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updated Sun. July 21, 2024

An article published today reveals that Hakluyt is a player in the shady events and individuals surrounding former U.S.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her 2016 campaign for president against the equally repulsive Donald J. Trump. (The article mentions the infamous Christopher Steel dossier).

Royal Dutch Shell (LON: RDSB) announced on Thursday that their profit had more than doubled over the course of 2017, with a 184 percent increase in income after benefiting from rising oil and gas prices. Shareholders earnings increased in the fourth quarter of 2017 to $4.3 billion by 140 percent ...
At the same time, we've learned that he is a cunning, masterful, evil genius, who colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal an election, and the historic destiny, from Hillary Clinton. So, these kind of two contradictory narratives come together in the pages of a book that provides delicious gossip to people who ...
... the Bass logo joins the ranks of Twinings Tea, Levi Strauss & Co, Peugeot, Johnson & Johnson, Heinz ketchup and Shell Oil, which have all made it to their ... laughs Michael Bierut, a partner at design consultancy Pentagram and the brains behind the logo for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign.
Anybody who is surprised by the basic information in Donna Brazile's article, I think, should not have been, but there is a surprise that she would publicly acknowledge what actually happened was very big thumbs on the scale by the DNC for Hillary Clinton in the primary and caucus season of the 2016 race ...
After a massive win in New Jersey and significant leads in South Dakota and New Mexico, Hillary Clinton is expected to win a majority of pledged delegates Tuesday night, far surpassing the threshold needed to win the Democratic Party nomination this July. Barring an unexpected upset at the convention, ...
Hillary Clinton let her frustration with the contentious primary spill into the open in New York on Thursday night when confronted by a Greenpeace activist over accepting donations from employees of the fossil fuel industry. While walking the rope line, Clinton was confronted by Eva Resnick-Day, who asked ...
The move, which opens up another potential gap between President Barack Obama and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, allows Shell to drill into the oil- and gas-bearing zones in Alaska's Chukchi Sea, a remote and challenging environment where green groups had fought hard to keep the ...
Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) Add Arctic drilling to the list of issues Hillary Clinton now disagrees with President Barack Obama on. Hours after the Obama administration finalized plans to allow oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean, Clinton tweeted that the decision was not worth the risk. "The Arctic is a unique ...


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