department take several steps before it starts accepting new Medicaid applications July 1. The law requires that the DHHS file a formal Medicaid change plan with federal officials. The feds pay for roughly two-thirds of the cost ... money
A 59-year-old East Mount Airy woman waived a preliminary hearing and will face trial on charges that she committed more than $210,000 in Medicaid fraud for services she did not provide to children, many of whom have been diagnosed with autism, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro ... money
Sen. Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, speaks at a Senate Majority press availability in February 2017. Kelly has proposed a bill that would require Medicaid recipients to work or volunteer. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North). Alaska Senate President Pete Kelly has introduced a bill that would require people who ... money
CHEYENNE — If the state of Wyoming wants to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients, it's going to take time and cost money. That was the message Wyoming Department of Health Director Tom Forslund conveyed to lawmakers early Wednesday morning in Cheyenne. The Wyoming Senate's ... money
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aims to reduce hunger and food insecurity by supplementing the purchasing power of low-income families. This analysis explores the adequacy of SNAP benefits by comparing the maximum SNAP benefit per meal with the average cost of a low-cost ... money
Iowa Medicaid director Michael Randol, right, and Department of Human Services director Jerry Foxhoven, talk Thursday with the Southeast Iowa Days delegation at the Embassy Suites hotel in Des Moines. More than 100 local business leaders, industry professionals, elected officials and high school ... money
The House of Delegates broke with four years of strong opposition to Medicaid expansion in a budget that includes a version. The vote split the once-overwhelming and unified Republican caucus into two, while Democrats united, despite some members' earlier reservations about imposing conditions on ... money
As a physician, I am deeply concerned by several states' decisions to submit Medicaid waiver applications that would require enrollees to work, search for work, or volunteer in order to qualify for government health coverage. While these proposals include some positive provisions, such as expanding ... money
Attorneys for the state are asking a federal judge to decertify a class-action lawsuit challenging Arkansas' discontinuation of Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood services. The case began in 2015 as a lawsuit filed on behalf of three anonymous women who used Planned Parenthood services. money
As Indiana stands to become one of the first states in the nation to require many of its Medicaid recipients to work or volunteer in order to receive benefits, we must ensure the program is as meaningful as possible for those impacted. Simply put, we need to do it right. The Hoosier state needs substantive ... money
Supporters say the requirement would ensure able-bodied adults continue to work while receiving Medicaid benefits. But health officials contend it would affect relatively few people and that stereotyping recipients isn't helpful. The Casper Star-Tribune reports that the measure would require recipients to ... money
Michigan is slowly moving forward on a plan to place its $2.8 billion Medicaid nursing home and long-term care services programs under the management of private health plans, Crain's has learned. The Medicaid managed long-term care proposal is similar to controversial 2016 budget language that ... money
Sen. Larry Hicks listens to Gov. Matt Mead's State of the State address on Feb. 12 during the joint session of the Wyoming Legislature at the Jonah Business Center in Cheyenne. Hicks has sponsored legislation that would add a work requirement to Wyoming's Medicaid program. Officials estimate it would ... money
The company processing Medicaid applications in Kansas faces fines of up to $250,000 a day and the loss of its state contract because it is so far out of compliance with its terms. Feb. ... State Medicaid Director Jon Hamdorf disclosed the action during a meeting of a legislative oversight committee Friday. money
Jeff Colyer vowed Friday to fine a company as much as $250,000 a day if obstinate problems with the Medicaid processing clearinghouse serving disabled, elderly and low-income Kansans weren't corrected by June. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment's director of Medicaid told a ... money
The House Appropriations Committee on Sunday will consider a proposed two-year budget that includes extending Medicaid coverage to more than 300,000 uninsured Virginians under the Affordable Care Act and using the savings to pay for a blockbuster higher education initiative in Northern Virginia, ... money
MINNETONKA, Minn. (KMSP) - Parents with children who depend on Medicaid spoke with Senator Tina Smith in a town hall meeting Saturday afternoon. “Without Medicaid I don't know how our family would survive,” a concerned parent said. One out of five Minnesotans receive medical assistance. money
