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Peter Strzok
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updated Sun. February 11, 2018

During O. J. Simpson's trial for murder, his lawyers needed to throw the blame on someone besides their client. They settled on a vague story about drug dealers somehow tied to a close friend of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The defense never even tried to explain why these malefactors "would have ...

President Donald Trump accused an FBI agent of treason on Thursday for a series of private text messages he sent to his lover that gave a negative view of Trump during the 2016 election. Trump told The Wall Street Journal that what agent Peter Strzok "tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act.".
The Justice Department will give the House Intelligence Committee reams of documents and text messages related to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, as well as allow interviews with key investigators, including Peter Strzok, who wrote disparaging emails about Trump to a colleague and ...
A top ethics watchdog said Wednesday it is suing the Justice Department for all communications concerning the DOJ's decision to share with the press text messages exchanged between two FBI employees, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, during the 2016 election. Many of the texts were overtly critical of ...
The two employees, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, mocked him at various points throughout the campaign, calling him an "idiot." They also disparaged other political leaders like the Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and former Attorney General Eric Holder. But the two texts that have sparked the most ...
Newt Gingrich discussed James Comey's handling of the Clinton probe and FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page on Thursday night's Hannity ... Then you have the pro-Hillary, anti-Trump Peter Strzok and then his girlfriend Lisa Page, yeah, they are the ones going to save America with what they ...
In one exchange, FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page engaged in a series of texts shortly before election Day 2016 suggesting they knew in advance about an article in The Wall Street Journal and would need to feign stumbling onto the story so it could be shared with ...


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