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updated Sun. June 19, 2022

LAS VEGAS - Energy choice continues to be a buzz word leading into the 2018 election year. The governor's energy task force is looking into ways to move forward should voters approve some sweeping changes over the next few years. A couple of major policy changes for electricity providers in Nevada ...

MIDDLEBURY — The Energy Task Force of the Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative is searching for a neighborhood to participate in a pilot program to help residents save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Task Force has outlined ambitious goals for the pilot: to achieve ...
An energy task force advising Japan's foreign minister has proposed boosting renewable energy and shifting away from coal-fired and nuclear power at home, arguing the country's energy policies are outdated and undermine its global competitiveness. The advice comes in a report commissioned by ...
Ridgefield's other major board, the selectmen, met last night — to late for Press print deadline — but at their last meeting they discussed forming an Energy Task Force. “There would be an emphasis on strategies that save both energy and money,” a mission statement presented to the selectmen said.
A Ridgefield Energy Task Force to “promote resource conservation, energy efficiency and explore means to reduce the carbon footprint of the community” is under consideration by the selectmen. The concept was put forward by the Ridgefield Action Committee for the Environment (RACE). “There would be ...
“Connecticut is a very green state and we're very progressive, but we're completely backwards on the Tesla bill,” said Scott Thompson, a Fairfield resident and member of the Fairfield Clean Energy Task Force. Michigan, Texas and West Virginia are Connecticut's only kin in prohibiting the direct sale of ...
Migrating birds get a lot of interference from human activity, and it's unfortunate that some of it comes from our attempts to be more environmentally friendly. The killing of birds by wind turbines and other clean energy equipment may sound like a canard trotted out by those who oppose the proliferation of ...
Complementing the summit's theme-Accelerating Implementation through Team Work,' he has taken an undertaking to initiate a major overhaul in the energy sector, citing the establishment of the Energy Task Force to address the isolation and fragmentation issue. Meanwhile, he has called on fellow open ...


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