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updated Sun. April 29, 2018

She is a veteran of the CIA who has done multiple tours overseas and has strong support among the agency's employees. ADVERTISEMENT. But her nomination has already drawn opposition from some lawmakers, who have voiced concerns about her ties to the CIA's now-discontinued use of ...
That dark chapter in CIA history has reemerged with President Trump's nomination of a new director, Gina Haspel, a career undercover officer who oversaw .... Although it's unclear whether any Thai personnel were present during CIA interrogations, Pornpen said local interrogators appear to have ...

WASHINGTON -- Gina Haspel's path to confirmation as the nation's next CIA director is shaping up to be a rocky and uncertain one in the Senate, with Democrats publicly sounding the alarm about her background as a career CIA employee and Republicans doing so privately. Haspel, 61, would be the ...
He retired as a federal employee in 2001 from the Central Intelligence Agency. Dave was a highly-spirited, community-minded individual. He volunteered as an EMT-C at York County Volunteer Rescue Squad, Abingdon Volunteer Rescue Squad and Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Department, Manassas, Va., ... CIA
Fifty years ago on March 12, 1968, a top-secret U.S. base on a mountain top in Laos was overrun by an elite force of Vietnamese commandos. Only six of the eighteen CIA and Air Force personnel manning the remote outpost escaped with their lives in an incident that would remain veiled in secrecy for ... CIA
Susan Pompeo, the wife of Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo, has taken an unusually active and prominent role at the organization, and has fashioned ... Pompeo also went with the CIA director on a tour of Fort Monckton, a military base in southern England where MI6 trains its personnel. CIA
A Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" aircraft on display in the parking lot at Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters in McLean, Va., on July 15, 2014. ... He called CIA employees "vermin" and wrote, "Either I'm fleeing to Russia or, well, I suppose we'll see what surprises I've been cooking up for the rotten ... CIA
The Trump administration has had its share of embattled nominees, but President Donald Trump's pick to head the Central Intelligence Agency in March 2018 is ... CIA personnel, aided by two outside contractors, decided to initiate a program of indefinite secret detention and the use of brutal interrogation ... CIA
Washington (CNN) Susan Pompeo, wife of Central Intelligence Agency chief Mike Pompeo, has taken on an unusually active role for a CIA spouse in agency affairs since ... It's odd that someone who is not a government official or an employee is allowed to direct actual government employees," Clark said. CIA
In the series of high-level personnel changes the White House announced this morning, the most controversial could wind up being the elevation of CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel to succeed Secretary of State-designee Mike Pompeo as America's spy chief. A career CIA employee (mostly undercover), ... CIA
When it comes to torture, no American officials have been more practiced in those heinous dark arts than the officers and employees of the Central Intelligence Agency who applied it to terrorism suspects after 9/11. Few American officials were so directly involved in that frenzy of abuse, which began under ... CIA

