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"I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged."
Antonin Scalia, in a speech at Harvard University

Antonin Scalia

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updated Mon. April 8, 2024

But Justice Antonin Scalia would not even answer a question about Marbury v. Madison -- the very decision that asserted the power of judicial review -- back in 1986. "Marbury v. Madison is one of the pillars of the Constitution," Scalia said. "To the extent that you think a nominee would be so foolish or so ...

When Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court on April 10, 2017, Senate Republicans believed they had found another Antonin Scalia. Gorsuch has not disappointed them. Judging by his voting record, he is a fitting successor to Scalia. Gorsuch has voted with Clarence ...
Two years since Justice Antonin Scalia's death on February 16, 2016, no new book has offered an overall assessment of his three decades as one of the Supreme Court's most quoted, contentious, vilified, and celebrated members. That silence is now broken. Richard Hasen, law professor at the University ...
As I explain in my new book, The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption, Justice Scalia's influence on the court certainly seemed small by the usual measures. Aside from his 2008 Second Amendment and gun rights opinion, District of Columbia v. Heller, Scalia wrote few ...
Richard Hasen is the Chancellor's Professor of Law and Political Science at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Hasen is a nationally recognized expert in election law and campaign finance regulation, and is co-author of a leading casebook on election law. Welcome, Rick, and thank you for ...
The legacy of Justice Antonin Scalia, two years after his death, is being erased as well. (He isn't here to see it, of course, and he would no doubt have expressed his reaction differently.) When faced with interpreting an act of Congress, his colleagues evidently now feel free to invoke legislative history ...
One of the more formidable politicians at the state level is Maura Healey, our attorney general here in the Commonwealth (God save it!). After the Pulse nightclub shooting in June of 2016, Healey took advantage of the escape hatch that the late Justice Antonin Scalia wrote into the Supreme Court's Heller ...


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