Was Kilgore getting ready to endorse the Democrats' Medicaid expansion? Not quite. He went on to fret about the cost, which has always seemed a legitimate concern. But then came the surprise: Kilgore praised Kentucky as a model for health care. This is a significant example because Kentucky (under a ... money
HUNTINGTON - The concept of a facility purpose-built to treat neonatal abstinence syndrome was so revolutionary that Medicaid had yet to create a label for it until Tuesday, when the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved treatment services in West Virginia for infants born into ... money
About one in 20 low-income Ohioans who gained tax-funded health insurance through Ohio's Medicaid expansion will need to find a job or face the loss of coverage under proposed new work requirements. Most Medicaid enrollees, state officials said, already have a job or would not be required to work ... money
A man who ran flophouses that preyed on poor addicts and the mentally ill faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to Medicaid fraud and illegally removing tenants from their homes, law enforcement officials said on Thursday. Yury Baumblit, 67, was part of a 2015 New York Times investigation ... money
No positives to Medicaid privatization, North Iowa care facility officials say, as they wait for six-figure payments ... MASON CITY | A pediatric care center in Clear Lake is owed over $100,000 in Medicaid payments because of delays or denials of claims since the state's Medicaid program was privatized two ... money
Joan Alker spends her days delving through Medicaid data as a research professor at Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy. "It's not going to provide jobs for people if you take people's health coverage away," she said, "they're less likely to be able to work, not more." Alker said if patients ... money
(AP) — Kentucky became the first state with a work requirement for Medicaid, and now it has to do something arguably more daring: Build a mobile-friendly website that works. This summer, the state will require many people who get taxpayer-funded health insurance to work or volunteer at least 80 hours a ... money
House: Give Hospitals New Shot at Medicaid Managed Care Pact. Some Mississippi lawmakers want to give hospitals another shot at a piece of a big Medicaid contract. Feb. 10, 2018, at 10:59 ... Jason White, a Republican from West, amended the bill to require Medicaid to rebid its managed care contract. money
CHICAGO (AP) — Three of every five patients entering South Shore Hospital are poor or disabled and get their health care coverage through government-subsidized Medicaid. Medicaid doesn't cover all the costs to hospitals of providing the medical treatment, but reimbursement and the creative way ... money
With approval from the Trump administration fresh in hand, Kentucky is rushing to roll out its first-in-the-nation plan to require many Medicaid recipients to work, volunteer or train for a job — even as critics mount a legal challenge to stop it on the grounds that it violates the basic tenets of the program. At least ... money
An expanded proposal to require Medicaid recipients to work or prepare themselves for employment passed the House Appropriations Committee on Friday with unanimous support as bipartisan talks accelerated over expanding health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of uninsured Virginians. money
Ilya Babiner, a Bucks County dentist with offices in Feasterville and Philadelphia, faces felony charges for allegedly submitting $1.5 million in fraudulent bills to Medicaid, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General said Wednesday. Over a period of at least two years, Babiner, 63, of Langhorne, submitted ... money
“The great achievement is we're able to provide ambulatory detox services to people with Medicaid,” Rodriguez said. Chris Burns, director of ... It was a two-year process to get Medicaid approval, Program Director Doug Reichert said, adding that they treated their first patient through the program recently. money
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Ohio Department of Medicaid has announced $3 million in new funding to combat infant mortality in Cuyahoga County, part of $26.8 million dedicated over the next two years to nine Ohio cities and counties. First Year Cleveland, the city-county infant mortality initiative, will receive ... money
Fresh off passing massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, Trump and congressional Republicans want to use the deficit they've created to justify huge cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As House Speaker Paul Ryan says “We're going to have to get… at entitlement reform, which is ... money
With Medicaid reimbursement revenue projected to be a loss of $37 per day per Medicaid-recipient resident this year, Akron Care Center Administrator Alan Bruinsma is appealing to voters to talk with their state and federal legislators. The Iowa Legislature opened its 2018 Session Monday. According to ... money


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