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The US Air Force, in particular, was projecting that [Russia] had several hundred, and the head of US Strategic Air Command, General Thomas Power, believed at that time they had 1,000. With 1,000 missiles, or even several hundred, the idea was that they could totally eliminate our ability to retaliate, and ...

1960: U.S. General Thomas Power speaking about nuclear war or a first strike by the U.S.: “The whole idea is to kill the bastards! At the end of the war, if there are two Americans and one Russian, we win!” The response from one of those present was: “Well, you'd better make sure that they're a man and a ...
An acquaintance remembers a conversation about Stanley Kubrick's Cold War satire Dr Strangelove, with its portrayals by George C Scott and Sterling Hayden of characters said to be based on the US air force chief General Curtis LeMay and his deputy, General Thomas Power. Asked about Power, Bairsto ...
Like so many of his boasts, the JFK files released by Donald Trump did not quite live up to its promise. “I am ordering today that the veil finally be lifted”, he said. In reality, there was not an awful lot of interest behind the veil. But that may be to do with him caving in at the last minute to CIA and FBI lobbying ...
Air Force General Thomas Power, for instance, dismissed the idea of restraint if conflict were to break out with the declaration: “The whole idea is to kill the bastards. At the end of the war, if there are two Americans and one Russian left alive, we win.” Now it is the former military commanders in the Trump ...
The SAC commander, Gen. Thomas Power, looked over the photos. The next day, the president was briefed. For the next two weeks, the United States and the Soviet Union stood toe-to-toe in what came to be known as the Cuban missile crisis. Davis couldn't share his secret discovery, of course, but he ...
... Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos would have been saved, but press secretary Dee Dee Myers, along with almost all of us, would not have been. In a scene in Raven Rock, General Thomas Power explains to a horrified John F. Kennedy, "Look—at the end of the war, if there are two Americans and ...
Following the aerial attack, one senior U.S. Air Force commander, General Thomas Power, described it as “the greatest single disaster incurred by any enemy in military history.” To the Japanese, it was “the Raid of the Fire Wind” on account of the “akai-senpuu” or red wind that mercilessly swept across the ...
LeMay described Gen. Thomas Power as "not stable," and a "sadist." When a Rand study advocated limiting nuclear strikes at the outset of a war with the Soviet Union, Power asked him, "Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards … At the end of the war, if there ...
As U.S. General Horace M. Wade stated about General Thomas Power: I used to worry about General Power. I used to worry that General Power was not stable. I used to worry about the fact that he had control over so many weapons and weapon systems and could, under certain conditions, launch the ...


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