During its 70 year history, a number of coffee-related controversies have gripped the Central Intelligence Agency - but perhaps none of them had such long-lasting impact on the caffeination of our nation's clandestine service as a year-long inquiry into the legality of using government funds to buy CIA ... CIA
Comey asserts that newspaper columnist "Robert Novak had revealed the name of a covert CIA employee" in July 2003. When Novak published Valerie Plame's name and her relationship to the CIA, she was not "covert," a term specifically defined in the relevant statute. I drafted and negotiated ... Scooter Libby
This SCI portion of the clearance for a White House employee falls under the ODNI — in practice, the CIA. Eventually, after what can be a year or more, the investigators at the FBI and the bureaucrats at Langley finish their investigation and forward the result to the Office of Personnel Security at the White ... Scooter Libby
Those frustrations have roiled the U.S. national-security community, putting the FBI increasingly at odds with the CIA over the case. .... But, because of counterintelligence concerns, they were kept secret from most of the other American personnel — about 32 other diplomats and eight Marine guards — a ... Scooter Libby
It was not immediately clear if the incident was directly connected to NSA or NSA personnel, but it shut down traffic along stretch of Route 32 by the campus, ... In 1993, a gunman opened fire outside the entrance to the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia, killing two CIA employees in their cars and ... Scooter Libby
In 1993, a gunman opened fire outside the entrance to the Central Intelligence Agency in Virginia, killing two CIA employees in their cars and wounding three others. After a four-year manhunt, the gunman, Pakistani national Aimal Kasi, was tracked down in Pakistan by a joint CIA-FBI team and returned to ... Scooter Libby
When the C.I.A. sent me a recruitment letter in 1979, I had not yet stumbled into journalism, where I would end up spending many years writing about spies and their secret world. But I have sometimes wondered whether that odd envelope planted a seed. It gave “Office of Personnel” and a Washington post ... Scooter Libby
US lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would ban government employees from using Huawei and ZTE phones altogether. During Tuesday's hearing, Republican Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said: “The focus of my concern today is China, and specifically ... Scooter Libby
It held nothing but the documents - and the soul of a burned-out CIA man," according to the "Betrayal" authors, who interviewed Ames. ... charged only with unlawful possession of classified information, keeping notebooks filled with the true names and phone numbers of assets and covert CIA employees in ... Scooter Libby
But there's no denying that much of the country was pretty stunned to learn in 1975 that a CIA employee named Frank Olson jumped out a 10th-floor ... by a lawless government agency that treated its own employees as little better than livestock, but because there are some dangling threads in the case. Scooter Libby
Agency couples are common. And if someone wants to marry a non-Agency employee, they're required to obtain approval. 9. It's a great place to work. The retention rate is high. And life is never dull – there are always opportunities to try new things and learn new skills. 10. CIA employees take their jobs ... Scooter Libby
Newly released emails detail the contentious back-and-forth between two Democratic senators and the Central Intelligence Agency for access to an internal ... There, Lutz described the review as a series of over 40 drafts created by a varying group of around 10 CIA personnel and contractors detailed to the ... Scooter Libby
One of the more fascinating revelations in the Central Intelligence Agency's archives is the fact that, on two separate occasions, the Agency has had the ... successors, was nearly a plot device in a spy thriller, thanks to a suggestion that they place the true names of every Agency employee within the box. Scooter Libby
WASHINGTON — Jerry Chun Shing Lee, the former C.I.A. officer arrested this week in New York, had repeated contacts with Chinese intelligence, both on an .... but they roiled the company and led to the breakup of the Hong Kong investigative unit, which was later reformed with mostly different personnel. Scooter Libby
You should doubt Moby's claims about what his "CIA friends" told him concerning President Trump. The singer's latest comments came in an interview last Friday with Kentucky radio station WFPK, in which Moby clarified a Facebook post from February 2017. In that earlier Facebook post, Moby asserted that ... Scooter Libby
Intelligence officials fear the case could represent a troubling pattern of China targeting former C.I.A. employees, an easier task than trying to recruit current operatives. _____. • Stephen Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, has agreed to be interviewed by investigators looking into Russian ... Scooter Libby
(AP) — A former CIA officer has been arrested and charged with illegally retaining classified records, including names and phone numbers of covert CIA assets. ... Agents found two small books with handwritten notes containing names and numbers of covert CIA employees and locations of covert facilities, ... Scooter Libby
An ex-CIA officer -- who allegedly had the real names of undercover CIA employees in small notebooks -- gets arrested at JFK airport. Also said to be contained in the notebooks: top-secret phone numbers, addresses of covert facilities and operational notes. The suspect, Jerry Chun Shing Lee, was ... Scooter Libby
“Agents found two small books containing handwritten notes that contained classified information, including but not limited to, true names and phone numbers of assets and covert CIA employees, operational notes from asset meetings, operational meeting locations and locations of covert facilities,” the DOJ ... Scooter Libby
So the cities of Bay Lake — where the current four theme parks are now located — and Lake Buena Vista, which encompasses Downtown Disney and its surrounding hotels, were created, and handpicked Disney employees moved in to control the voting. Meanwhile a third phantom, the Reedy Creek ... Scooter Libby
WikiTribune founder and CEO Jimmy Wales recently interviewed former CIA employee Edward Snowden, whose revelations in 2013 exposed global surveillance programs, many run by the U.S. National Security Agency with the cooperation of other governments and telecommunications companies. Scooter Libby
The Central Intelligence Agency's world of repetitive reports and reviews - even those from spydom - is no exception. ... in Intelligence, includes a piece by Carol Willett excerpting and poking fun at the way certain managers expressed themselves in performance appraisal reports, or employee evaluations. Scooter Libby
Berman previously served as an Assistant US Attorney in the same district from 1990-1994 and was also involved in the successful prosecution of a former CIA employee during the Iran-Contra scandal. He is a partner at Greenberg Traurig, a prominent law firm in New York where Giuliani also remains a partner. Giuliani ... Scooter Libby
While recently portrayed as a bastion of progressive attitudes, the Central Intelligence Agency has a history of racial and gender disparity. As late as 1991, women were second class employees who were kept in the lower ranks, with men overwhelmingly occupying senior positions and leadership roles. Scooter Libby
Former CIA and government officials were drawn to the Gulf nation by the promise of interesting work and, perhaps even more importantly, lucrative careers. “The money was fantastic,” one former employee told FP. “It was $1,000 a day — you could live in a villa or in a five-star hotel in Abu Dhabi.” The key ... Scooter Libby
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is looking for people with excellent knowledge of these languages. Besides the “opportunity to defend the United States of America,” potential new employees receive cash bonuses up to 35.000 USD, depending on their language knowledge and future function, right ... Scooter Libby
In 1953, the United States government sanctioned MK-ULTRA, an infamous CIA program that would result in morally questionable human experimentation and the death of CIA employee Dr. Frank Olson. Netflix's upcoming true crime mini-series, Wormwood, is set to explore the circumstances surrounding ... Scooter Libby
... that his company cooperated with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and ... Sputnik: So, you didn't meet CIA or NSA operatives as part of your work? ... representatives in embassies or employees in private companies. Scooter Libby
Citizens Inc. Class A ($1.00 Par) (CIA) Moves Higher on Volume Spike ... TX, Citizens Inc. Class A ($1.00 Par) has 0 employees and is currently ... Scooter Libby
ICC seeks to investigate CIA, U.S. military for alleged war crimes ... that U.S. military personnel and CIA operatives "committed acts of torture, ... Scooter Libby
As well as alleged crimes by American troops in Afghanistan, Bensouda wants to investigate the activities of CIA operatives in secret detention ... Scooter Libby
WASHINGTON -- Two former CIA employees are accusing the Trump ... of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is sworn-in before testifying ... Scooter Libby
A report that President Trump asked CIA Director Mike Pompeo to meet with a former NSA employee who denies Russian ... of the National Security Agency and later the Central Intelligence Agency under three presidents. Scooter Libby


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